Getting Rid of Stretch Marks After Giving Birth

By Sapphire Rylee

Being new mothers mean meeting new challenges - including getting rid of stretch marks after giving birth! Unfortunately, removing stretch marks is not as easy erasing marks on a paper.

Stretch marks, what are they?

Pregnancy entails different bodily changes. As the baby grows, so does your belly. The skin over your expanding tummy stretches to accommodate your larger body. Although the skin is fairly flexible and elastic, there are instances that it is overstretched resulting to collagen and elastin (both are proteins that make up the skin tissue) disruption resulting to skin being damaged and torn.

This results to the development of white stripes called stretch marks. Another cause of stretch marks is hormonal changes that accompany during periods of growth. Pregnancy is one such period. Production of glucocorticoid hormones from the adrenal glands increases while pregnant.

The presence of glucocorticoids is a big factor in stretch marks. Glucocorticoids inhibit the production of fibroblasts, the cells that secrete collagen and elastin. With lesser collagen and elastin available, the skin is weaker and unable to cope with excessive pulling and stretching, thus, stretch marks develop. Stretch marks are often seen in areas where you gained the most weight such as your tummy, hips, arms, and thighs.

Possible Treatments

Shed the Excess Weight - Do nothing to treat the stretch marks but do lose the weight. There are pregnant women whose stretch marks faded after losing the baby weight. Unfortunately not many of us are this lucky.

Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks - A popular cosmetic surgical method, which uses laser to remove the topmost, scarred layer of the skin. Eventually, with repeated application, the underlying and healthier skin cells beneath will surface. Results will vary on skin tone and color and age of patient. Chemical peels work in the same manner with the exception of the use of acids in removing the scarred skin.

Skin Resurfacing - This is the latest in surgical stretch mark removal involving the application of light pulses serving as guide for the laser over a series of treatments. In between the treatment sessions the body is allowed to heal as collagen and elastin production over the area that was hit with the laser is stimulated.

Vitamin Supplements - Increase intake of food high in vitamins A, C, and E that are all essential in collagen and elastin production.

Hydration - Drink lots of water to rehydrate and moisten your skin.

Other Ingredients - Essential fatty oils such as squalene oil in fish also result glowing skin.

Skin Exfoliation - Exfoliate to promote circulation of blood in area marred with stretch marks. The more blood flowing in the area, the more likely proper healing will take place lessening the scar formation.

Skin Enhancing Products - Lotions, creams and body oils. Reported effective topical preparations in treating stretch marks include retinoids and alpha hydroxy acids. While pregnant, one can apply a cream made of Centella asiatica extract, vitamin E, and collagen-elastin hydrolysates to supposedly effectively minimize stretch marks. Natural body oils like jojoba and wheatgerm oils not only soothe the skin but the massaging action promotes blood circulation to affected areas. - 30525

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First Signs of Your Pregnancy

By Annelee Karlsson

A pregnant woman will experience a large number of modifications in her body in the course of pregnancy. These changes will take place right at conception and persist until the baby has been delivered. A few of these signs may be smaller, while others may be clearer,and in some occasions, hard to deal with. However, these variations all disappear, once the baby has been born.

Being a pregnant female is a greatly special time in a woman's life. The changes that occur in her body are both physical and conceptual, and it is helpful for both her and the persons encircling her, to be aware of these modifications. That is why, the pregnancy period could be made more comfortable for the female, and signals that are out of the ordinary could be have looked into at once.

A pregnant female may not understand she is pregnant if she does not recognize the first signals. This is because the first signs of pregnancy are generally alike to the pre-menstrual symptoms, so for those who are not wishing to conceive, it is very possible that they will not be aware of, they are pregnant, until much later. The most ordinary signals are, if a woman misses her menstruation . If this happens , it is advised that the female wait few days to see if her periods just a little late.

Another signal of pregnancy is implantation bleeding. This normally happens 12 days after conception has happened, when the fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterine walls. A popular telltale symptom of pregnancy is the vomiting and feelings of sickness that a lot of pregnant women feel. The vomiting often happens early in the morning, hence the term morning sickness. However, it can occur at any time of the day. Physical of changes will include increased swelling and tenderness of the breasts.

During her term, a pregnant woman will experience a number of different of changes, which can occasionally be too much. But, it is prominent at remember that these changes, are temporary and are many times brought on by hormonal changes in the person. Recognizing them, however, can give the pregnant woman a nice piece of mind. For instance, it is perfectly ordinary for a woman to experience itchiness around her abdomen, as the stomach starts to stretch. The feet will experience swelling, and it is normal for a woman's shoe size to alter during pregnancy.

A lot of women will notice mood swings during their pregnancy, and may have a hankering for special kinds of foods. Most women develop a nesting instinct and may also grow a feeling of amnesia, regarding other affairs. Others may experience feelings of laziness. A lot of females will also experience constipation during their pregnancy, as well as an increased need to pass urine, since the uterus will start to press on the bladder as it expands. With regards to physical appearance, many women will find that their skin has a glow to it- this is because her body is experiencing increased blood flow due to the presence of the kid. Other women can create freckles, moles or rashes. All these variations are most of the time a part of being a healthy pregnant mommy to be. - 30525

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Amazing And Powerful Stretch Mark Removal Tips

By Lucinda Pryse

They start as pink, purple or red streaks across your bottom, thighs, breasts or stomach and gradually fade to silver or white. That's right they are stretch marks! Stretch marks, or striae, as the doctors call them are one of the top causes of female body dissatisfaction. They can be tough to get rid of, but there are now effective treatments available.

Thanks to advances in dermatological and cosmetic science there are now several topical treatments such as creams, lotions and oils and cosmetic prcedures that can successfully remove your stretch marks. By finding the best treatment for you, you can improve your skin's appearance and regain your self confidence.

Stretch marks generally appear after periods of fast growth - like adolescence, pregnancy or weight gain. When the skin layer, known as the dermis, is stretched too far the result is a skin tear or rupture that appears as a stretch mark. Very few women luck out and can boast a body entirely free of stretch marks.

A popular and affordable treatment that has been shown to remove stretch marks and prevent them is Bio Oil. This light oil is rich in vitamin A, vitamin E and Purcellin oil, a synthetic lubricant. It is applied topically to the skin and helps to repair the damaged layers of skin and substantially improve the skin's appearance.

Another popular topical treatment is Strivectin-SD. This product comes with a 100% money back guarantee and contains Butylene Glycol, vitamin A and C and shea butter as a deep moisturizer.

If you don't have the time or patience to wait for a cream to work, then there are cosmetic procedures available at your dermatologist to remove stretch marks. Treatment with an "excimer laser" repairs the damaged tissue that causes stretch marks using high powered ultraviolet light. Following the procedure the treated area may be red and tender, but recovery time is quick and results are very good. Microdermabrasion is another professional treatment on offer. This process involves the use of aluminum oxide crystals to exfoliate the skin and remove the affected skin layers. This treatment is almost completely painless, has no recovery time and results are immediate.

If you have large stretch marks around your lower abdomen, then a tummy tuck will remove the stretch marks with incredible results. This is a surgical procedure that involves removing the affected skin. While very effective, it also involves a high cost, risk of complications and a substantial recovery time.

Women everywhere suffer from stretch marks. Nowadays thanks to better understanding and technology we do not have to cover up or avoid looking in the mirror. There are successful ways to remove your stretch marks and regain your satisfaction with your body once more. - 30525

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Fishing For Cerulean & Tawny Crib Bedding Sets For Your Infant Boy

By Dorothea Frankson

Blue and brown crib set is a popular choice for many parents who take on the challenging task of decorating a nursery. This motif's tenderness and happiness are adaptable for boys or girls, and there are numerous styles available.

Parents bent on putting together a space fit for an angel like their young son, soon discover there are much more interesting options to choose from than the typical pictures of fluffy clouds in brilliant blue skies. The iconic imagery of angels painted with generous splashes of bright colors, made famous by painters such as Titian and Raphael, are often the source of inspiration for parents with more traditional tastes.

