How To Have A Baby Boy - Follow Some Of These tips For A Boy

By Olivia Campbell-Price

There are many people who try and try to have a baby boy. They may already be the proud and loving parents of adorable little girls, but would also welcome a boy into the family. But it just doesn't seem to be in the cards. So, how to have a baby boy when the odds seem stacked against you?

Did you know that the father's sperm is what determines if the baby is going to be a boy or girl? Many people do not realize this and many women feel like failures for not producing a fine baby boy for their husbands. Gender is a at best a 50/50 proposition if left to its own devices, but you can actually help it along.

Y sperm is the one that swims faster to get to that egg. As long as the cervical environmental is right, the Y sperm has a better shot at fertilizing an egg. So theoretically boys have an edge over girls. But Y sperm is weaker and doesn't have a long enough lifespan to make the arduous trip to the egg waiting in the fallopian tube.

Male sperm will die off before the X sperm. For this reason, if you have sexual intercourse between four to two days before ovulation, then the chances of any Y sperm surviving is considerably reduced. The X or female sperm can live longer, up to seven days in the reproductive tract, and have the ability to fertilize the egg upon ovulation.

How to have a baby boy can be made easier when you know in advance when you will ovulate. Once you can identify the time frame for ovulation and release of the egg from the ovary, you can have sex within 48 hours and thereby increase your chances of having a boy. There are special kits available which help detect the LH surge or indicator that you are about to ovulate.

Things the father-to-be can do to improve the odds of conceiving a boy are to wear looser underwear and avoiding strenuous activity for a while until you can confirm a pregnancy. Cutting down on smoking and drinking can also improve sperm count and increase the chances of healthy Y sperm. Doing these few things have helped many couples who struggle with how to have a baby boy.

Believe it or not, what you eat or do before you get pregnant can help with the sex of the baby. Your doctor can let you know what your vaginal pH levels are and make recommendations with respect to creating Y sperm friendly conditions. How to have a baby boy is not as hard as you think it is and is possible if you're willing to follow the tips in this article. - 30525

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