Buying Child Crib Sheets As You Set Up Your Newborn's Living Space

By Dorothea Frankson

When decorating a nursery, parents need to keep in mind that this is a project that will take a lot of time if it is to be done properly. When trying to decide how to decorate a child's room, color and style are important, that does not change or may even be more important when it comes to purchasing baby bedding for boys.

The expected arrival of a baby, especially if it is your first, is a busy and exciting time, and one of the first tasks that needs to be done when decorating the nursery is to be sure to do some research to find out what baby bedding will ensure the safety of your precious infant. The most important point is that linens must conform to commonly accepted crib measurements as otherwise ill sized sheets and blankets may cause many hazards to the baby.

In addition to proper fit, crib bedding should also be free of harmful chemicals and volatile organic compounds or VOC's. The weather where you live should be a determining factor in whether you choose warm, flannel bedding; or a lighter, cooler cotton fabric.

Discount baby girl bedding is the centerpiece of all nurseries. That is why savvy consumers know that the best way to get high-quality linens without breaking the bank is to invest in one or more multi-item bedding sets. In addition, most manufacturers no longer make quilts that are choking hazards, and their bedding now comes in standardized dimensions.

Once parents have purchased a crib and other furniture for the nursery, the next step is to decide on a theme and shop for baby bedding. Nautical crib set is cute and fits right in with the ocean and ships nursery theme. Customarily, several shades of blue are used in nautical bedding for boys, along with depictions of seagulls, lighthouses, sailboats and anchors.

Girls and well as boys will enjoy bedding with maritime themes; such bedding comes in many colors with images of fish, seaweed, mermaids, and other aquatic creatures. Any of the marine themes chosen for your baby's bedding is sure to look great and create a calm ambiance in the room. - 30525

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