Since angel bedding with a decidedly modern feel is now available, the variety of choices is expanded for those who prefer more contemporary designs. Today's angel crib ensembles for boys can include blues, greens, or even heavenly white with gold embellishments of stars and cherubs.

Baby bedding for boys also has to be totally safe if parents are truly concerned with their infant's welfare. Shoppers who make a predetermined list of requirements will be aided in their choice of linens chosen for their precious son. To reduce the risk of suffocation or strangulation, parents should look for bedding which is not over-sized or bulky but exactingly fits the standard crib.

Baby bedding is readily available in sets, including angel set which are boy appropriate. These coordinated crib sets typically come with additional products, such as curtains and pillows, to complete the over-all "look" of the child's bedroom. Having coordinated crib sets are not only very convenient and help to ease the indecision about decorating a nursery it has also proving to be a boon to cash strapped parents who want to have that beautifully decorated nursery, now they can and all without spending a great deal of money.

That son who now sleeps peacefully in his crib will one day get in a car and take off to pursue his own life having been given a great start in life. With angel baby bedding, you'll capture special moments in your baby boy's development for generations. - 30525

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Butterfly Infant Nursery Bedding: Expending Natural World Designs In A Youngster's Cheap Nursery Decor

By Dorothea Frankson

People used to think rigidly about what a baby boy's nursery should look like and what a baby girl's nursery should look like. For a boy's nursery, many shades of blue or blue objects were one possibility. Parents were in favor of most common perky puppies and brown teddies when it came to themed bedding for boys.

Innovative new thinking allows parents to choose any nursery theme for any child without fear of traditional stereotypes. Slowly, electrifying cutting-edge hues along with graceful designs started to enter the sleeping quarters of a large number of babyish chaps and a large quantity of guardians in the forefront lifted many foreheads upon deciding to embellish their chaps quarters utilizing Butterfly baby bedding.

Parents who were pioneer in setting the trend were convinced that butterfly images will ultimate be the most popular choice for baby boy crib bedding set. You can make use of the butterfly patterns as an element of the bigger image representing nature by efficiently mixing different hues throughout the entire area. These themes are known to have a calming effect on a fitful baby and so give a good night's sleep.

When you go out to look for bedding with a butterfly motif, you'll soon find that there's a vast array of hues and designs to select from. Peaceful dragonflies and busy bees can be used with the butterfly bedding since insect motifs are now popular. Lily pads, frogs and snails, when added to butterfly bedding, makes the nursery all the more appealing for little boys.

Most shoppers come with their wealth of creative ideas for the nursery and find that the best and least expensive way to execute them is with a crib set that includes many accessories along with the safe and beautiful butterfly crib bedding. Accessories generally come with such ensembles to help reinforce the motif and improve parents' peace of mind because they conform to standard toddler bed and crib measurements.

Just think about how nice it will be for your little son to fall asleep while looking at images of beautiful butterflies and bees buzzing around his nursery. It's amazing how you can blend different imagery, such as bringing your friendly insect designs together with a motif of cowboys or baseball diamonds. Parents know that butterflies are no longer considered feminine and so their sons' nurseries can have these stunning creatures and still be considered masculine. - 30525

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After Maternity Leave: Making The Transition Back To Work

By Kimberly Redison

After Maternity Leave: Making The Transition Back To Work

You've carried your child for nine months. You've experienced the joy and excitement of childbirth. You've also spent the last few months bonding with your infant. Unfortunately, the time has come to return to work and leave your baby behind. It's a difficult transition to make for any new parent; it can be emotionally devastating. Not only will you want to stay with your little one, but you're likely to be nervous about what to expect.

In this article, we'll offer useful advice on preparing to return to the workplace after enjoying your maternity leave. We'll explore making the decision, planning to breastfeed, and finding the time to get everything done.

Making The Decision

Even if you know you want to return to the office after your maternity leave ends, be open to making that decision after you've spent time with your newborn. Many women decide early that they want to go back into the workplace, yet change their minds once they have bonded with their babies. Other women can't fathom leaving their little ones behind until they have spent an entire three months at home.

Also, make a list of the things that are important to you and your partner. Prioritize them. For example, you might enjoy certain luxuries, such as eating in fine restaurants. Your career may be important to you. On the other hand, you might be willing to sacrifice those things in order to stay home with your little one.

Planning To Breastfeed

Breastfeeding your infant gives her access to protective nutrients that are unavailable to her otherwise. If you're staying home, you'll have the flexibility to nurse her whenever she's hungry. After you return to the workplace, doing so will become far more difficult. You'll need to plan your schedule carefully. Work with your manager to schedule time during which you can express milk (plan to set aside thirty minutes). Also, make sure there's a refrigerator in which you can store the milk.

Getting Everything Done

New mothers are often anxious of letting details fall through the cracks. This may be the reason they're so efficient as multitaskers. Having said that, you can reduce your stress and frustration by delegating household duties to your partner and children. Make a list of the individual tasks for which each person is responsible. Create a schedule on which those tasks should be completed. Then, be flexible and don't expect perfection. Your household can run smoothly if you communicate openly and place your faith in your family.

After your maternity leave ends, you'll need to decide whether returning to work is the right decision for you and your family. As noted, it will likely be a difficult decision to make. You'll feel pangs of guilt and wonder how any mother could leave her infant. That said, if you decide to go back into the workplace, stay organized and stick as closely as possible to your new schedule. - 30525

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The Complacent Sovereignty: Earthly Infant Nursery Bedding Sets In Your Little Angel's Nursery

By Dorothea Frankson

As parents-to-be, if you are looking for baby bedding that features animals, you will be amazed when you shop online at how much variety there is for the nursery, including designs that showcase all kinds of animals, great and small. Safari animal bedding has been a favorite for nursery linen designers for many years, because of their continuing popularity among both kids and grownups.

The animal theme is popular for both boys and girls, but there are many designs specifically for little girls from which to choose. Parents can choose to draw on their own surroundings - whether urban or suburban - to inspire or themes such as insects, birds or frogs for decoration before settling on a specific idea.

You may want your daughter's room to reflect her community: if you live in the country, consider farm animals and those seen in the woods. If your home is by the beach, her room might feature leaping fish and high-flying seagulls in the decor. Some parents go for more elegant designs having images of lions and giraffes on Savannah background or with images of zebras or cheetahs which attract others easily.

Baby girl bedding purple which is of a superior quality can even be found with popular animal prints. Any quality bedding set should state that it matches standard dimensions of cribs and toddler beds. Furthermore, honest manufacturers know that thick pieces could cause babies and toddlers to suffocate and that's why quality quilts and bumpers are never too fluffy.

After determining which bedding is safe, many parents consider a crib bedding set, which includes all the necessary baby bedding. If you are decorating your daughter's room with an animal theme, crib sets are a great way to make sure all decor matches.

Enlisting images of animals to brighten your daughter's room can reveal a host of surprising options. A valuable teaching tool for young girls are animal bedding, as it serves as a valuable teaching tool for recognizing colors and numbers. The animal themed nursery will allow your daughter to have a special kingdom to call her own. - 30525

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Head Trips Can Take Effect When You Make Decision on Princess Child Nursery Bedding Sets

By Dorothea Frankson

Princess crib set is always a good choice for a baby girl's nursery. Feminine and pastel colors and textures are peaceful and lovely, just like her! Princess baby bedding is usually expected to be pink, but you can now find many other colors, including some you wouldn't think of on your own.

Princess bedding is available in purples, oranges, browns and many pastel colors to match any nursery. Princess bedding includes many fine details like lace or embroidery, which help to complete the feminine look of the nursery.

If a Princess-themed decor for your little girl's nursery is what your heart is set on, it is natural to begin daydreaming of elegant bedding ensembles with matching luxurious accessories. The safety of your daughter is the primary concern when choosing modern baby girl bedding.

Parents know that they should do their homework and find bedding that fits standard cribs and toddler beds, so that the bedding doesn't slip from the corner of the mattress. Usually, crib quilts are small and thin enough to keep your little girl from becoming trapped and smothered under the weight of the blanket.

