Buying New Baby Gifts: Creative Baby Gifts for a Baby Shower

By Edie Mindell

Sometimes choosing gifts for baby showers is not as simple as going to the store in which the expectant mother is registered, and picking an item on the list. Sometimes, mothers choose not to register with a specific store, and sometimes, they register with a store but when you print out the list, there are no items that were picked that fall in your budget.

There are even times when parents decide not to find out the gender of the baby until the date of birth. So you ask yourself, "What do I do in this circumstance? What kind of gift can I buy? What kind of gift would be suitable for any baby, whether they be a boy or a girl?" When it comes to deciding on a unisex gift for a baby shower, choosing general items that are essential for every baby is key.

Today, there are tons of unisex baby clothes available in the market. Go to your local baby department store, or check the infants clothing department of any major department store. You are bound to find different types and styles of unisex clothing for babies from 0 to 24 months. If you are technology savvy and an avid online shopper, unisex baby clothes can also be found online. There are some great online deals for unisex baby clothes, so be sure to surf the web for competitive prices.

Many baby accessories like baby blankets, baby bottles, pacifiers, and diaper bags usually come in unisex styles. A light green color or a soft yellow are common colors used for both buys and girls. A lot of diaper bags and blankets are already unisex, so finding one should not be difficult. Baby bottles and pacifiers are general items that all babies use, and come in standard, unisex styles most of the time.

Infant and toddler toys are another great idea when it comes to choosing a unisex present for a baby shower. Mobiles, plush toys, teething toys, bath toys, and plastic baby-safe books are good general toys. Learning and activity toys are becoming more and more popular, and are great for developing the little ones mind and intellect.

Baby Einstein, Leapfrog, Fisher Price, and Little Tikes make toys for infants and toddlers that are amazing for teaching babies the basics before preschool. Some of the most popular games include those that teach babies the alphabet, numbers, basic language, shapes, and the most primary fundamentals of science and geography. Toys that develop a childs musical ear and that deal with identifying sounds are also very popular today.

A classic unisex gift idea for a baby shower that never fails is to create a gift basket with all the essentials. Here you can include diapers, baby bottles, pacifiers, small toys, and you can throw in some candy for the mommy-to-be. Add your own flair by decorating it, again, in colors that are not directly associated with either the male or female gender (like blue or pink). Baby baskets are a fun gift and are very useful for the babys parents. Dont forget to make it cute and creative! - 30525

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