Fixing Up Your Nursery? Here's A In Vogue Plan: Dr Seuss Bedding

By Dorothea Frankson

Whether for your first or fourth newborn infant, painting a nursery provides parents with a wonderful experience to share. Designing the baby's nursery allows you to implement your creative ideas and mold baby's space into a room that you will both love.

Unfortunately, as you stare at the four walls of your as-of-yet uninhabited room, it is easy to get stuck in the confusion of deciding what colors to use. Mothers often fuss about decorating the nursery for their new baby, however experienced mothers know that the color scheme selection is the first place to start, with best place being baby boy sports crib bedding.

Cut your nursery color scheme decision down to size by choosing the baby bedding first and then choosing wall color to match. You are able to find patterns for your baby's room at your neighborhood baby store.

Once you discover that your baby is a girl you can find relief in knowing your color and motif choices are numbered down to only what is feminine. If you have a baby boy, then use shades of blue rather than looking at girls' patterns. If you are trying to avoid being tied down to pink or blue for baby colors or do not know the gender, you can try a neutral color suitable for either or the Dr Seuss crib bedding.

Any way you look at it, instead of a seemingly infinite number of paint colors looming above you, by starting with baby bedding you can narrow your choices to ten or twenty--obviously a wonderful way to eliminate stress from the very start. It's easy to use your imagination in decorating for your newborn.

Crib bedding should be decided upon early in the decorating process, to reduce stress and to increase the parents' enjoyment in painting their baby's nursery. Choose a theme for your baby's nursery without fear of disasters. Dr. Seuss bedding is one of the ways to add creativity in setting up your baby's nursery. - 30525

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