Do Pregnant Women Need to Exercise?

By Victoria Isabel

There are several benefits of being physically active during and after pregnancy. These include prevention of preeclampsia (1), gestational diabetes and severe musculoskeletal complication (2). Being physically active also aids in the recovery from childbirth and postpartum weight maintenance.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) advises pregnant women to engage in regular, moderate intensity physical activity. That means approximately 30 minutes of moderate exercise such as a daily brisk walk or cycling.

One of the study authors, in Petersen et al, Terry Leet, Ph.D. said, that pregnant women should exercise unless advised otherwise by their physician because of medical or obstetric complications observed during their pregnancy. Women beginning an exercise program during pregnancy should perform moderate, non-weight-bearing activities, such as brisk walking, swimming, or cycling. She said that women who exercised prior to their pregnancy should continue their activities, except for activities that might possibly cause abdominal distress such as contact sports and scuba diving.

In a study reported by Borodulin et al. (2008) 71.6% white, 17.3% African American, 11.1% other of 1,482 women, a majority of them reported some physical activity during the second (96.5%) and third (93.9%) trimester. The level of intensity and total volume of exercise decreased between the second and third trimester. The physical activity reported consists of care-related responsibilities, household indoor related and recreational activities.

Unfortunately, the recommendations set by ACOG fell on many deaf ears. Women who were pregnant and met the recommended physical activity levels were more likely to be non-smokers, non-Hispanic white, more educated, not married, younger, and have higher incomes. Women smokers and those coming from a lower socioeconomic status were markers for a more passive lifestyle during pregnancy.

Exercise seems to be losing its appeal among the general population. Non-pregnant women who exercised at least three times a week declined to 14% in 2000 from 17% in 1996. Pregnant women who exercised at least three times a week declined from 9% in 1994 to 6% in 2000. Also, women who did not exercise when they were not pregnant were less likely to start exercising regularly when they got pregnant.

According to Dr. Raul Artal of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, obstetricians are hesitant to recommend exercise to pregnant women. He believes that it is rooted in the old-fashioned notions of pregnancy as a time of rest and accouchement.

Doctors, personal trainers and fitness professionals can attend to their pregnant clients and patients helpfully by way of proper education of the health benefits of staying physical activity during pregnancy. They should encourage clients and patients with uncomplicated pregnancies and who do not have a medical history or a history of obstetric complications to follow the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the Center for Disease Control guidelines that every pregnant woman should get at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity daily.


Borodulin, K.M., Evenson, K.R., Wen, F., Herring, A.H., and Benson, A.M. (2008). Physical activity patterns during pregnancy. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 40(11), 1901-1908.

Petersen et al, Correlate of Physical Activity among Pregnant Women in the United States, Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise; Nov. 2005; p.1748-1753.

Definition of some terms:

1) Preeclampsia - abnormal state of pregnancy identified by fluid retention and hypertension

2) Musculoskeletal complications - discomfort in the back, pelvis and tenderness of the lower extremities. - 30525

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An Explanation Of The IVF Procedure

By Tom Fay

In vitro fertilization (commonly referred to as simply IVF) is a method of assisted reproduction that offers infertile couples a chance to have a child who is biologically related to them. Over 200,000 babies have been brought into the world using IVF and it is now a fully established treatment for infertility.

With IVF, a man's sperm and the woman's egg are combined by an IVF specialist in a laboratory dish, where fertilization occurs. The resulting embryo is then transferred to the uterus (womb) of the woman to develop naturally. Usually, 3 or 4 embryos are placed in the woman's uterus each time. Each attempt is referred to as a cycle, with the cost of each cycle being around $10,000.

The full procedure is as follows:

The woman may be given certain drugs (hormones) in order to stimulate her ovaries to create several eggs. A surgeon then inserts a needle into the woman's ovary to remove the eggs. General anesthesia is not necessary for this part of the procedure, but the woman is sometimes given some sedating medication. Whilst that is taking place, the man provides a semen sample. A laboratory procedure then takes places to separate the sperm from the semen.

