Baby Birthday Flowers - What Does the Baby's Birth Month Mean?

By Edie Mindell

While the first six months of the year carry many pastel-colored flowers, beginning July, bright colors become the most common. Summer brings more joy and color into the picture and fall follows summer with intensity and power.

Julys birthday flower, the larkspur"or sometimes called the delphinium"denotes the sensitivity of an open heart and portrays strong bonds and attachments of the soul. The name delphinium coincides with its many dolphin-shaped flowers that are attached to the long, upright stem. The color of the flower can vary between red, yellow, purple, blue, or white, and each flower has five petals. The five petals meet and join together to form a concave flower with a spur at the end, hence the name larkspur. Larkspurs convey a lighthearted emotion and a feeling of levity.

The gladiola gives those born in the month of August a title of courageous and brave. The Latin word gladius is the direct translation for the word sword, and the gladiolas sword-shaped stems are a visual representation for that. Symbolically, the gladiola represents moral integrity and strength. An extended meaning for the gladiola makes reference to its sword-shaped stems and its ability to emotionally pierce the heart with its stunning beauty and grace; infatuation is one of the feelings that this unique flower depicts.

Septembers aster is lush, rich, and exerts wild and unconventional beauty. Asters have strong association in the mythical world with magical powers and supernatural abilities. A long, long time ago it was believed that when aster leaves were burned, their fragrance would drive away any sort of evil. Now, this flourishing flower signifies abundant love and profuse elegance.

The essence of autumn is captured in Octobers birthday flower, the marigold, which was once called Marys Gold by Christians. The marigold contains rich and intense colors that are bold and daring; brilliance and luminosity are characteristic of its breathtaking blossom. Marigolds are symbolic of affection, fondness, refinement, and grace.

November brings quite an interesting and unusual flower like the chrysanthemum, which is a symbol for the sun. Long ago, chrysanthemums are said to have held high positions in ancient cultures. The Japanese culture associates chrysanthemums with utmost perfection, and today, these flowers are linked to a long and healthy life. Chrysanthemums literally stand for optimism, hopefulness, and cheerfulness.

December is filled with good tidings and joy; the poinsettia is the perfect flower to portray the seasons greetings and good cheer. Known as the Christmas flower, the poinsettia is deep but bright red, and its petals are long and beautiful. Legend has it that poinsettias began as little weeds, but, when a humble, little girl placed these weeds on the church alter, they transformed into beautiful poinsettias! They began to bloom and exert a brilliant shade of red and carried charm and grace. This Christmas flower is the perfect symbol for merriment and joy during the holidays.

From January to December, flowers are great representations of feelings, emotions, and characteristics that can bring a special touch to your special baby shower! - 30525

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