As you reduce the number of choices for the princess baby bedding that will as far as possible, make the most charming nursery for your little lass, you must also seriously think of buying a compatible set available at a fair price when you ultimately choose crib sets. In order to make the room more cohesive, Princess-themed sets have decorative items like valances and pillows included in them.

The room for your daughter could well become one of the following attractions: a traditional yet beautiful pink dream, or a more bohemian-natured patchwork that is well coordinated. In any event, princesses are a popular theme for parents who love their little girls and who want to create a space where she can be safe and can use her imagination. - 30525

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Watch out for These Vitamin C Problems

By Spencer Hall

We need vitamin C in our bodies to help the production of a protein essential to the structure of bones, muscles and cartilages. We nowadays know that this vitamin is also involved in the absorption of iron.

According to important research also, consuming big quantities of vitamin C isn't important to bring more advantages than just consuming the right amounts.

When your body isn't well provided of this vitamin, many symptoms appear, including lassitude, swollen gums, weakness, scurvy, and bleeding of the nose. A deficiency can be caused by different factors such as improper diet alcohol abuse and problems with its absorption.

This condition like other problems of this kind has risk factors that facilitate the condition.

It has been observed that babies born of women who have taken great excessive amounts of vitamin C are prone to develop wheezing when they are approximately two years old.

Vitamin C supplements is often avoided to doctors when it comes to women, instead the main goal by nutritionists is provide women with the right amounts of this vitamin through dieting. Multi vitamins in infants can also pose a problem, helping develop asthma and food allergies.

Since this vitamin is linked ot the absorption of iron, a deficiency can lead to anemia problems with a reduced amount of red blood cells in the body. Among other things, this means that less oxygen will be carried to the organs in the body, leading to anemia symptoms.

Anemia caused by a vitamin C deficiency will be recognized by feelings of weakness and pallor. When it gets sever you can suffer from dizziness and even unconsciousness. Watch out!

Scurvy is yet another one of the symptoms cause by a C deficiency, scurvy brings along tiredness, poor wound healing, weakness, constant aches and pain and easy bleeding.

You need to also keep an eye for swollen gums that look purple and spongy and bleeding in the area. Remember that dieting and good nutrition is key to maintain this vitamin controlled. - 30525

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Wealth Of Choices: Compass Of Infant Nursery Bedding Set Patterns

By Dorothea Frankson

Nursery bedding patterns come in such a wide variety now that new parents probably should begin thinking about possibilities before they actually start their shopping spree. Crib bedding can be found to match a specifically designed theme or it can be a simple pattern like plaid or toile.

When choosing nursery bedding, parents will often consider the decor of their home and try to create a nursery which will complement the rest of the house. People who have classical choice are always attracted to pastel shades and traditional patterns in furnishings while those who have more latest choice are attracted to vibrant colors and abstract geometric patterns.

If you find yourself actually trying very hard to think of a design for your child's nursery linens, then you should be given an advice that you will undoubtedly face an unnerving task when you really come across the huge range of baby boy sports bedding. For those who are having difficulty making a decision, there some styles available with attractive designs which have been especially popular over the years which consistently result in well-dressed spaces.

When you pick a plaid, you start with an acceptable masculine pattern that you can then embellish creatively by using striking hues and styles. Plaid patterns can be blended with solid colors, or incorporated with many other decors; including sports, cowboy, or ocean themes.

After choosing a pattern for their son's nursery, parents must be sure that the bedding they choose is of a good quality, price and is safe. Nursery bedding components that come in a set are more likely to meet size and safety regulations for standard cribs and toddler beds.

You can allow your chosen motif to be picked up around the nursery when you buy a crib set that allows you to save money while you buy an all-inclusive package of linens and matching accessories. Parents will not regret spending the time it takes to find beautifully patterned bedding for their new son's room when they are finally able to take a step back and admire the completely decorated and charming space they've created to shelter their precious baby boy. - 30525

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Why You Should Exercise During Your Pregnancy .

By Shirley Harvey

Pregnancy is a joyous time for families. Sometimes, there can be some bumps in the road, but the end result is a little miracle. Mothers can help make joy of life even better by including exercise into their daily routine. There are many reasons why you should exercise during pregnancy. Exercising during pregnancy can improve emotional health, help mothers lose weight faster after pregnancy, and reduce pregnancy side effects.

Yes there are alot of reasons to exercise during your pregnancy . It reduces the risk of having a premature baby , and it can help your baby also . Always check with your doctor before starting any exercise plan ,and try to stay on a exercise plan after plan after your pregnancy .

Endurance is a key to labor and delivery. Exercise during pregnancy will increase the mother's endurance, which in turn is very beneficial during delivery. The right exercises increase needed stamina. Exercise during pregnancy will make improvements to the mother's emotional and mental health. It can help reduce stress, which helps the mother adapt to the changes going on within her body.

One of the toughest parts for a mother to deal with during pregnancy is the physical change to her body. Most mothers gain on average of fifteen to twenty pounds during her pregnancy. This weight gain may cause stretch marks, and the weight makes it tough for a mother to balance and move. Physical body changes can be challenging. However, exercising during pregnancy can reduce the weight that is gained. Also, by exercising during pregnancy, a mother is able to lose weight faster after pregnancy, which makes can help with postpartum.

Pregnancy side effects include headaches, swelling, fatigue, and constipation. Exercising during pregnancy can help reduce these symptoms. Exercise routines will vary from trimester to trimester, however these symptoms can remain throughout the pregnancy. Doctors often suggest slow walks or light cardio programs to eliminate or drastically reduce side effects. - 30525

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Meaningful Catch: Making Decision on Tropical Fish Newborn Bedding Crib Sets For Your Little Darling's Nursery

By Dorothea Frankson

Fish crib set comes in many colorful patterns which depict all forms of aquatic life. Maybe you reside next to an ocean or a rushing river, maybe by a little creek or calming stream. In all of these cases, you can find the creative spark to create an eye-catching, underwater theme in your son's room.

You will have several choices when deciding to decorate you child's room with a Marine theme which includes the whimsical marine theme which is more like cartoons or the realistic marine theme which depicts the actual ocean including fish jumping out of the water. One can create an authentic boys' room when choosing fish-designed bedding for the nursery, because of the happy atmosphere created by the blue of the water.

To find out if they are actually safe, you must completely study each item before purchasing. There are standard dimensions for crib and toddler beds. For safety reasons, it is essential to select only the bedding that matches these dimensions. One of the dangers of crib bedding that does not fit properly is that it is easily pulled off and can pose the danger of entanglement to a little one while sleeping.

Boy nursery bedding is required to list material content used to manufacture it because lower quality nursery linens are at risk of containing potentially harmful chemicals and small amounts of pesticides. Furthermore, savvy shoppers avoid purchasing bedding that is bulky, regardless of the appearance. Bedding that is too thick can suffocate babies, who do not have the ability to free their noses and mouths if they become covered.

Parents using marine themed decor can find a way to purchase both good quality and economical crib bedding. Most come to understand that deciding on a multiple item, coordinated crib-set, is the easiest way to fix this problem. The linens, which are safe for babies, are fairly priced and include accessories that allow the theme to flow throughout the room.

Put you baby to bed in a relaxing world of marine life that will embrace him while he sleeps. Your little boy is quite probably going to make friends of these enchanting sea creatures, and they'll help him develop to recognize numbers and colors as he sleeps and plays in his peaceful crib. - 30525

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Pregnancy Is Always An Issue

By Antsy Brundo

Women should learn about pregnancy long before they actually become pregnant. This is because of the profound effects pregnancy has on one's body and lifestyle. The most important part of learning about pregnancy is to find out how someone actually becomes pregnant. regnancy may occur when sperm enters the vagina and penetrates a fertilized egg. This can happen when people have unprotected sec and sometimes rarely can occur even when people have protected sex. Women are sometimes artificially inseminated meaning a doctor implants an embryo to grow inside a women's uterus.

