Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas - Try Perfume for Something Different

By Edie Mindell

Today, it seems as if every celebrity is designing and marketing his or her own perfume. Cosmetics and fragrances are among the three most profitable consumer products in the United States. Fragrances, perfumes, and colognes are more popular now than ever, and the act of designing your own perfume has become a recent trend. This trend does not only have to apply to the business world or the celebrity atmosphere.

You can design, make, bottle, decorate your very own perfume to your taste, and give out mini fragrances as party favors at your baby shower. There are many fragrance companies and labs that provide all the necessary ingredients and materials and offer their facilities for a fee. You can also decide to make your perfume on your own, purchase all the necessary ingredients, and complete the whole process in the comfort of your own home. Which ever route you decide to go in, there are a few basics that you should know before you make your own fragrance for your baby shower party favors.

First of all, perfumes have three components: the essential oils, alcohol, and water. Essential oils are the natural components derived from plants that will give your perfume its fragrance; they carry specific scents that you can choose from when making your own perfume. Now, there is such a thing called fragrance oil that you can also use instead of essential oils.

Essential oils and fragrance oils have pros and cons. Although fragrance oils have a significantly lower cost and have a wide variety of scents, essential oils carry health benefits derived from the plants, and, some people argue that essential oils are necessary for top quality perfume. Really, whether you use essential oils or fragrance oils is completely up to you and your preference. Perfume alcohol is pretty hard to find in most countries, so most of the time, people use 100 proof vodka for the alcohol component in the perfume.

The water component cannot just be tap water; it will need to be spring or distilled water. The ratio of the components can vary slightly depending on how strong you desire your fragrance to be, but a rough estimate of the ratio goes as follows: about 15-35% essential or fragrance oils, 70-85% 100 proof alcohol (perfume alcohol or vodka, preferably), and 5% spring or distilled water.

If you are going to make your fragrance at home, a first suggestion is to read up on the different notes of a perfume. Perfumes have four kids of notes: base, middle, top, and bridge notes. Base notes last the longest on your skin and remain strongest when the other notes fade. Middle notes stand out once top notes have faded, and top notes are the first ones you smell when you first apply the perfume.

Bridge notes tie all the notes together. Popular bridge notes are lavender and vanilla. Combine all the ingredients together and pass them through a coffee filter, Distribute among small bottles and decorate them for an unforgettable and totally unique party favor. - 30525

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