How Do I Get Pregnant? Discover How Using One Supplement Could Increase Your Fertility by As Much 40%.

By Claire Churchill

What if all you are missing is a vital piece of information that will answer your question "How Do I Get Pregnant?" That missing piece of information could be in a resource that I will show you later on in this article.

If you have reached a point in your life where would love to have kids, then there is no reason why you should not be able to conceive easily and give birth to healthy babies.

You have probably not conceived yet because you thought all you had to do was have unprotected sex and things will take care of themselves. Sure that works for some women but not others.

Unfortunately you may fall into the second group which means you have to go a little further and take more active steps in your quest to conceive that dream child.

Just imagine that you have been smart enough to act upon the advice given in this article. It is a couple of months from now and you have conceived naturally and given birth to a healthy baby.

What would your life be like? How happy and fulfilled will you feel knowing that the one thing you have always dreamt of is now reality? Yes dreams do come true and yours can come true as well.

One supplement that you can use that will answer your burning question "How Do I Get Pregnant" is to start taking folic acid. Did you know that not only does folic acid reduce the chances of your baby having birth defects when you conceive but it also aids conception?

In a recent study which involved more than 18,000 women, those taking the supplement had a 40% lower risk of suffering problems such as producing eggs.

Specifically the research showed that those who took multivitamin tablets at least 6 days of the week had a 40% lower risk of having ovulatory failure, while those who took the pill 3 to 5 days a week had a 30% lower risk.

Dr Jorge Chavarro, a research fellow at Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, said "The beneficial effect on fertility continued to increase as women consumed higher amounts of folic acid.

The recommended daily dosage is 400mcg and you should ensure that you start using it as soon as possible. Most prenatal supplements have the right mix of supplements for women looking to conceive. - 30525

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