Next, the sperm will be mixed in a laboratory dish with the eggs taken from the woman. Around 20 hours after this has been done, the laboratory dish is examined to determine if the egg or eggs have been fertilized and if embryos have grown as a result. Should this have happened, they are incubated and observed for the next 2-5 days. After that time, the embryos will be transferred into the woman's uterus using a catheter (a long slender tube). She is then given a course of hormones to take for the following 2 weeks.

The pregnancy success rate of the IVF procedure is 37% among women younger than 35 years, 27% for those between 36-39 years, and 13% in those older than 40 years. Therefore, the final cost of IVF is normally more than $20,000, as the odds are against a couple suceeding at their first attempt.

- 30525

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Is Their A God Up There?

By L.J. James

There once was a young couple who lived in a beautiful town. They had the best of everything. Their love was strong and real. When their first child was born she was the most beautiful child they had ever seen.The couple believed their life to be perfect.

One day when their Daughter was about seven years old the Couple was in a car crash.Checking his wife right away the husband was relived to see she was ok. They both had received only a few scratches.They turned to check on their young daughter and as soon as they saw her both of them burst into tears.The wife started screaming NO GOD ! PLEASE GOD NO ! Their pain was felt by anyone and everyone who happened to be around them that day. The Beautiful young child had passed on and left this world .

During the funeral the deceased child's mother kept asking why ? Why my child? oh dear Lord why? People paying there respects to this wonderful couples most beautiful child tried to console her. They told her things like "It is the Lords will" and "She is in Heaven now" These things did not help the child's Mother and she cursed God Saying to the People "There is no God" for if there was such a God how could he allow something so terrible to happen? Surely he would have saved my child and she would still be here with us!!

Years passed by as they always do and the pain this Couple felt started to ease. They had more children over the years, all very beautiful None quite as beautiful as their first one.Their life went back to being as close to perfect as can be.But Every time the women heard something bad had happened in the world it reinforced her belief that there was no God and no Heaven up above,For surely no God would allow such terrible things to happen in this world !!!

One day as the Woman was walking to the store she heard these screams "NO LORD PLEASE LORD NO" The tone of the screams took her back to the death of her child and she ran toward the sound of them. She saw the woman who was screaming and behind her she could see a building on fire, My Child is in there Screamed the woman! Pointing to the building engulfed in flames. Knowing the pain this woman would go threw and not wishing it on anyone she raced into the building. Flames shot at her and she could feel them burning her but the pain was some where else and did not hurt her .As the flames got larger and the heat got much hotter the woman thought this is what hell must be like! Then she thought but there is no hell for if there is No God and No Heaven then there can't be a Hell can there? These thoughts passed threw the woman's mind as she felt herself begin to grow tired.

As She felt herself about to pass out the Women saw a child in the distance and with new found strength she started walking towards the child. As she got closer she could see it was the most beautiful young girl she had ever seen . When she reached the child the child spoke hello mother it is I your Daughter the one killed in that car accident those many years ago. No the Woman said you are gone your Dead. Dead yes I may be Mother but gone no I have never left you .I have always been in your heart and you in mine. But I am with the Father now in the most Wonderful Kingdom imaginable. With who? asked the Woman , The Father God answered the child the one you denounced upon my death. No said the woman there can't be a GOD or a heaven For surely no God would allow the Terrible things to Happen that happen upon this earth. Terrible things are done by terrible people answered the child and they will answer for their sins in the afterlife have no fear of that my Mother, The Lord will see that justice is done.

