Why Can't I Get Pregnant?" .... There's Hope if You're Asking This Question!

By Darla Kae

Though many people assume that getting pregnant is quite simple; it's not always that easy. After trying for more than a couple months, you're likely starting to ask, "Why can't I get pregnant?" as you become more and more wacky about the idea.

In an effort to bring you immediate comfort, please realize you're not alone. There are plenty of women who have spent months or years unable to conceive and inevitably begin to blame themselves, sharing similar feelings and thoughts of self-criticism.

On the flip side is the hope you can grab hold of, as you consider the multitudes of ladies who, despite feeling the odds were stacked against them, did indeed conceive a child or children.

Pregnancy: Not What You'd call Exact Science

Plainly stated, there is no exact science involved when it comes to getting pregnant. Lots of women have shared the experience of conceiving the baby of their dreams only after they ceased beating themselves up with the question, "Why can't I get pregnant?" and stopped trying so hard.

That said, there are methods you can use to help increase the chances that youll fall pregnant. It may not happen straight away, in fact for 75% of all pregnancies it takes more than a month, but it can happen if youre determined and you find the right method.

Hello Doctor?

A visit with your doctor should be first on your to-do list. Though there are plenty of women out there asking, "Why can't I get pregnant?", the majority have absolutely nothing wrong with them. That said, there can sometimes be some sort of medical condition that warrants a doctor's expertise.

Many women lose hope when their doctor announces that the odds are not in favor of their getting pregnant. Doctors only know so much, though, and certainly cannot predict outcomes as they only deal in one area of medicine; there are many other avenues to try. Natural remedies that have long been used for women in many different cultures often prove successful where other types of medical treatments may fail.

Keep Trying

Always remember that there are many aspects involved in getting pregnant which can all be affected by various other factors. Just a few of the things can influence your ability to conceive are your age, health, and stress level. Wouldn't it be exciting to find a method the doctors have not tried and to be able to join the ranks of women who were told they would never give birth--and then they did?!

Remember that it might take time, but it will be worth it in the end. Stop beating yourself up and asking yourself why cant I get pregnant? Instead, take comfort in the fact that nature will do whats right if you give it a little helping hand. - 30525

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