Pitfalls of Parents-To-Be And How To Avoid Them

By Lynne Woods

Are you pregnant? There are some really common pitfalls that so many woman fall into. You don't have to, so read on and learn how to avoid these mistakes:

The number one mistake that moms-to-be make is to worry. Specifically worrying about how little they know about baby care. No parent goes into this adventure knowing how to do anything. It's a steep learning curve, but the only way is through experience.

The second error that lots of moms to be make in the run up to that all important due date is not resting enough. Sarah Harding from London thought it would be OK to move house 3 weeks before her due date. In spite of being told to do the minimum, the inevitable upheaval of this experience was more than she could cope with. She attributes her early labor to moving house at this time. Not all 8-month pregnant women move house, but too many work beyond what is right for them. Listen to your body and obey!

Number three: listening to other people's birth stories. Every mother can recount giving birth in glorious - sometimes gory - detail. If anything went wrong, describing it all might help her make sense of the experience, but it certainly won't help you. The truth is that nobody can prepare for childbirth on an emotional level. It's important to remember that your birth experience may be far better than you expect.

Perfectionism is yet another no-no, from the most expensive cot to a detailed 'must have' birth plan. Having a baby is an exercise in anti-perfectionism - don't fight it!

Lastly, avoid overspending on the baby nursery room. It's surprising the effects you can achieve with one eye-catching feature (babies love high-contrast images) at much less expense than a matching nursery set. Have fun creating photo montages of the family to really welcome your little one home.

To sum up, preparing for the birth of a baby is always an uncertain time, but you can reduce unnecessary stress by following these guidelines. besides, it will be no time before your bundle of joy is here. That's the time when the fun really starts! - 30525

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