Gender Selection Pregnancy Is Possible

By Kathy Forcey

Most adults know how and today even children are being taught early how a baby is made. Some couples are even making the decision to opt for a gender selection pregnancy. This means that they choose the sex of their baby and in order to do this the basic biology you need to know is that the egg is always an "x" while the sperm can be both "x" and "y" and this is what determines the sex of your child. X=girl and y = boy!

There are influences at play which are able to dictate what gender your child will be, and the basics of gender selection mean these influences have to be in place for certain methods to work. Some influences will favor a male child, while others influence a female child. These influences include vaginal Ph (acid or base), the sex position used, timing of ovulation and even diet in the month before the conception.

The most important factor to consider is the timing of your ovulation. If you can calculate timing accurately and coordinate conception within the window of opportunity for favoring one gender over the other, you are able to influence the sex of your child.

Choosing the sex of your child has been written about ad infinitum, the problem is that sometime one can get information overload. It is far better to make use of a simple to read and understand reference manual. While some couples get pregnant quickly others take longer and it is generally recommended that if you have been trying for 12 months and still have not conceived you should consult a medical professional.

Couples today want to have a balanced family, and generally speaking do not want to have more than two children. Making sure you are able to give your children the very best does usually mean you have to make the best use of your income and resources. With, gender selection pregnancy this balance can be achieved more easily.

Because selecting the gender of your children is such a hot topic, scientific methods are being developed to achieve this and myths and legends abound. If your mother tells you tells you to bury a piece of bacon under a rock in the garden at full moon before sexual relations, and make a wish for the sex of your baby. It is not very likely that this will determine the sex of your child.

Clinical methods that are 100% accurate have been and are still being developed that can assist with the gender selection of your child. For example PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis) and PGH (preimplantation genetic haplotyping), however these methods are both expensive and invasive and generally reserved where medically indicated. Some countries do not permit gender selection using these methods. - 30525

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