Tips On How To Create A Baby Shower Gift Basket

By Ryan Seymour

There are many creative and original ideas that you can implement in order to create a baby shower gift basket. If you want to create a typical basket then you can simply stack some diapers and twist some ribbons of blue or pink colors in the basket depending on the gender of baby. On the other hand, you can also choose for theme based baskets, which have items that suit the theme you choose.

Consider Baby Shower Gift Registries

You will find many mothers to be nowadays maintaining baby shower gift registries with them. Doing this allows them to get a gift which is useful for them and their baby.

Keep an eye on registries while preparing a basket. Apart from choosing an ideal gift for mother to be and her baby, you can also zero on particular gifts and decide a theme for the basket if you closely refer the registries

Make the basket unique

Generally, it is seen that a baby shower basket contains similar baby items. For example, you will find only diapers in a diaper baby shower basket. Instead, you can add few items like baby bottles, rattles and pacifiers to make it different and unique.

Theme based Baby Shower Gift Baskets

In case if you are bored of gifting typical baskets, you can very well choose to work out a theme something like bath theme. For this, you can include some bath items like shampoo, rubber ducky, soaps, robe and many more. Parents won't even mind a camera in the basket to capture all the lovely moments of their angel's first bath.

You can also choose to go for scrap book theme, which can help parents to make a scrap book for their child to cherish. Fill the basket with different scrap booking supplies and picture frame cutouts.

Another popular theme is Bedtime theme. For bedtime theme, you can keep bedtime items like kiddo blankets, soft toys, fairy tale books, CDs, and other baby items for bed time. .

Even mother can also have a themed based basket for her. Spa theme can be ideal for her. Containing a scent she likes with candles, slippers and robe, the basket can create a perfect spa-like effect for mommy.

Decorate the Baby Shower Gift Basket

Watch out for the size when buying the basket. It is not advisable to go for larger size since you need to stuff more items in it, which can cost you more than what you want. Rather, choose a medium sized basket and use fillers like tissues or colorful raffia on the basket's side and bottom.

Try to know the gender of the baby. Doing this will help you to create a theme and stack the ribbons of matching color.

A well designed shower basket can be an ideal gift for mothers on this special occasion. Moreover, after the items are taken out of the basket, mothers can also use it for other purposes. To make your baskets a better gift, you can always play around with themes and different colors to decorate it. - 30525

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