Illuminate Your Little Doll's Nursery Like A Tasteful Dr Seuss Folio

By Dorothea Frankson

Very often parents are found searching for a perfect baby nursery theme like Winnie-the-Pooh, specific combination of color or some patterns like the polka dots. Designer baby boy bedding can be inspired by children's literature for a nursery theme.

When decoration a nursery, a good idea is to place a good selection of children's books, with one as the main theme. It is important to draft a budget, noting items that must be thought through, including everything from your baby's diapers to crib sets. You can add a flat, waterproof pad under the sheet to protect the mattress from all the wet accidents that are sure to happen.

Dr Seuss crib set is a wonderful choice of linens for a baby's room because the author's stories offer an imaginative springboard for the room. A nursery decorated with Dr Seuss theme should definitely be done in bright colors--just look at any selection of books to see the color schemes that Dr Seuss used in his illustrations. As a safety to you baby's health, every accessory in name-brand baby bedding sets is made of dust free and hypoallergenic materials.

Nursery murals are relatively simple to paint with a laptop or overhead projector used to shine your Seuss picture against the wall so you can trace the drawing and then fill in with paint. The whimsical landscapes of Doctor Seuss make a very good motif for the room if you feel unprepared to illustrate characters from the books.

Whichever theme you go with when fitting the baby's room, you should ensure that the room is free of dangerous objects and suitable for the baby to live in. Crib bedding should be chosen by age appropriateness and washed before first use. It is recommended that young infants be covered with only a light blanket, and lie on a flat sheet, saving heavier comforters and quilts until he or she is a couple months older.

Your doctor can let you know what kind of bedding is safe for your baby, no matter what age. There will be a time and place for using all the beautiful blankets and bedding that you have received as gifts. For the inevitable messes and accidents that come along with raising a baby, make sure you have at least two or more sets of crib bedding. - 30525

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