Want To Conceive A Baby Boy?

By Jerry Lee

Want a baby boy to carry on your family's name? Got girls, but now you want a baby boy instead? Does your husband need a boy to play ball with?

By putting just three simple, all natural, steps in motion you can effectively raise your odds of conceiving a baby boy from only 50/50 to well over 94%!

The late Dr. Landrum Shettles developed his simple three step method of baby gender selection, which has helped thousands of couples find success in choosing the gender of their babies. Let's take a look at these three steps in a little more detail, shall we?

1. You'll need to track your ovulation cycle, to predict your day of ovulation. This is a very important piece of the gender puzzle.

2. Have sex to conceive in the right way. What do I mean by that? Well you'll want to have sex in positions that will allow for the deep penetration if you are wanting to conceive a baby boy.

3. You'll want to control your body's ph, and if wanting a baby boy, you'll have to lower your ph, creating a more acidic reproductive track. This can be accomplished through diet and/or douching, although, because of a risk of infection I would recommend using douches only under your doctors supervision.

While these techniques are very low-tech and easy to implement you will need to be very diligent in performing them, if you want to succeed in conceiving a baby boy.

Visit my site for more information as well as links to the best guides online to walk you through the process step by step. I would look at it this way: if your serious about adding a baby boy to your family seek all the help you can get, but if you fail in your efforts, well you'll still have a beautiful little baby girl to love and cherish! - 30525

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