Useful Techniques For Trying To Get Pregnant

By Mark Walters

When trying to get pregnant, you may need to utilize some techniques to help improve your chances as, unfortunately, it isn't as easy as it is often made out to be.

The time of the month that you try to conceive is one of the biggest factors that determines how successful you will be. Knowing and understanding your menstrual cycle and, most importantly, at what point in the cycle you are most fertile, is essential.

Contrary to popular belief, you can't get pregnant during any part of your cycle. To become pregnant, you must have sex at least two or three days before ovulation starts.

It's therefore of the utmost importance to know when you ovulate. Amongst the various methods available to help you find this out, the best are either a special pregnancy kit (available from most pharmacies) or consultation with a fertility specialist.

The level of fertility each woman has is also a big factor. Some women may not be fertile at all, while others may be so fertile it is pretty much a sure thing if they have unprotected sex at the right point in their cycle.

Their are certain types of drugs available for women who do not have a high level of fertility. A couple of the most popular ones, gonadotropins and clomiphene, are prescribed to over a hundred thousand women each year for this purpose.

Prior to using fertility drugs though, you should be aware that they significantly increase the likelihood of you giving birth to more than one child from a single pregnancy. It is thought that around 10% of women taking such drugs will give birth to either twins or triplets.

This is great for women who would like to have a multiple birth, but there are drawbacks. When you are carrying more than one baby, the odds of a premature birth or miscarriage is higher than when carrying a single baby.

In-vitro fertilization can be an option if the above options still don't see you succeed whilst trying to get pregnant. It's not a cheap option, so it's definitely worth trying the other methods first, but it is known to be extremely effective, even for women with a low level of fertility. - 30525

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