Early signs of pregnancy include tender or sore breast, nausea, late or missed periods, vomiting, fatigue, strange cravings and many more. Women can visit her doctor or take a home pregnancy test to find out if she is pregnant. A pregnancy is made up of three three-month long trimesters. The first trimester is the period of time when a woman is most likely to experience a miscarriage. The baby's entire body develops including genitals. This is also when the baby should begin moving.

The second trimester is when more details in the baby such as facial expressions, hearing, skeleton, the baby starts to gain weight, finger prints and footprints, the hair becomes visible and the baby will be able to swallow. This is usually when the chances of miscarriage decreases. The third trimester is the final stage of pregnancy. In this stage the baby begins to exercise their lungs, their bones develop, the baby can open his or her eyes and the placenta begins to develop a shield to protect the baby.

Doctor's appointments are necessary in each trimester of pregnancy. These are important sessions where women can talk about their systems and emotional changes. The doctor can provide vitamins and advice in terms of preparing a woman for the deliver of her baby. Some foods should be avoided during pregnancy such as raw fish, undercooked eggs, meat and poultry, cheese that hasn't been pasteurized, caffeine, liver and alcohol.

Women can also sign up for classes to prepare for labor and delivery. Some women choose to use midwives in case they choose to have natural childbirth. A doctor can also monitor a women's weight gain to let her know if it is a healthy amount. Women should not use pregnancy as an excuse to eat unhealthy foods. Insetad, she should keep in mind that whatever she consumes, the baby consumes. - 30525

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Babe Of Cosmos: Bringing Into Play Pink & Green Nursery Bedding In Your Bundle of Joy's Living Space

By Dorothea Frankson

When trying to create a beautiful space green often comes to mind since the wide variety of shades and aesthetics can create a beautiful nursery. Sage crib bedding can be more effective when it is used as the central color to create a countryside environment for a comfortable and peaceful nursery that is designed with exaggerated use of laces and soft linens.

Mention the word 'green' and people automatically start to think of plants and nature, but there's a lot more that parents can do with this color than just stick to this one theme. For a modern look, include other colors with green in defined geometric designs or in a splash of colors that includes many shades of green.

Girl baby bedding can be in a wide array of the color green but must also have the high quality, linens that meet their safety requirements, and high standards that all parents seek when they are purchasing bedding for their little girl's bedroom. In light of this information, shoppers are strongly encouraged to verify that all linens follow the standard dimensions established for all crib and toddler bedding.

As parents-to-be who are shopping for the bedding for their newborn's nursery, it is good to be familiar with the materials contained in the bedding since not all retailers are familiar with the linens' manufacturers. As appealing as they may look to you, hold yourself back from filling your infant's crib with cushy things like quilts and bumpers as they can suffocate helpless babies.

Once you've picked some kinds of baby bedding you like for your baby girl's nursery and have checked that it adheres to all safety standards, you'll have to decide how to buy what you need as affordable as possible. Baby bedding can be bought as set, which is often a good buy since it is any easy to create well-coordinated design for a nursery.

If you are looking to pick a green color base for your new daughter's nursery, you can jump right in; there are so many different options that it might even be a bit of a challenge! While you are looking through the huge number of possibilities, if you listen to your heart and your instincts, you will most assuredly hit on the perfect theme for the little girl baby's nursery sanctuary and you will feel good about giving here the best start in life. - 30525

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Is It Really Worth Spending Thousands To Try And Choose The Sex Of Your Baby?

By Kathy Forcey

Great strides in medical reproductive science have been made over the last few decades. Indeed, it's now possible to safely increase the odds of having either a boy or a girl, which is something that would have been unheard of just half a century ago. So, when choosing sex of baby, whether boy or girl, what should people who are contemplating such an option know about "gender selection," as it's called?

To begin with, attempting gender selection is a way of trying to choose a girl or a boy before getting pregnant. It uses a variety of methods to increase the odds of having a baby of a sex that's most desired. And depending upon the method chosen, it's possible these odds can reach nearly 100 percent under the right circumstances.

On the market are a number of non-medical or clinical over the counter sex selection kits which promise to help proper gender occur. Most use different natural substances to bring about changes in the body chemistry of the prospective mother and father, which is thought to make the odds of having a boy or girl - depending upon body chemistry type - much higher. This approaches 96 percent, in many cases.

Actual clinical processes revolve around a variety of techniques. One, called "MicroSort," delineates male sperm in such a way as to examine the DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) for small differences that are present and which are believed to lead to either a male or female child.

Once the sperm has been categorized into those sperm cells which will lead to a male or a female, the next phase in the procedure uses either IUI (intrauterine insemination) or IVF (in vitro fertilization) to emplace fortified (or "enriched") sperm cells into the female's womb, for one. Or (in IVF), a ripe egg from the female is fertilized with the sperm and placed in the womb. There's a 92 percent success factor for girls and a lower rate of 81 percent for boys.

The MicroSort success rates, though, depend upon a successful pregnancy occurring in the first place. In this regard, IUI runs about 16 percent and IVF doubles that, at about 32 percent. This is the typical rate, and is just about in line with factors for any other method of inducing pregnancy. What this means is that the odds of a sex-selected outcome after pregnancy has occurred are fairly high.

For people who want to have a gender-specific child, there have never been more choices as they pertain to procedures for doing so. And medical science has made the odds of sex selection success better than ever. Remember, though, to take some time to research these procedures and processes very carefully before deciding on any particular method of gender selection. - 30525

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Furnishing For Your Tot With Exclusive Noah's Ark Infant Bedding Sets

By Dorothea Frankson

Noah's Ark is a story loved by all three Abraham religions. Noah is a man that rescued all of the animals and shows us how fragile the earth is, and how important all the animals and ecosystems really are to all of us.

Noah's ark crib bedding set is always a winning choice for every child's room, as it provides cute animal images that can be seen throughout the entire nursery. What makes ark-themed bedding so special is that it creates a visually interesting and peaceful environment while at the same time showing off its versatility through a pairing of disparate colors and shapes. This is done through a stunning array of colors and fabrics compiled by a number of extremely clever designers.

The color blue, a color traditionally used in boy's rooms anyway, can be used to create the flood water, which is central to the Noah's Ark theme. You can replicate the blue color in one nursery piece all over the room when you choose matching accessories like diaper bags and toy containers.

Baby boy bedding of any style must be made from chemical free fabrics and should be made to fit the standard crib well to ensure that babies are free from harm.

Because prices differ from retailer to retailer, it's always a good idea to compare prices, especially when shopping online for Noah's Ark-themed bedding. Baby bedding purchased as a coordinated set is usually an extremely economical investment. Sets usually include sensible decorative items, that add value, like matching throw pillows, or small touches to add warmth like window coverings.

Noah's Ark baby bedding will make your baby feel comforted and secure during his first years due to the gentle nature of the animals featured. A Noah's Ark theme with the various animals will surely spark your little boy's imagination. It will also be a relaxed learning environment where you child can easily learn their shapes and colors. - 30525

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Sciatic Pregnancy | Is There Something You Can Do?

By Christina Meier

Sciatic Pregnancy - what can you actually do to help yourself when your sciatic nerve gives you trouble during a time in your life that should be enjoyable and exciting? Pregnancy sciatica is not a condition in itself, but rather the symptoms of a combination of underlying causes, which manifest themselves when the sciatic nerve is being irritated. The sciatic nerve runs from the lower end of your spine, through your buttocks and thighs all the way to your feet. It gets inflamed when it receives too much pressure, be that from a herniated disk or a clenched muscle (as in piriformis syndrome) or a different underlying cause. The Symptoms range from a numb, tingly or burning sensation in your lower back, over achy and dull pain to shooting pain down your leg.

During their pregnancy women are more prone to experiencing injury to their disks. Since the location and position of the baby during the second and third trimesters puts it quite close to the area the sciatic nerve runs through. Pressure on the nerve usually heightens during that time and it's no surprise when an previously existing sciatica problem takes a turn for the worse; or that the added weight around the waist combined with the loosening up of ligaments and tendons in preparation for birth heighten the probability for a disk injury, which in turn puts pressure on the sciatic nerve.

