Disney Princess Baby Shower Themes - Pink Galore

By Edie Mindell

If you are having a baby girl, what better theme is there for your baby shower than throwing a Disney Princess themed baby shower! Every baby girl is a little princess in mommy and daddys eyes; therefore, a Disney Princess baby shower will be perfect for any baby girl shower! This theme is most suitable for an all girls baby shower because of its ultra feminine essence. Both delicate and girly, a Disney Princess baby will be a hit with all your friends.

Decorations will not be hard to find at all; you should be able to get a hold of infinite Disney decorations. From balloons to banners, party dcor stores always carry a variety of Disney items. Tiaras and wands are cute party favors that youll be sure to find in most stores. These will make all your girlfriends feel like princesses! For prizes, you can purchase sashes and crowns, and crown the winners of the game as queens. Pink and light purple tablecloths are ideal for this theme, and make sure to have wonderful, magical centerpieces in the middle of each table.

Pink is the color of femininity and purple is symbolic for royalty; these colors together make the perfect Disney princess combination! For centerpieces, a great choice is to go to the Disney store and buy different types of large snow globes featuring the various Disney princesses. These also make fabulous prizes that everyone would love to take home. For less expensive centerpieces, you can make princess baskets. You can do this by purchasing pretty baskets and filling them with Disney princess items and candy.

Adorn the party space with Disney princess balloons and streamers. If you can find one, a castle background or mural that you can post up on a wall would be a great addition to the dcor; it would also be a great place to take pictures in. You might be able to find one in party dcor stores or toy stores, but your best bet might be to look for one online.

For food choices, you can do many things. One of them is to set up a variety of tea party style of foods. Tea sandwiches, mini quiches, pastries, clairs, and other delicacies would work for this option. You can also serve a variety of fine appetizer and entree foods like caviar and shrimp, to create a more restaurant style catering. The food choices are really up to you, and of course, it also depends on the number of guests that will be attending your baby shower, and on the type of atmosphere you want to create.

It is also important to set the atmosphere with music. Disney sells a variety of movie soundtracks that will make your guests feel like they are actually in a Disney movie. Music is an essential element for creating a desired atmosphere, and Disney has some great tunes that are fun and uplifting. A Disney Princess baby shower will be fun and exciting for you and all your guests! - 30525

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