Things You Need To Consider To Conceive A Boy

By Sam Adams

If you want to conceive a boy so you have someone to teach baseball and football to, or if you just want to conceive a boy for your husband's sake, below are a few suggestions that you may like to keep in mind.

All men have in their bodies the sex cells known as the X and Y chromosomes. In order for you to be able to conceive a boy it is the Y chromosome that you need to fertilize the egg. Which does sound simple? But there are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration and which can affect the outcome.

Y chromosomes swim faster than the X chromosomes so are usually the ones which will reach the egg first. But what you need to consider is that these sperm do not have the ability to survive long in a woman's vagina because of the PH level is very high making it a very acidic environment.

Many couples when attempting to conceive a baby will usually block out a period of several days when they will have sex, hoping that on one of these days they will produce the little boy that their hearts so long for. I guess there is nothing wrong with this method as long as they do not care what the sex of the baby is going to be. What they have to understand is that the sperm will be released several days before the woman ovulates and the sperm carrying the Y chromosomes are far weaker and will probably have died before the egg has been released.

If you want to conceive a boy, a man is going to have to try his hardest to ensure that their sperm is released on the same day that the woman ovulates. Today you can now buy an ovulation prediction kit to help you determine when ovulation is occurring. The best kits to use that enable to you accurately determine when ovulation is taking place is those that use saliva. By knowing when ovulation is occurring is extremely important because if you are off just by a day or two the chances of you conceiving a girl are greatly increased.

Before a woman tries to conceive she needs to know what the level of Ph in her vagina is. Unfortunately if it is too high and so very acidic this is extremely harmful to the sperm carrying the male gene. So in order for a woman to increase her chances to conceive a little boy she needs to make sure that the environment within the vagina contains high amounts of alkaline in it. To change the acidity level in her vagina a woman can use a douche or eat certain foods and avoid others. Although you can purchase douches over the counter to reduce acidity these are expensive and to save money it is worth a woman considering making her own instead.

The next thing that needs to be considered by the couple is the position they use when making love. If you want to conceive a little boy, then you should go with a sexual intercourse position that will place the sperm as close to the woman's cervix as possible. This means that the couple should choose positions that result in the man's penis penetrating deeper inside the woman. It would also be wise for the woman not to have an orgasm as this will help in their quest to have a son. I am sure that once the baby is delivered in the end it will not matter what to the couple whether they conceive a boy or a girl as long as their bundle of joy is healthy and has all of its fingers and toes! - 30525

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