In most of the cases sciatic pregnancy pain will disappear by itself, but it is possible for the process to take up to six weeks and over. For some patients it has been beneficial to plan routine visits with their physical therapist in order to get help to relieve their symptoms. In many cases manual therapy relieves the pressure and discomfort from the back pain you may experience during pregnancy.

To speak about some helpful sciatic pregnancy exercises, you also might go to your physical therapist. He/she could show you some exercises that would greatly benefit you with pain management, and would also help strengthen the abdominal and back muscles and the pelvic floor muscles. With those in better shape you might experience fewer difficulties during the birthing process and even during the recuperation time afterwards.

To relieve their sciatic pregnancy pain, some women also use chiropractic treatment. Only make sure, when seeing a manual therapist or chiropractor, that they have experience working with prenatal patients.

Many women find that massage therapy helps relieve inflammation and other symptoms caused by sciatica. Massages surely help to relieve muscle tension and tightness. When some muscle groups tense up to much (for example the piriformis muscle in your buttocks) they will probably contribute to sciatica. Massage therapy increases the blood flow in the tissue and such speeds the healing process by reducing inflammation and tension.

Should you develop pregnancy sciatica make sure you'll consult your doctor or physical therapist about what kinds of treatments are available to you, especially in your condition, since not every treatment for sciatica is for every cause of it and especially during pregnancy the choice of therapy needs to be made carefully with the help of knowledgeable professionals. Cold/Hot treatment may be applied, as may bed rest for some days, until the acute pain simmers down. Changes in posture may be greatly beneficial to alleviate pain and pressure on your discs since one of the main underlying causes of sciatica is poor posture. - 30525

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Fun And Games Baby Nursery Bedding Is A Awesome Picking For Your Child

By Dorothea Frankson

When parents chose a gender-specific nursery theme, they may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of styles and designs that are available. Even online shoppers may find it difficult to choose from the dozens of linen sets available to them.

Many people shopping for an infant son feel overwhelmed at first, you aren't alone in this feeling. As a good solution parents tend to pick a specific room theme for a nursery. Sports are a common theme among decorators, because there is a plethora of available Baby boy sports crib bedding.

A sports theme for a boy's nursery allows parents to create a space that is masculine, lighthearted, and whimsical, giving the room a very bright energy. Boy crib bedding comes in a variety of sports patterns that range from a collage of numerous sports to a focused single team pattern.

Bedding with baseball diamonds, bats, caps or even yellow goal posts and helmets are just the ticket for parents who have a fondness for one particular sport or other. Loyal sports fans often choose to decorate their son's room with their favorite team colors or logos.

When you have decided that your nursery should be sports-themed, it is then time to spend your time searching for upscale baby bedding. Sports bedding can even be found in sets where all the pieces are matched to incorporate a specific sports theme. Crib sets not only include all the necessary bedding but can often come with other tie-ins, like matching drapes and diaper stackers.

If you just cant decide on one sport, you can opt for a multi-sport themed set, like the All Star Sports Set by JoJo Designs. Trend Lab's Football Set uses crib linens with appliques of team helmets and famous players, and is thus appropriate for fans of the NFL. With a sports themed room you are sure to have a winner, no matter what team you and your little fan root for. - 30525

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Extras to Keep Baby Safe In Your Quinny Buzz Baby Strollers

By Ryan Seymour

Without question, the Quinny Buzz Stroller has ascended to rock star status with young mothers worldwide courtesy of wild designs and colors. You can pick up a number of top notch accessories that can turn your good walking experiences into great ones every time.

For More Storing Space: Quinny Buzz Box; $49.99

Need more storage space without causing your Buzz to tip? Simply buy the Buzz Box and put it on the bottom of your Buzz, by the storage area. This will give you much more space to store your vital goods -- like wipes and toys. A rain shield comes with the Box to keep your stuff dry.

Cozy For On The Go Sleep: Quinny Buzz Footmuff; $69.99

This comfy mini-sleeping bag fits right into the bed of the stroller and laces through the harness. The top is thankfully removable, which makes taking the little one out a breeze. It's available in either sulphur or black styles, which is cool enough, but the best part is that you won't need to take out the Footmuff to use the Buzz Stroller's gas spring auto-folding.

Keep Your Stroller Safe: Quinny Buzz Travel Bag; $169.99

Need to hit the road with baby in tow? Keep your Buzz safe in the car by putting it in this high quality travel bag, preventing any kind of scratching or weather damage.

One Handed Easy Carry: Quinny Curbb Hip Soft Carrier; $79.99

Guys, there's no excuse anymore for not taking Junior for a stroll. Delightfully sexless and simple to adjust, the Quinny Curbb Hip Soft Carrier sports a nice little papoose that you can throw over a shoulder and carry your young one anywhere you want to go -- hands free! You can use the ergonomic Curbb for your left or right side, with baby facing front. It's designed for babies under twenty pounds, but it is capable of holding heavier babies.

One For The Road: Quinny Buzz Cup Holder; $19.99

There's nothing worse than heading out the door with baby in his or her stroller on a cold and rainy day, only to find out two or three minutes later that you're thirsty. Never underestimate the power of keeping a hot beverage on hand to boost your mood. Don't dare go dry. Buy a cup holder instead.

Keeping Baby Safe From Mother Nature: Sasha's Sun and Insect Cover For the Quinny Buzz

This mesh cover will block out sun rays and irritating bugs so your baby's cute little arms and legs stay happy and healthy rather than cooked and chewed. Sasha's Sun and Insect Cover attaches to the front and the sides, so you'll never have to worry about Mother Nature's tomfoolery again.

These accessories are all great extras that can improve your Quinny Buzz Stroller experience, so pick a few up and enjoy one of the most rewarding periods of your life with your baby before they get too old to go strolling with Mom and Dad. - 30525

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Can You Really Choose The Gender Of Your Baby?

By Kathy Forcey

The ability to choose baby gender is a controversial issue facing many would-be parents. However gender selection is a reality that many couples all over the globe explore and has been around for centuries. There are myriad reasons why parents would want to choose one sex over the other. At the end of the day, the choice is a purely personal one. The only difference between ancient practices and modern science is that it's become easier to predict your baby's gender before you even conceive.

Couples weight whether to choose the gender of their babies for many reasons. A main reason that supported the gender selection trend was to stop gender related diseases. Scientists have long discovered that numerous diseases were associated with a particular sex, but had little ability to assist in selecting gender. Many couples faced with the possibility of inherited diseases never want to deal with the reality if it can be avoided at all.

Couples in countries such as the United Kingdom, United States, and Australia can exercise the option to choose the sex of their baby. Gender selection is progressively reducing life threatening and debilitating diseases in humans that are specially linked to gender.

Many cultures have ways to choose baby gender that are based on the female ovulation cycle. These methods have been around for hundreds of years with varying degrees of success. Diet and herbal concoctions have been recommended for millions of couples who desire a baby boy or girl, so the idea of pre-conception gender selection is certainly not novel.

Many feel that if people are given the right to choose baby gender that sooner or later one sex will overrun the other. The population of the world could suffer from this form of gender selection. But, that assumes everyone on the planet wants one gender over the other at the same time. At some point the scale will tip back into balance.

There will always be families who crave a baby boy or baby girl to balance an existing family unit. Perhaps there are families who already have one or two boys and really want a little girl or the reverse can be just as true. There is no hard and fast rule that everyone is looking to have only boys or only girls.

The surprise factor goes along with a pregnancy is gone, but for many parents they are fine with this aspect. It makes setting up things for their new baby a lot easier and it decreases the need to worry about the child inheriting a gender-related illness. - 30525

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It's A Nutsy Abashment Out There: Rummaging For Heavenly Child Bedding

By Dorothea Frankson

The thought of decorating a nursery can seem like an overwhelming chore for some parents. By planning and researching suitable items for a nursery, decorating a nursery can be fun and less tiring.

Baby boy bedding is at the center of any nursery, and parents need to decide on criteria that linens should meet to be considered as the centerpiece for their new arrival's room. Really soft bumpers and quilts have been known to cause babies to choke, and they should be summarily rejected.

