Are You Trying For A Girl? Some Information You May Find Useful

By Allison Thompson

There are lots of people today who feel that there is no way in which couples can influence whether the child they have is a boy or a girl. However, there are plenty of couples who have tried various things in the hope that the baby they have is a beautiful little girl. In this article we provide some answers to question that may be asked of couples "Are you trying to conceive a girl?"

First off one suggestion is that by following a certain kind of diet is a way of increasing the chances for a couple to conceive a baby girl rather than a baby boy. It is said that by switching their diet a couple is altering the pH in their bodies and this is believed to help contribute towards the sex of the baby.

So with this particular method a couple will need to eat foods that have high levels of acidity in them such as oranges, lemons, grapefruit's etc. It is thought that because the level of acidity is higher this helps to kill of the sperm which contain the Y chromosomes and means that the sperm containing the X chromosomes has a higher chance of reaching the egg and fertilizing it.

But with this particular method not only does the amount of acidity in the food need to be increased by also the amount of calcium and magnesium in it as well. However, they do need to reduce the amount of foods which contain salt and potassium if they want their chances of conceiving a girl to be increased.

The other suggestion provided by some is that couples used the Shettles Method to ensure that they get their timing right to help ensure that they conceive a girl rather than boy. With this method because the sperm containing X chromosomes is more resilient than sperm containing Y chromosomes intercourse between the couple should take place 2 to 4 days prior to the woman's ovulating period. Then after the ovulation period has ceased they should have intercourse a few days after.

Dr Shettles suggests these time periods because by the time the woman ovulates then the sperm containing the Y chromosomes will have died off and this then leaves the X chromosomes to fertilize the egg. So at no stage if a couple are trying to conceive a girl should they actually make love when the woman is ovulating, because if they do this then increases the chances of the sperm containing the Y chromosomes to reach the egg first.

Along with determining when is the best time for a couple to have intercourse in order to increase their chances of having a girl, Dr Shettle has said that a woman's orgasm can in fact play a part on whether a couple have a boy or a girl. It is thought that when a woman orgasms her body produces more alkaline and this actually is beneficial to the X chromosomes so the possibility of the child being a boy rather than a girl is greatly increased.

Are you trying to conceive a girl? If so then you may find what has been written above extremely useful and it is worth considering using them. Certainly for those looking to improve their chances of having a beautiful baby girl it is worth trying these. - 30525

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