But what of you asked the Mother you where not taken from me by a terrible person it was an accident why did the Lord take you from me. The Child smiled at her Mother and spoke Mother what you see as the most terrible thing ever is not. For I am in the Kingdom of the Lord and there is no greater reward then that ! My life on Earth was short Mother, I agree with you on that but Mother let me let you in on a little secret "All life on Earth is short" It is just a blink of the eye to the Father. Miss me Mother for I know you always will, But have faith in the Father for if you believe in him and follow his words you will be with me again one day and then you will feel no pain or sorrow ever again. The Mother reached down picked up her child closing her eyes and hugging the child to her bosom, She heard a voice that was not her Daughters say "I will always Love you my Child"

The woman opened her eyes and she saw lights and heard sirens and the voices of many people. Not sure what was going on she looked down at her child only to see that she was not holding her child but a small young boy. The Woman who she had seen screaming was grabbing for this child saying Thank you oh thank you Lord for sending this Woman to rescue my Child ,In my heart Lord I always knew you would save him, for surely you would never allow something so terrible to happen !!!!

By L.J. James - 30525

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The Importance of Acupuncture on Infertility

By Linda Golden

Since centuries ago, the art and often referred to as the health practice of acupuncture has been practiced in various countries mostly in Asia. This defines the greatness as well as the grandiosity of pinning fine needles in different vital points of the body for different purposes like pain relief and treatment of some health ailments. The basic effect of acupuncture on infertility is regulating blood pressure of the person done by proper stimulation of the central nervous system. It largely encourages production and release of endorphins that have a vital part to play in inhibiting pain and neurohormones and neurotransmitters to make the body heal on its own.

Acupuncture on infertility is also seen as one of the effective remedies on various infertility problems particularly imbalances on the hormones. The levels of these hormones are leveled accordingly by way of increasing the blood flow on various vital organs as it regulates our body system. Further on, it helps improve all the important functions of the ovaries and the follicles. The endometrium is largely responsible for thickening the lining of the uterus but also benefits from increased blood flow due to acupuncture. A specific treatment for infertility such as IVFor In Vitro Fertilization is also greatly supported to enhance its success rate. In actuality, a number of specialists now offer acupuncture as a part of the so called IVF treatment. This becomes quite noticeable in the developments done in the process of transferring the embryo which results to success in pregnancy. Another specific issue of infertility that can be treated as well by acupuncture is the presence of spasmed tubes. It's done by making these spasmed tubes into de-spasmed ones. Furthermore, there are also a lot of other infertility concerns that can be efficiently treated by acupuncture like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS, increased follicle stimulating hormone, repeated loss of pregnancy, idiopathic infertility, luteal phase defect, hyperprolactinemia, and sperm DNA fragmentation as well.

The body has the capacity to heal itself naturally and acupuncture also enhances this ability. In this case, the more you undergo acupuncture, the healthier it is. For those women who are about to take IVF treatments or donor egg transfer, they are often dealt with acupuncture for about three to four months before undergoing the said process. Acupuncture is also advised to women before and after they undergo the embryo transfer. This is done for the purpose of enhancing the therapeutic effect along with different infertility treatments. Basically, fertility treatments bring about stress on the person undergoing it. And the best treatment for this is acupuncture. because acupuncture has a lot of ways to add to the treatment of infertility, it is highly advisable for couples who are suffering from this type of concern to give each option a shot.

Acupuncture also involves some risks but they are minimal. However, miscarriage can occur when acupuncture is done improperly on a pregnant woman. This makes it significant to be sure that acupuncture is only to be done by a certified acupuncturist who is adept and who specializes on this therapy. Electro-acupuncture, a more advanced form of acupuncture is used to inhibit pain during labor. The need to be hospitalized is also significantly reduced which helps a person save from further expenses.

Above all else, recent research studies have revealed that the right mix of herbal medicine, acupuncture, and traditional medicine serve as the ultimate formula to cure infertility. In many cases, acupuncture and herbal medicines are considered to be more effective with the help of traditional medical treatments. - 30525

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Hunk By Strip: The Examination For Modish And Outstanding Crib Bedding

By Dorothea Frankson

In order to decorate a nursery, experienced decorators will advise beginners to create baby a safe and calming refuge in several steps. Instead of just going to a store and buying, it is always better for parents to devote some quality time to learn the basic things relating to quality baby crib bedding.