Baby bedding sets should conform to the dimensions of the standard crib to ensure proper fit. When choosing appropriate bedding choose well fitted sheets and lightweight blankets to ensure baby will not become entangled in the bedding.

When you are looking to purchase quality bedding for your baby, you can quickly become familiar with the products that include unacceptable chemical residues; you will find that you get to know what materials are used in the manufacturing of high quality linens for your baby. The climate a baby will begin his or her life in should be taken into consideration when shoppers choose the types of fabric for their child's bedding.

Once you understand the most important things about baby bedding, you'll be ready to start decorating the nursery while enjoying the process. There is nothing that you can't achieve once you've been inspired by an idea for nursery bedding. This is you kid's nursery, so you will have the best idea of which pattern, styles, and colors to use.

Many people find that when they try to come up with ideas, they keep returning to the idea of cute Giraffe nursery bedding. A long standing decorators choice for a beautiful nursery has been the dreamy and easy going giraffe along with jungle designs to create a small haven for the infant. - 30525

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Games In The Alcove: Stylish Presuppositions On A Prized Hot Seller

By Dorothea Frankson

Themes that include images of ducks have been included in nursery decor for many years and continue to be a favorite among parents. The classic yellow and orange ducklings bring a playful sense of fun to any nursery. When coupled with images of mother ducks, lovable baby ducks create a warm, loving sense of the caring and protective bond between parents and children.

Duck crib set is very easily paired with many other cheerful colors, and will bring light to any child's room. There are numerous traditional duck-themed nursery sets available, but you'll be surprised to find that there are also many contemporary designs with duck motifs.

You need to make your first priority, when picking a design the complement your daughter's duck-themed room, the safety of the products. You should buy only crib bedding that is fitted to a standard crib because you don't want sheets and quilts to be so big that they create gaps that can suffocate your baby daughter.

Baby girl bedding can be either rustic or frilly and still incorporate pictures of cute little ducks frolicking on gingham or satin. If you prefer to go with the duckling print for your baby's bedding, it is good to know that you can easily mix and match the ducklings with larger farm animal prints or even botanicals and water-related themes.

Most people eventually realize that a coordinated set is their best choice, when considering duck-themed baby bedding. You can find affordable and beautiful quilts, but be sure to look for those that are not too cushy because the filling in these can contribute to allergies.

The humble duck has been favored by people from all corners of the globe as a reminder of truthfulness and simple living. Furthermore, not only is the lively duck theme a thoughtful touch which contributes to a peaceful setting, but the many visitors will also be delighted. - 30525

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Whisper The Clock: It's Time To Trim Your Baby's Living Space

By Dorothea Frankson

Expectant parents, especially first-time ones, are confronted with a seemingly endless barrage of tasks necessary for the preparation of the arrival of a newborn. Most new parents are busy reading up on how best to raise their expected new arrival, and on what to expect regarding the birthing process, but that doesn't mean that dressing up baby's room with all the right colors and motifs has been put entirely on the back burner.

Crib bedding for boys is a key focus area for parents when considering how to create the optimum space for their new baby, especially due to the fact that linens are the key building block for a great nursery. A thoughtful parent should find safe bedding for their child before beginning the process of selecting a new color and design theme for their child's room.

When you are creating the optimum nursery for your baby, you will find out that are many critical decision points that must be taken into consideration prior to the procurement of any crib set. Soft bedding or padded bumpers should be avoided when preparing a safe haven for a newborn. Because harmful chemicals can damage a tender infant's health, all bedding that contains trace amounts of such compounds should be rejected forthwith.

To ensure a perfect fit for bedding take into consideration the bedding's dimensions. When people set out to buy a crib set they are likely to opt for high quality to ensure that the baby is safe when sleeping on bedding that conforms to industry standards.

With bedding sets being so affordable, parents can feel free to focus exclusively on the decor they want for their little one's sanctum sanctorum. A decorating theme can help parents decide what would work best in their nursery and will make shopping go faster. When looking for gender specific room decor, parents may opt for a set that will complete the entire nursery.

Fire truck crib bedding is a favorite theme for a boy's room, due to the bright, bold red shadings that will contrast well with many other happy, cheerful colors. A bedding theme with fire trucks may include pictures of Dalmatian dogs with fire hats or firemen surrounded by stars. For that little hero in your life, what could be a more appropriate baby bedding set than an action-packed fire truck motif? - 30525

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Bring Into Existence A Pleasant And Explanatory Grove With Zebra-themed Child Bedding Crib Sets

By Dorothea Frankson

The surge in popularity of bedding sets with jungle and savanna themes is partial evidence of how well the concept catches perfectly the colorful, lively ideas of youth while still evidencing good taste and elegance in decorating. Most babies seem to be pleased with brightly colored animal pictures and they also learn to differentiate between the figures.

Animal print linens are visually interesting in the nursery, and they allow decorators to add additional colors to the room's decor, or to simply repeat the bedding's colors in the room's other designs. Zebra print crib bedding , is great for a colorful jungle scene, or can be it's own design.

Because the zebra print is so flexible, the safari inspired linens look equally great in a space created for a boy or girl. Parents who decide to decorate their baby boy's nursery usually focus on some suitable features while purchasing boys nursery bedding.

Proper bedding fit is important to prevent the danger of suffocation, especially for babies. Remember safety first when choosing blankets for your child, those big fluffy ones could pose a potential threat of suffocation. Make sure that the baby bedding is made up of non-toxic material and the product is from a reputed manufacturer.

Part of designing a zebra inspired nursery is keeping it cost effective, but this follows a distant second to safety. Many parents that are money-conscious will buy a bed-set when they find their exact zebra baby crib bedding. Many times a bedding set will have a matching print for the window coverings allowing for easy matching throughout a nursery that is predominantly animal themed.

Black and white zebra bedding sets for your nursery are a fashionable and decorative choice. A zebra-themed nursery is easy to add a masculine feel to as it works well with colors in rich shades like blue, brown and red. - 30525

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Early Signs Of Pregnancy

By Sunnie James

Deciding that you are ready to start a family is an exciting time for any woman. You may even be anxious to find out if you are pregnant. It is common for women to want to know if they are pregnant before taking a pregnancy test. Do you want to find out right now if you are pregnant before you rush out to buy a home pregnancy test. If so you are in luck, keep reading.

The majority of pregnancies include the lack of a menstrual flow. However, some of the earliest signs may be that of light bleeding or spotting which happens with fertilization and implantation. This is normal and nothing to fret about. The spotting may occur in either brown or pink in color, although it can sometimes be a yellow discharge. This type of spotting may occur approximately 5 days after fertilization. Sometimes slight abdominal cramping due to the embryo implanting into the uterine wall may accompany the light spotting.

Ovulation may cause the body temperature to rise for many women. When an egg is fertilized, it can even cause the body temperature to stay elevated. This is called an elevated basal body temperature, which may involve only a rise by a single degree or even less. An elevated basal body temperature is a good sign that the conception was successful.

Early signs of pregnancy can mirror the signs of an upcoming menstrual period. This is why some of these symptoms go unnoticed. However, hormone levels begin to change drastically when you are pregnant. One interesting change happening in your body is that of producing HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin. The this hormone causes you to feel the swelling tenderness in the breasts.

Of course, the increase of hormones in your body may lead to more than tenderness in the breasts. You will also feel the need to urinate more often, this is a symptom that will continue throughout your pregnancy. The reason for this is that your growing baby begins to add pressure to your bladder which will cause the need to go to the bathroom more often.

Although, there may be other reasons such as stress, illness and hormone imbalances, missing your period is an obvious sign of pregnancy for most women. Keep in mind, that if your menstrual cycle is consistent, missing a period is a good indicator of pregnancy.

