Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas for Boy Themed Showers

By Edie Mindell

If you are big on detail, you are definitely going to make sure you can get the best party favors out there for your baby shower. A great way to do this is to take matters into your own hands and design the party favors yourself. If you are having a classic Its a Boy baby shower, or any traditional baby boy themed baby shower, this article will provide you with some great ideas and tips for do it yourself party favors for your event.

Some popular choices for party favors in baby boy showers include chocolate rubber duckies, sports themed lollipops, and candy-filled baby blue baby bottles. With some essential items that you can find at your local craft store and a little creativity, you can achieve amazing baby shower party favors that will add to your baby boy theme and that are guaranteed to be loved by your guests. The following ideas are not that time consuming and will definitely not burn a hole in your pocket.

The first idea comes from the fact that there is one thing that baby boys must have while they are bathing"their rubber ducky! Infants and toddlers absolutely love to play with toys when they bathe, especially rubber duckies. To make your edible rubber duckies, first purchase chocolate molds in the shape of toy ducks. You can also find light yellow white chocolate chips for chocolate moldings.

Follow the instructions for melting the chocolate, and fill the molds with the light yellow melted white chocolate. Let the chocolate harden, and remove the chocolate rubber duckies from the molds. Place each chocolate ducky in a small blue paper plate, and use small candies to decorate the blue ponds with flowers and plants. You can secure the rubber duckies to the ponds using a dab of frosting that will help it remain in place. Your guests will love this surprise when they sit down and find cute rubber duckies in a pond at their seat!

You can apply the same concept of chocolate molding and designing to make another popular do it yourself baby boy shower party favor craft. This time, look for chocolate lollipop molds in the shape of basketballs, footballs, baseballs, and soccer balls. Sports themed chocolate lollipop favors will be perfect for those parents that are determined on putting their baby boys in the little leagues when they grow a little older.

Buy the colors of chocolate that you need for each type of mold, for example, orange is suitable for basketballs. Melt the chocolate, fill the molds, set the lollipop sticks in place, and let the chocolate harden. Use plastic lollipop sachet wrappers or cellophane paper, both found at your local craft store, to wrap the chocolate lollipops in. Use ribbon to tie the wrapper and as a nice touch.

A classic party favor that never goes out of style is the candy-filled baby bottle. Use baby blue bottles and embellish with ribbon and other types of decorative adornments. - 30525

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