It does not take long to learn what you need to know about baby bedding before you buy any. For your child's safety, the sheets and blankets will adhere to the standardized crib and toddler bed dimensions. Thick and puffy bedding are associated with infant suffocation and informed buyers will stay away from these types of items.

Baby girl bedding has progressed considerably within a short time period and can now be purchased in virtually every color and design imaginable. There are so many different styles and color combination available in crib linens today, so that parents are often overwhelmed when trying to make a decision as to what they prefer.

Remind yourself that you possess creativity whenever you are having difficulty in making decisions. Look after what colors & styles you find most appealing and likely to fuse with home decor instead of wandering through Cyberspace. Making a list helps shoppers cut down on the confusion: they can sort out different designs, eliminate options, and finally decide which one is the perfect set of bedding.

Patchwork crib bedding calms some parents with the comforting images while others take one look and walk away. Parents who prefer the traditional look of patchwork from the past will have no problem finding something for their taste and with all of the choices of patchwork today, even those who prefer a more modern look can find patchwork designs that will appeal to them.

For girls, the traditional patchworks have been given a whole new look with the use of new color combination. The traditional block quilts are changed by using innovative color pairings like pink and brown, lime and fuchsia. Today and in previous era, quilters and parents alike build a nursery made of patchwork bedding step by step and bit by bit. - 30525

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The Role Of The Midwife In Delivering Babies

By Sharon Christopher

One of the most precious moments is having a new baby born. Though it can be seen as a significant or cherished moments in life, it is also one of the most distressing for some women. There are many concerns for women during delivery. Most of the times it is because of the concerns that women feel comfortable with having a doctor do the delivery. But in this article we are going to look at how a midwife can help in delivery just as well as a doctor.

First and foremost, a midwife pretty much does the same things a doctor accomplishes during a delivery. The only thing that does not occur a lot is the administration of medicines during delivery. As a midwife service this is a benefit to some and a hindrance to others. But it is for those types of women who chooses to have a natural delivery that midwives associate themselves with.

The next thing a midwife anticipates for is the things they can do when an emergency arises during a delivery, which is almost as good as a doctor. This is a fear most women have of not using a doctor. But most midwives are only used for pregnancies that are considered safe. If there is a danger of any complications most natural deliveries will not be performed. That is one of the policies that we have in our licensed midwife service.

Finally, a midwife provides the option for a woman to have the baby at home if they desire. That is one of the major advantages that women are searching for. At least this is applicable for the women who don't want to have all the medicine and intrusive procedures done in a hospital delivery.

Once again this is only done if a pregnancy is deemed safe. But for most deliveries like the ones done in my water birth services all safety procedures are done.

So as you have read the role a midwife plays is not so different from that of a doctor. But the benefit they have are for the women who opts for a natural and sometimes a home birth delivery. - 30525

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New York Motorcycle Club Run

By L.J. James

Do you remember the Story of 11-year-old Carlie Brucia? Carlie was the little girl from LI NY who while staying with her mother down in FL was kidnapped and murdered on Super Bowl Sunday, 2004. Her abduction was captured on video in front of the car wash where she was Kidnapped by Joseph P. Smith, who has since been found Guilty of first-degree murder, sexual battery and kidnapping.

The story was carried nation wide and was heartbreaking to all who heard it. Now there is an old saying that every dark cloud has a Silver lining and if that is true then the Silver lining here is Matt Barbis, Carlie's Cousin who started the Rose Brucia Educational Foundation ( with the Mission of reducing child abductions.

Matt goes around to Schools and preforms Puppet Shows and teaches children how to react and what to do if someone ever tries to adduct them. As you can imagine Matt's Mission does not come without its costs and the Foundation runs on Donations from Groups,Individuals and Businesses.

