Baby Gifts are Fun to Open at a Retro-themed Baby Shower

By Edie Mindell

A common trend today is to have different era-inspired, retro baby showers. These themes work great regardless of whether the baby is a boy, girl, or if the parents choose to not know the gender of the baby until the date of birth. Great decades from which to base your shower on are the roaring twenties, the rock-n-roll fifties, the hippie sixties, and of course, the unforgettable eighties. Do some research on each decade, and pick the one that you love the most, and that you think you can be the most creative with.

The twenties were a blast, and a twenties-themed shower will definitely be a blast, too. The music alone will have people dancing and smiling. Specify in the invitations for the gals to wear their most twenties-like dresses, and for the gents to wear a tidy suit. The more the outfits match what people wore in the twenties, the better. Award the person with the best costume. Decorate the room with big band and swing decorations. You can have toy musical instruments as centerpieces, and provide hats for the gents and twenties headbands for the ladies. Put on some great music, and make everyone get up and dance the Charleston!

The fifties is a great decade to pick for any party theme. On the invitations, tell the ladies to wear poodle skirts, and tell the guys to wear leather jackets, and tell all your guests to get ready for the best ice cream social ever! Play classic rock-n-roll in the background to set the mood to your fifties celebration, and decorate your party room with fifties inspired pictures and dcor.

Serve different types of ice cream with a variety of toppings, and have your guests each make their own sundaes! For a twist, also serve bananas for those that want to make their own banana split. Make or buy fun mini jukeboxes for centerpieces. For a fun game, have your guests partner up for a dance off, and award the best pair.

If you or any of your family members was a hippie back in the sixties, that might be the era of your choice. This theme is fun and easy to assemble. Decorate the whole area with hearts, happy faces, and music notes. Tell your guests to wear their bell-bottom jeans, and psychedelic tie-dye shirts. If you have an Afro wig in your closet, pull it out, because this sixties party is going to be groovy! Buy toy school buses and decorate them as they did in the sixties; these make great centerpieces. Dont forget to play some groovy tunes and dance, dance, dance!

For a cool eighties-themed baby shower, send out a funky invitation and tell your guests to wear their favorite retro outfits. For an easy outfit, wear leggings or tight jeans, and cut off the neckline of an old T-shirt. Wear a headband and pull your hair up to a side ponytail.

Cool eighties movies or old music records make great centerpiece bases. Decorate them with colorful dcor and candy, and youve got great, inexpensive pieces. For a fun activity, put on a Richard Simmons dance workout video, and award the best dancer. Remember, regardless of which era you pick for your baby shower, do your research and be as creative as you can! - 30525

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