All of these factors are only possible indications of a pregnancy. The only real way to find out if you are pregnant is by getting tested. However, take care with home pregnancy tests as well. They are not always accurate. The best way to find out if you are really expecting is to go to your doctor and to have a blood test performed. - 30525

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Maybe Baby? Finding the Right Nutrition for Your Pregnancy

By Keith Woolley

Magazines have been writing a lot about fertility and the incontrovertible fact that more and more women are choosing to start a family in their 30's or forty's. Ladies nowadays are highly likely to have a high flying career and be considering city trips, shoe shopping and sports cars, and a lot less about Mothercare, changing diapers, and pushing buggies.

The average age for giving birth in the United Kingdom is going up about 2 months annually. The average age in 2007 was 29.3 years compared with 28.6 years in 2001. Statistics prove the average woman under thirty will get pregnant within the first 6 months and those in their early thirty's may take up to and longer than 9 months. From 35 onwards it might take one year.

Some girls are spending a lot of money trying to increase their possibilities of conceiving naturally, but this should be a nonessential expense. Lord Robert Winston, pioneer of IVF treatment, informed the Daily Mail that girls who freeze their eggs to delay maternity are being given fake hopes by fertility clinics. He goes on to claim that this does not in any way guarantee that a ladies will become pregnant or go on to have a healthy baby.

So without ditching the thrilling way of life what can you do to help boost your fitness for that 'maybe baby' stage? Being healthy is way easier than you'd think. Here are some tips

For her :


Most ladies recognize iron as a vital mineral for good health. In spite of this data, iron deficiency is regarded the commonest nutritive deficiency and the most influenced group are ladies of child bearing age. Studies have shown that even delicate inadequacies of iron are linked to reduced fertility. It would seem that a deficiency of iron may play a role in ovulatory dysfunction. Take daily Iron additions ( look for non-constipating form )

Essential trans acids

The force on girls to remain slim has lead to many women adopting very low fat diets. Unfortunately, this pattern of eating is related to a decline in fertility. The necessary trans-acids ( found in nuts, seeds and oily fish ) have many functions throughout the body, including balancing the hormones concerned in fertility. Try Omega 3-6-9 capsules with a mix of prime quality fish, flax and borage oil.

Multivitamin and mineral formula

A multivitamin and mineral formula has for some time been regarded as a measure for general wellness and as health insurance. Studies now suggest that a multivitamin formula may also be beneficial for maintaining fertility in ladies. Studies in the latter 90s proved that girls who frequently took a multivitamin formula, were less sure to be infertile due to ovulatory failure than those who did not. Similarly, the more frequent and regular the supplements were taken, the better the results .

Try Solgar's Female Multivitamin & Mineral complex

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 ( AKA the sunshine vitamin ) could help the fertility of women afflicted with ovulation Problems. One in 5 girls suffer from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome ( PCOS ) and can have a lesser chance of conception at a later age. Researchers at Yale school college of medicine ( 2008 ) concluded girls with ovulation problems or PCOS were far more likely to be low in vitamin D.

Try 1000iu D3 supplement

For him :

Your other half should be thinking along the same lines as you when it comes to living healthily. Sperm count and motility plays a particularly important part in the middle of trying to become pregnant. Why do all of the hard work when your partner plays an equal part in the process of conception? Recent figures ( from Norwich Union health-care in 2005 ) show that 2.5 million men have barrenness in the UK. Male infertility may account for up to a third of issues with conception so it is important that your man takes similar steps to you to keep himself and his sperm in tip top health.


Zinc is obviously one of the most vital nutriments required for fertility, particularly for men. Studies show that a low zinc intake corresponds with a low sperm count and poor sperm motility.

Vitamin C

As an antioxidant, vitamin C is essential for good health. For men, this nutrient plays a particular role in augmenting fertility. Research has shown that vitamin C may help to reduce the clumping together of sperm and thus reinforces sperm motility. Additionally, vitamin C usually reinforces sperm quality and protects the DNA contained within it from damage.

Visit for more information on vitamin & mineral supplements

. - 30525

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How Taking Prenatal Nutrients Can Play A Critical Part During Pregnancy

By Keith Woolley

Many women try to do their best to remain as healthy as possible through their pregnancies. They cut out alcohol and harmful medications. But prenatal nutrients are one of the most important factors in the health of your pregnancy, and your continuing health as well. Here is a look at some of the most important nutrients you need to take in any supplement, as well as some information about why they are so critical to growing a healthy baby.

Folic acid is important because it helps your baby form a proper nervous system. It helps the neural tubes which are important to the nervous system form correctly and allows the skin to close over the spinal cord at the right stage of development. If the nervous system does not form properly, the baby can develop a serious and life threatening disease. Because the nervous system is formed in very early pregnancy, health care officials are recommending that women take folic acid supplements before they become pregnant so that there are the proper levels of this nutrient in your body. You should also try and eat foods that are high in folate, a natural form of folic acid.

If the spinal cord and nervous system do not develop properly, the baby can be born with spina bifida. Depending on the extent of the illness, it can cause fluid to form on the baby's brain and the spinal cord can be left exposed. This can lead to death or mental retardation and can be extremely serious and hard to correct. Because of this, if you are on medications which can affect the levels of folic acid in your body, you may want to speak with your doctor about extra folic acid supplements and monitoring the levels in your body.

Another nutrient which many women are low on during pregnancy is iron.

You need this to help build a proper blood supply for the baby as well as form a healthy placenta. This is what the baby will use to nurture and feed itself during the rest of the pregnancy so you need to make sure it forms properly. A lack of iron can lead to anemia which can result in serious health complications. If you find that you are getting queasy because of the iron you are taking, you may want to try a different form of iron. The two forms available are ferrous gluconate and ferrous fumerate. Iron supplements can cause constipation and dark colored stools which can be offputting but is often not serious.

In addition to forming blood, your body also will need calcium to help form the baby's skeletal system. Many women have found that if they do not have enough calcium in their diet they will actually end up having calcium pulled from their bones in order to accommodate the needs of the growing baby. In addition to eating and drinking dairy products, a good prenatal vitamin supplement can help you stay as healthy and bone-strong as possible.

There are a number of different foods that can supply you with the nutrients you need. Calcium is found in dairy products such as milk and cheese. It needs vitamin D to be absorbed properly. You also need to make sure that if you are taking iron that you take vitamin C as well so that you can absorb it properly. If you suffer from morning sickness you may want to explore different ways of taking vitamins.

You can get vitamins in pill form, but you can also get them in powdered and liquid formulas. This may be best if you have trouble swallowing solids. They are worth a try as long as you make sure they have the right nutrients for proper development. You can also take them at night so that you can sleep through any periods of nausea.

Vegetarians may have special challenges when it comes to proper prenatal nutrition. You may lack iron due to a shortage of red meat products in your daily diet, and calcium from animal products may also be an issue. There are a number of very complete vegan nutritional supplements that you can take, you just need to be sure they have all the elements and vitamins you need. Working with your doctor can be the best way to keep yourself healthy and your baby growing strong. - 30525

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How To Take Advantage Of Some Infertility Solutions

By Karol Cardinson

In'78, the world's first "test-tube baby" Louise Brown, was born, thanks to the pioneering efforts of Drs. Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards. Not surprisingly, Louise's birth revolutionized reproductive medicine and offered new hope to countless infertile couples. Since her birth, tens of thousands infants have been delivered as a result of in vitro fertilization, more commonly known as IVF. IVF techniques are more sophisticated, more available, and are now considered standard fertility solutions.

Medically, ART does not represent a quantum leap from the treatment you already may be trying. But psychologically, ART does represent a major step for infertile couple; the last hope solution of producing a child who is theirs genetically.

For some couple ART is explored only after low-tech procedures have failed. Others wanting to maximize their odds of success despite the increased cost, may go directly to ART without trying any of the low-tech procedures. Nevertheless, ART may still be a couples last shot at parenthood because of its drain on their pocketbook as well as on their emotional life.

Medically ART embraces many of the low-tech procedures and regimens covered in other treatments. Humegon injections, blood monitoring, ultrasound scans, semen samples, and maybe even a laparoscopy. What's different is that eggs are physically removed from the women's body. Once removed, the eggs are mixed with sperm in a Petri dish and allowed to fertilize, either on their own or with some specialized assistance, before being transferred into the womb.