Matt who Rides a Motorcycle had seen the good that Bikers on Long Island do to Raise Money for those in need, He wanted to Start a Motorcycle Run to help raise Money for the Foundation. A Motorcycle Run is a lot of work and Matt was Referred to the Mortal Skulls Motorcycle Club ( Who do a Run and/or Benefit every year.

When the Mortal Skulls Motorcycle Club heard Matt's story and what his Mission was they quickly decided that this would be the run and benefit they would be doing for many years to come.What better cause can there be then keeping Children Safe? said one of the Members.

For the past 4 years now on a Sunday in June the Mortal Skulls Motorcycle Club have hosted the run and raised money for the foundation. The run starts every year at the Bellmore NY Train station on Sunrise Hwy, with sign up from 10:30am till 12pm, and has ended at local Long Island Bars with live Music, food, Appearances by local New York Celebrities and so much more. The recommended Donation for the event is $10 per person and Run Shirts are available for an additional $10 with every penny of the Proceeds going to the Rose Brucia Educational Foundation. The Mortal Skulls Motorcycle Club Thank all who have come out to help and Support the event every year! This Fundraiser has quickly grown into a huge Long Island NY event, With the continued Support of the Long Island biker world and appearances by Celebrates it will continue to grow for many years to come!!!

I am Your Bro L.J. James - 30525

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After Pregnancy Belly Fat - How To Rapidly Drop The Fat After Having A Baby

By Jessica Cullen

Are you trying to lose after pregnancy belly fat? In this article you will learn some prudent ways to lose weight after birthing a baby.

Get Rid Of After Pregnancy Belly Fat

If you are like the majority of Moms then you may have put on some extra pounds for the period of your pregnancy. Feeling poor about yourself or getting down is not the thing to do. You will be just fine.

If you gain some weight all through pregnancy it is a good thing if you are going to be breast feeding, when you breast feed the little one will take a lot out of you and the pounds will begin to dissolve away. Even if breast feeding is not in your plan there are more options of things that you can do.

Some Mothers are not sure if they should go to the sports center or if they are ready to get lively... if your physician clears you do not be afraid to get out there and start moving.

Any way that you can get active is better than nothing! Whether you are getting active through walking, jogging, running or whatever other process - you should just go!

Get Rid Of After Pregnancy Belly Fat

When you are just recovering from the delivery of a baby I would not recommend that you do lots of abdominal exercises. You may think that they are going to help your tummy look better but this is not the case. If you do abdominal exercises you can actually keep your abs from coming through as they should.

As mentioned above walking, jogging and running are some easy and clear-cut ways to start losing after pregnancy belly fat.

Most often keeping it simple allows for the best results. Take it from a Mom of 2 though, having a plan is particularly helpful when you are getting started with a healthy lifestyle. If you do not have a plan it is particularly easy to slip backwards. - 30525

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Lose Baby Belly Fat - 2 Points To lighten up Off The Fat

By Jessica Cullen

Are you wishing to lose baby belly fat? There are loads of Moms that have been dealing with the idea of how to lose baby belly fat. These Moms toss these idea around in their minds continually, beating themselves up but all the while they do zilch about it. You will read some terrific ways that you can deal with belly fat in this article.

Lose Baby Belly Fat

As I said - you are most likely thinking about how to lose the baby belly fat more often than not if you are reading this. By doing this you may truly be stressing yourself out way too much. If you want to think about thing this is fine, but you do have to act upon what you are thinking about. If you think about weight loss too much you may in point of fact make yourself hold onto weight. How would this occur? This happens because you are stressing out and stress makes your body cling onto fat for dear life. I am going to tell you a couple of things that you should do to loosen up and lose baby belly fat.

Lose Baby Belly Fat

How To Lose The Gunk

1.Take At least 10 Minutes a Day To Do Nothing

You should just take a little bit of time out of the day so that you can breath and let your body to have a minute to let the stress out.


Lots of people think that yoga is a little peculiar but get past that because it does let you to relax and unwind. You do not have to take hours of yoga or even do a yoga lesson. You can easily drop a video into your VCR or dvd player, you'll be ready to go. If you can do these couple of things then you will be well on your path to chilling out and losing the fat.

