Best Way To Get Pregnant: 5 Important Facts About Getting Pregnant You Must Know.

By Claire Arden

What if you could find the single best way to get pregnant, would you be interested to discover what it was? The truth is that you can become pregnant regardless of age if it is truly what your heart desires.

Before I show you a truly great, proven and tested resource that will help you get pregnant, let's look at 5 crucial facts about conceiving.

1. Unlike the man who is fertile for almost all of his lifetime, a woman is only fertile for 2 days in any one month. She is only fertile when one of her ovaries releases an egg .

2. A woman's egg is viable for 24 hours at most after it has been released by her ovary. If fertilisation does not take place within that time then she will need to wait for another one month before she has any chances of conceiving again.

3. The fact that a woman bleeds on a monthly basis does not mean that her ovaries release an egg in every cycle. A menstrual cycle in which a woman bleeds but does not ovulate is known as an anovulatory cycle.

4. Ovulation does not always occur on day 14 like most women believe. The day you ovulate will depend on the length of your monthly menstrual cycle.

5. It is possible for healthy sperm to live inside a woman's body for up to 5 days but a woman's egg will live for a maximum of 24 hours. Timing sexual intercourse to coincide with this period is therefore very crucial if you are looking for the best way to get pregnant

One more important fact to be aware of is that artificial lubricants damage sperm and should be avoided at all cost.

Every woman is different and the cause of infertility will vary from woman to woman. You need access to a resource that will address your own specific issue and provide you with your own specific best way to get pregnant. - 30525

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