StorkSaks - Which Will You Choose?

By Joanne Garrett

The designer diaper bags are increasingly popular due to their luxurious style combined with an array of practical features. But how can you decide which StorkSak is for you when there are such a lot of choices?

Your baby change bags will be carried everywhere with you while your baby is small, so pick one you really love, and this means both in terms of style and suitability.

Elizabeth - The Elizabeth bag is a top quality bag, made of hard wearing leather with chunky metal rings, clasps and studs it looks and feels like a designer bag. It has a useful array of internal pockets, as well as a removable insulated bottle holder; externally there are more pockets and a mobile phone holder.

The Elizabeth has classic looks, and is slimline enough to be carried with ease over your shoulder with the perfect leather handles, or across your body with the removable canvas handle. It can house most laptops, and the internal bottle holders are removable to make more room. This is ideal to use for the office once you've finished carrying baby items around.

Julie - The Julie bag is a little cheaper than the Elizabeth, and has a cool look. With nylon satin, leather and metal hardware, this looks more like a fashionable handbag than a baby bag. It has the usual amazing amount of pockets, but is slightly less high than the Elizabeth, so has a squarer, more compact feel. The Julie baby change bag has the same helpful accessories (insulated bottle holder, change mat and mini bag) as the Elizabeth.

Mia - I have fallen in love with the Mia bag, which has all the style of a cool handbag, with the usual StorkSak practicality. This bag has a long adjustable handle and a magnetic clasp to fasten.

Emily - Hugely popular is the lovely Emily bag. Similarly shaped to the Mia, the Emily baby changing bag has more external pockets which are great for storing bits and bobs you want to access quickly. With brushed gold metal hardware, this is a really stylish bag!

Jamie Alternatively known as the Brad Pitt Bag (after he was spotted with it), this is a cool unisex bag your man wont mind carrying (even my bag hating man likes it!). Large enough to carry most laptops, and with the normal useful features, you'll find the Jamie bag is handy for a long time. With subtle style features such as the cool canvas strap, contrast stitching and inline pockets, your pals will never guess its full of diapers. - 30525

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