Unique Baby Shower Diaper Cakes and Baby Gift Baskets Are Fun and Practical

By Edie Mindell

The art of giving baby shower gifts is all about creativity and individuality this year. Although there are many gifts that are suitable for both baby boys and girls, there are some items that make particularly great presents specifically for each gender. This article will offer some clever ideas that are perfect for any new baby boy shower.

A classic favorite that has become increasingly popular this year for baby showers is the baby shower cake. Diaper cakes are appealing to the eye and extremely useful for any mommy-to-be. These beautiful creations resemble a real, multi-layered cake and hold different types of essential items for your baby. The cake is constructed of good quality diapers, such as the Pampers brand, beautifully tied together with ribbon and adorned with necessary baby items like bibs, rattles, and baby bottles.

Now, there are many businesses that are exclusively dedicated to making and selling different types of diaper cakes. Baby shower cakes for baby boys are as cute as can be, and are usually themed after a "boyish" theme like sports, tools, or animals. Classic diaper cakes for baby boys are white and baby blue, with patterns like polka dots, stripes, plaid, or gingham. A baby boy-themed diaper cake makes a great-looking present, ranks among the most popular gifts for this year, and is among the most useful of all gifts.

A humorous but remarkably smart new creation that any mother of a baby boy will appreciate and use on a daily basis is the new "Pee-Pee TeePee." The name of this great, new creation probably gives you a pretty good idea of what it can possibly be. When parents of baby boys change their little diapers, they can be exposed to an unexpected spring of the little one's "pee-pee." The Pee-Pee TeePee is a cute, small teepee-shaped, 100% cotton cone that can be placed on your baby boy's wee-wee during diaper changes to avoid a pee-pee surprise! Pee-Pee TeePees come in different colors and with a decorative pattern such as little airplanes in the sky.

A very popular gift for parents of a baby boy who are sports fans or college graduates is sports fan baby boy clothing. Whether it be a college sports team or a major league team, a clothing item representing the parents' favorite sports team is bound to make smiles happen. Football or basketball jerseys, a T-shirt with the team's logo, a baseball cap, or a track suit are all fabulous ideas for baby sportswear.

Little wagon gift sets are an alternative to traditional gift baskets and have a boyish twist to the common baby shower gift. These are usually little red wagons filled with learning toys, stuffed animals, and baby essentials for your little one. Little wagon gift sets stand out from ordinary gift baskets with their extraordinary look and fun appearance.

These are some of the most popular baby boy gifts that are both fun and practical and are sure to please any new Mom, Dad and Baby. - 30525

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