Taking Care of Yourself during Pregnancy

By Sean Flynn

When you get pregnant, there are so many changes that take place in your body that make it impossible for you to continue living the way you were before you got pregnant.

In this article, I shall explore ways in which women can take care of themselves to protect both their bodies and babies from harm once they get pregnant.

The first thing that you must avoid is harsh cosmetics. Some of the component of these cosmetics can prove to be extremely dangerous to the unborn baby. Using harsh cosmetics can be a sure way of damaging the development of the child. Since these chemicals are usually absorbed into the body, it is advisable only to use mild cosmetics, which may not interfere with the body functions.

Exercise a lot during pregnancy. Some people always have pregnancy as an excuse for not exercising. One thing that we fail to understand is that our bodies have got a high levels of adaptability and they can easily tolerate a good amount of safe exercise. This is even true when you get pregnant. The thing that you need give greater attention to is the type of exercise that you need to engage in. Avoid exercises that may be strenuous to your back or that might cause you to have back injury. In their place, do exercises that will help make you fit for delivery.

Set your mind on positive things. Many women get easily depressed - what with the tough environment that they are living in. However, it is improper to maintain a negative attitude since this could jeopardize the life of the young child and its development. The important thing is to look at the positive things in life and forget about the things that beset us day and night.

Avoid drugs. Drugs are dangerous to everyone, including those who are not pregnant. We can only be left to wonder what damage drugs can do to the baby inside you. The moment you get pregnant, there is nothing like "safe amount of alcohol."

Never take any medicine before consulting a qualified health professional. No matter how mild the medicine may seem, keep off from any self-prescribed drugs after getting pregnant. When you feel ill, consult with a qualified health professional who will guide you on how to handle your case well.

Set up healthy eating habits. The moment you get pregnant, it is important to know that that the food you will be eating will be shared between two or more people. Now, some of the food that your baby will need include those to do with minerals such as iron and calcium. Avoid foods that can easily be contaminated, such as eggs, raw milk, uncooked vegetables, and salads.

Make sure that you visit the prenatal clinic the moment you get pregnant. Though this may come out like an obvious advice to many, some people are still opposed to such visits because they are tied up in myths about visiting the hospital. During such visits is when you are given professional advice on how to best take care of yourself and the baby. Here, you will also get all the required advice on vaccination and any complication that may arise during pregnancy. - 30525

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