Surprise the Mom That Loves Sports with a Sports Themed Shower

By Edie Mindell

Throwing a sports themed baby shower is becoming more and more popular, especially among young parents in their twenties and thirties. Not only are sports fan baby showers a blast, but they are also very easy to decorate for. You can really do a lot with a sports theme baby shower; from the food you cater to the decorations you use, sports themes are pretty easy to plan.

Although sports themed baby showers are usually held for baby boys, there is no rule that says that one cant have one for a baby girl. This theme is usually reflective of the parents more than the expected baby. Some young couples are huge sports fans, and decide to focus their baby shower on their favorite sport or team.

College graduates often decide to theme their babys shower after their college sports teams, and invite many of their fellow colleagues and friends. In fact, a sports theme is great for a coed or a couples baby shower. Sports themed baby showers can be focused on a specific sport, a favorite college or professional league team, or can be a general sports party.

If you decide to have a general, broad sports theme, you will have an easy time decorating the shower. Balloons, streamers, and decorative posters come in a wide array of shapes and sizes that have to do with sports. There are many football, basketball, baseball, and soccer decorations out there that you can find in party decorating stores. Balloons often come in the shapes of sporting goods like basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, baseballs, and baseball bats. For a sports medley theme, combine several of these balloons and arrange and distribute them throughout your party space.

A really cool idea that will really set a basketball atmosphere is to use basketball hoops that you can stick on the walls to decorate the place. Use black tape to form a court design on the floor, and buy toy basketballs that your guests can play with. You can even use these items to set up a mini basketball game. Everyone will definitely enjoy playing real basketball as a baby shower game!

For a baseball theme, use green and orange rugs to create a floor setting that resemble a baseball court. Use real baseball bases and set them up in the room. Have baseball and baseball bat balloons all over the room, and buy toy baseballs and baseball bats for a mini game.

You can use similar ideas for football and soccer. For instance, for soccer, set up a goal net and give out toy soccer balls to your guests. For football and soccer, you can use green rugs or a green floor overlay and white tape to create the illusion of a court.

Remember to hang up banners and posters to add to the theme. It is also good to have some pompoms on hand to give out to the girls. A cute idea for centerpieces and prizes are trophies. These will look fabulous on your tables and your guests will love to take one home! - 30525

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