Baby Bedding Sets - What To Look For

By Bee Fraley

With many types of baby bedding sets available it helps to know what to look for in one. These are sets that feature all sorts of items that are used to make a baby feel comfortable. In addition to these items some decorative things can work too.

Two common types of bed sheets will be used in bedding sets. First there is the standard sheet. Second there is the fitted sheet that is going to go along the mattress. Both of these sheets are usually made with cotton materials. Cotton is good for handling moisture and providing warmth.

A quilt can also be part of a typical bedding set. Some quilts are made of cotton only. A mix of polyester and cotton is generally recommended for this part, though. This is because polyester is light in weight and will not put too much pressure on the baby. This can allow for the baby to be able to sleep comfortably.

For decorative purposes a crib skirt, which is also known as a dust ruffle, can work. This part of a bed set works to cover the surface that is under the bed. With this the skirt or ruffle can work to hide a storage box placed under it.

For the safety of the baby bumpers can be installed as a part of a bed set. Bumpers are cushioning items that are on the inside walls of the bed. They are placed along the bars. When the baby rolls into the walls the movements will be cushioned by these bumpers. This will help to keep the baby from being harmed as a result of the movements.

The use of a decorative pillow can be great to see in a bed set. It can be a good part of a set but it will need to have thick materials in it. With a thicker pillow the baby will not be able to lift it up. As a result the baby will not end up getting stuck under the pillow.

Diaper stackers can work with many sets too. A stacker works to help store various baby care materials. These include not only diapers but also toys and care items. What makes this useful is that it can match other items in the set in terms of its pattern.

Finally a good thing to see with baby bedding sets is the pattern that is used with the pieces. Patterns can come in colors or themes. For colors white can be used as well as pink or blue. Themes can also vary for boys and girls. Girls can use flower and castle themes while boys can use sport and animal options.

Be sure to check and see how these pieces can work with a bed set for a baby. These pieces, including a quilt and sheets plus a safety bumper can be important. A diaper stacker can be convenient as well. With all of these parts it also helps to see what themes are available. - 30525

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