Long Term Hemorrhoid Cure Is Here

By Gary Rogers

Do you suffer from chronic hemorrhoids? If your answer is yes then just maybe you need to make a change in your lifestyle. A cure for long standing hemorrhoids can be as easy as make a few alterations to your daily routine. Behavior and practices that have become embedded in your everyday life need to be reassessed to prevent the hemorrhoids from coming back and to keep away from having surgery.

With the anal itching, swelling and pain of hemorrhoids many over the counter remedies can help to relieve the discomfort. Witch hazel, creams and lotion that contain hydrocortisone will help get rid of itching and pain and give some comfort. Some medicated pads can be used for extra cleaning after wiping the rectum after a bowel movement. Personal hygiene is of the utmost importance as the anal area should be clean and dry.

It may take a bit to get rid of them but there are many remedies and you'll need much perseverance. Treatment for external hemorrhoids will readily relieve the discomfort by using home remedies such as sitz baths, drug store products, non alcohol creams, pads and extra care with personal hygiene. Sometimes hemorrhoids are not painful and you may not know you have one until blood is noticed on toilet paper or in the stool.

You may wonder what the problem could be as at times there are persistent but not painful urges to have a bowel movement but in reality you don't really have to go. In this case you may have an internal hemorrhoid. But sometimes very large internal hemorrhoids in reality can be painful especially during a bowel movement. Because of the internal location of the hemorrhoid it cannot be remedied with ointments, creams, or any external product on the market.

However, sometimes a very large internal hemorrhoid will enlarge and come out of the rectum. This is called a prolapsed hemorrhoid and can be painful and bring on heavy blood and mucous discharge. It is the mucous from the hemorrhoid that causes irritation and itching in the area. The prolapsed hemorrhoid can be gently pushed back into the rectum to relieve some pain and discomfort but you should receive medical attention if you think you have one.

Living a healthy lifestyle and caring for yourself is normally enough to cure long term hemorrhoids. It is very rare that surgery is required for the cure. If however, those hemorrhoids despite your best efforts refuse to go away, consult your doctor. - 30525

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