Dads to Be: Dealing with Concerns and Fears

By Damian Papworth

There's something about being a new father. There's excitement in the air. Many new things loom ahead. It's a completely life-altering experience, that will bring about definite changes. Of course, changes, especially of this magnitude, can be somewhat daunting. However, it's not something to fear. It should be celebrated.

Fatherhood certainly represents a period of transition. Times are a'changin, as the old tune goes. It's very common for new fathers to experience a complete theme park ride of feelings; the truth is that it's not just new or expectant mothers who are feeling emotionally charged. Coming into fatherhood means you're experiencing a whole new world and it may often become hard to come to grips with all the changes.

Being a father means that your entire life is turned upside down. Changes are going to come.

Of course, with these changes, there's a whole lot of anxieties too. No one is perfectly calm and collected when a new life is on the way. It's absolutely normal to experience these sorts of fears and worries. Psychologists actually say that the majority of men have concerns about becoming new fathers.

However, no matter how anxious or out of control you feel, the best solution is to attack these fears head on.

Many soon to be fathers grapple with issues like finances, health and alterations in lifestyle. It can be quite a shock to have to deal with all these changes at once.

A somewhat chief problem or issue that tends to come about when a new baby is being brought into the home is money. Pocketbooks do get tighter with a new child. Most new parents will probably spend at least $10,000 in the first year alone.

Careful planning and tight budgeting are a necessity of preparing for a new child. You do have to make some concessions. You can live a more simple, less consumption oriented lifestyle. Keep in mind too that babies don't require all the latest toys or the newest clothes-all they really need is some TLC, tender, loving care.

Yet another topical worry or apprehension that many new fathers face concerns itself with health. Fathers and mothers are alike are worried about whether or not their child will born without any serious afflictions. A lot of things could go wrong. The question of what happens should your child suffer from an incurable disease or disorder is on every parent's mind. The facts should, however be more than reassuring; the overwhelming majority of children around 97% are born without any significant health concerns whatsoever. The only thing a parent needs to concentrate on is how to give the best love and care to their child. Positive thoughts are essential.

A common fear that afflicts many new parents is that of being not quite good enough. Many parents, fathers and mothers alike, have this idea of the ideal parent and they are afraid of not being able to live up to that. The truth is though, the very fact that you're thinking about whether you can or can't live up to that ideal goes to show that you care and that's the first step to becoming a good father.

Love is what matters. All good fathers simply need to give a whole lot of love. - 30525

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