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By Sarah Hobbs

If you have been trying to get pregnant for over a year without success then you are suffering from infertility as medically defined. It is estimated that around one in eight couples will suffer from fertility problems, and of these around fifty percent is due to the woman, twenty five to the man and the remaining twenty five attributed to unknown casues.

Male infertility can be more difficult to deal with emotionally and physically. There are a number of known causes for male infertility. Commonly sperm production in the testes is the main problem leading to infertility. Low sperm count and/or dysfunction sperm are the usual problems associated with sperm production.

Other causes include a blockage in the tubes that lead sperm from the testes into the penis, and this can result in a zero sperm count. Some men also develop sperm antibodies which affect sperm mobility and their ability to bind to an eggs. Problems with intercourse such as erectile dysfunction can also be factors in infertility as well as nerve damage, certain types of surgery and hormonal imbalances, where the pituitary gland isnt sending the right messages to the testes.

Infertility resulting from sperm production problems can arise from a number of different reasons, some are easily remedied, others require careful solutions. Physiological problems like un-descended testes and torsion are most likely to need surgical solutions. However problems that stem from exposure to drugs, radiation or chemicals or are the result of infections and heat can be treated less invasively and more naturally.

The effect of heat on the fertility of males is quite widely known, however it is less well known just how sensitive the testes are to changes in temperature. The difference between fertile and sterile sperm can be as little as a couple of degrees, and this is all there is between the temperatures of the abdomen and scrotum. If you are used to wearing tight underwear that keep you testicles close up against your body, its time to get rid of them, the could be thwarting all your efforts at fertility!

If you work in an industry where exposure to chemicals like pesticides and fungicides is a regular occurrence, then this can be a factor in sperm count and motility, so making sure your protective clothing is doing its job is very important. Similarly radiation damage can lead to sperm production problems and infertility so extreme caution must be taken if you are dealing with radiation on a daily basis, exposure should be eliminated if at all possible.

Steroid and drug abuse are another huge contributor to male infertility. Aside from the terrible affects on a child if conceived when either parent is on drugs or steroids, the abuse of these substances can seriously affect fertility. Anabolic steroids are one of the worst culprits, as they shut down hormones from the pituitary gland resulting in low sperm counts.

At the end of the day, unless there is a blockage or deformation in the testes or some other physical obstruction of the testes, infertility is your bodys way of letting you know that there is an internal imbalance that needs correcting. If you consider your whole body in need of treatment, then you can tackle every aspect of your infertility and can do so in a natural way, without using risky drugs or infertility treatments.

To conceive the beautiful baby you and your partner have been dreaming of, you will both need you work together. Know your partners menstrual cycle so that you can be trying for your baby at the appropriate times. The teamwork of parenting begins before conception, not after birth, so if your partner is over thirty five, there are simple and natural ways to increase her fertility also!

First things first you need to clean out your body. Cut down or cut out completely things like caffeine, smoking, alcohol or substance abuse because they will only be affecting your fertility adversely. But the number one thing to remember is that you can overcome your infertility naturally, and keeping a positive frame of mind will see you through to becoming a parent, naturally. - 30525

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