Psychologically, people who attempt these procedures must come to grips with the fact that ART is a further cry from lovemaking than is artificial insemination. At least during an insemination sperm is introduced through your vagina, albeit via a tube and syringe. With ART, eggs and sperm disappear behind closed doors, hopefully returning as embryos several days later.

Assisted reproductive technologies make use of laboratory procedures to examine eggs and sperm and enhance their likelihood of being fertilized. Although there are several variations on ART, they tend to be referred to as in vitro fertilization (IVF). In vitro means "in glass"-to refer to glass laboratory dishes in which fertilization takes place. Like tissues that are called "Kleenex" and photocopying procedures referred to as "Xeroxing", assisted reproductive techniques are often referred to as IVF.

There are approximately 350 IVF clinics operating nationwide, some freestanding, some hospital-based. Almost all of these clinics use the same techniques.
  - 30525

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The Clear blue Easy Fertility Monitor - Must-Know Facts For All Moms

By Vanessa Barlow

Trying to get pregnant should be a happy and exciting time for you and your partner; you shouldn't have to worry about getting pregnant. The Clearblue Fertility Monitor helps cut down on the time that it takes to conceive.

The big advantage to the Clearblue Fertility Monitor is that it is easy to use, yet is very advanced and increases your chances of conceiving.

The Clearblue makes use of separate, disposable one-time use test sticks. One of the sticks is wetted and placed into the monitor test slot, then wait for the test to complete. Most fertility monitors have a set tracking schedule built in, but with the Clearblue monitor you can easily program it to track your monthly cycle to the day.

So you have the greatest chance of conceiving; A low, high, and peak fertility status bars are shown in the monitor's display.

The "M' Button on the Monitor:

The monitor comes with an exclusive "M" Button which you press at the start of your monthly cycle, and establishes the start of the six-hour window of time in which you can do a test. It's important that this "window" includes a time when it's convenient for you to test your first urine of the day on both weekdays and weekends. You are free to change the time or day that you press the "M" button on your next cycle, in order to get more tests done at different times in your cycle.

Identifying fertile days in your cycle is the job of fertility monitors. The Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor accurately signals more of these days than any other monitor on the market today. Your estrogen levels (E3G) are higher and your chances of conceiving are thus higher during the time in your cycle that is about ten or twelve days after the start. Because sperm can survive up to 5 days, your chances of conceiving are better during these pre-ovulation days.

Technical Reasons Behind the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor's Effectiveness:

During this phase called the Follicular Phase (a.k.a. "pre-ovulation phase) a follicle that contains an egg starts developing inside an ovary. The "LH surge" or rise in "Luteinizing Hormone" signals peak fertility during this time. Lasting only a couple days, this surge in this hormone is the most fertile time for you to conceive. It's when ovulation occurs when you are most likely to conceive, and the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor helps you pinpoint this time with ease. From this point forward only around 24 hours can your egg be fertilized, and it's this time that the Clear Blue is good at helping you pinpoint. During the 'Luteal Phase,' which is the fourteen days after ovulation, you are way less likely to get pregnant.

The days afterwards are called the Luteal Phase, when the remains of the follicle forms the "corpus luteum." During this phase your chances of getting pregnant are much lower.

Performing A Routine Test

While in your testing 'window' and before your first urine of the day, turn on the Clearblue Fertility Monitor. Some mornings the monitor will indicate that you need to test your hormone levels. After removing a test stick from the wrapper, you wet it in your urine stream (pointing the stick downwards) for about three seconds. While maintaining the downward angle of the stick, remove the cap from the handle end and put it on the wet end..

You should now see a flashing red light coming from the monitor's test stick slot. This indicates it is performing some internal checks in order to ensure the slot is indeed ready to receive your test stick. Don't put the test stick into the slot until the light has gone out. Simply hold the test stick by the cap and place the other end into the the slot, cut corner pointing down. Push it down until it clicks into place, lying flat. Now you should see a flashing symbol of the test stick on the display if you've inserted it correctly. It will continue flashing for around five minutes as it does the test.

You will be prompted to remove the stick and discard it after around five minutes. This will be indicated on the monitor's display. The monitor fertility status symbol will show the level of fertility in one of three simple bars - low, high, or peak. - 30525

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Wow, The Apartments Your Baby Will Probe: Dr. Seuss Baby Crib Bedding

By Dorothea Frankson

It's ironic that Theodor Geisel, Dr. Seuss himself, had no children; when questioned about this (as often he was,) he was fond of telling parents, You make them -- I'll amuse them. Parents who grew up on Dr. Seuss began asking for bedding that incorporated his engaging illustrations, charming characters and inspirational words.

Dr Seuss nursery bedding offers the perfect mix of number-themed prints and ABCs with familiar images of favorite Seuss characters, including the Cat in the Hat, to create bedding that is handsome as well as educational. The Dr. Seuss sheets surround a child with the favorite characters of Theodore Geisel's classic stories.

Seuss-themed bedding is especially suitable for a daughter's nursery, providing a whimsical but non-threatening environment to perk the child's interest in imagination and playtime. Boys nursery bedding , as with all forms of bedding for infants, should fully conform to the high industry standards for safety and convenience before the rest of the room starts getting all dressed up.

When shopping for crib linens, make sure that they comport to standard crib dimensions-blankets and sheets that are too large may be very dangerous for newborns and babies. As credible manufacturers are aware that soft bedding can suffocate babies, who can't push it from their faces, quality bedding is never too puffy.

An inspiring nursery with a Dr. Seuss theme will fill up that empty bedroom space with exuberant colors, though it might prove to be a bit difficult on parents whose desire is to create a mosaic of different pieces of baby bedding. In order to guarantee that contrasting prints and colors work together, many mothers and fathers will decide to purchase a unified set of Seuss bedding for the sake of the motif's continuity.

In a girl's nursery, parents can save time and money by purchasing a prepackaged crib bedding ensemble which is made to fit standard cribs. Soon enough your child will not have a need for the use of a crib however the merry characters in the Dr. Seuss ensemble will easily fit in the new developmental phase - especially since a quality set's linens fit toddler beds. - 30525

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Gender Selection Pregnancy Is Possible

By Kathy Forcey

Most adults know how and today even children are being taught early how a baby is made. Some couples are even making the decision to opt for a gender selection pregnancy. This means that they choose the sex of their baby and in order to do this the basic biology you need to know is that the egg is always an "x" while the sperm can be both "x" and "y" and this is what determines the sex of your child. X=girl and y = boy!

There are influences at play which are able to dictate what gender your child will be, and the basics of gender selection mean these influences have to be in place for certain methods to work. Some influences will favor a male child, while others influence a female child. These influences include vaginal Ph (acid or base), the sex position used, timing of ovulation and even diet in the month before the conception.

The most important factor to consider is the timing of your ovulation. If you can calculate timing accurately and coordinate conception within the window of opportunity for favoring one gender over the other, you are able to influence the sex of your child.

Choosing the sex of your child has been written about ad infinitum, the problem is that sometime one can get information overload. It is far better to make use of a simple to read and understand reference manual. While some couples get pregnant quickly others take longer and it is generally recommended that if you have been trying for 12 months and still have not conceived you should consult a medical professional.

Couples today want to have a balanced family, and generally speaking do not want to have more than two children. Making sure you are able to give your children the very best does usually mean you have to make the best use of your income and resources. With, gender selection pregnancy this balance can be achieved more easily.

Because selecting the gender of your children is such a hot topic, scientific methods are being developed to achieve this and myths and legends abound. If your mother tells you tells you to bury a piece of bacon under a rock in the garden at full moon before sexual relations, and make a wish for the sex of your baby. It is not very likely that this will determine the sex of your child.

Clinical methods that are 100% accurate have been and are still being developed that can assist with the gender selection of your child. For example PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis) and PGH (preimplantation genetic haplotyping), however these methods are both expensive and invasive and generally reserved where medically indicated. Some countries do not permit gender selection using these methods. - 30525

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