Optimistically you will take this information and apply it to your life. You will be able to get results if you will begin working towards your goals. - 30525

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Toile Country: Bracing A Old Alcove For Your Little Darling

By Dorothea Frankson

Crib sets , as future parents will quickly find out while shopping, is likely to become the main focus of the baby's room, so it is important that the selection of the bedding is taken seriously amid the joy of designing a calm and safe bedroom in which a young girl can grow.

Smart moms and dads recognize that baby bedding must, above all, be of standard dimensions and list on its label all the substances that went into its manufacture. All bed linens for your daughter's bed need to be selected with safety in mind, and this includes a proper fit and a label stating the contents of the linens.

Baby girls crib bedding today offers many choices of color and theme as retailers and consumers have seen that a little girl's nursery does not necessarily have to be decorated with frilly pink and ruffled items. Creating a feminine space for their daughters is easy for decorators because there is such a breathtakingly lovely selection and they will find that the selection is almost limitless.

You daughter is sure to sleep well under the ranch-themed crib set that will make any little cowgirl proud. But you may be drawn to patterns like damask or toile which are trustworthy and outstanding reproductions. For a cozy and welcoming space for your little girl, a rustic patchwork ensemble could be fate.

Consumers will immediately notice that floral prints are often available for girl's bedding. Pink toile crib bedding is popular with expectant moms and dads due to the colorful and cheerful atmosphere created by all of those lovely blooms. Parents can select lively coordinating solids to round out the decor as well, because gardens are naturally multi-hued.

Country inspired floral crib bedding features flowers enhanced with fine detailing, such as lace or embroidery. Parents who are more interested in a contemporary styled nursery will find the intentionally abstract floral designs more satisfying to their taste. Either way, a floral theme will give your daughter a lot to look at and make their bedroom a place where she will grow and blossom. - 30525

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How To Get Pregnant Fast - How Increasing The Quality Of Your Cervical Fluid Could Help You Get Pregnant Fast.

By Claire Churchill

Are you wondering how to get pregnant fast? Well there are a number of steps that you can take that will help you conceive that dream child in no time.

It is important that both you and your partner have both been certified okay and physically able to have children by your doctors. If you have both been cleared then getting pregnant should not be difficult at all.

In this article I will share why and how your first step should be increasing the quality and quantity of your cervical mucus. Doing this alone could greatly increase the odds of your getting pregnant in any given month and help you get pregnant fast.

How to Improve the quantity and quality of your cervical fluid:

Also known as your cervical mucus, it is a very important component if you are looking get pregnant fast.

Firstly, it provides nourishment, mobility and a medium in which the sperm can move, thrive and live, all of which are crucial in the conception process.

Secondly, it provides an alkaline medium to protect the sperm from an otherwise acidic vagina and so helps the sperm to live longer in you.

What are the steps you can take to improve the quality of your cervical fluid so that you can conceive quickly.

a) Drink water and lots of it. To get the most benefit, drink clean filtered water. If you can boil it before drinking all the better.

b) Eat foods high in Vitamin A e.g. baby carrots. Vitamin A helps to improve the quality and quantity of your cervical fluid.

c) Take plain Robitussin: Make sure the Robitussin you take is has nothing else in it. This will help to thin your cervical mucus even more and aid the movement of the sperm to the egg.

So in answer to your question, how to get pregnant fast, the answer is to start working on your cervical fluid. But so many factors contribute to your getting pregnant that it is impossible to discuss it all in a single article. - 30525

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Lose After Pregnancy Fat - Rapid And Simple Info On How To Lose The Weight

By Jessica Cullen

Are you trying to lose fat after pregnancy? If you are losing fat after pregnancy it can seem like it's almost unfeasible. Possibly you are discouraged and beaten down because you have waited this long to begin attempting to lose fat after pregnancy.

Lose Fat After Pregnancy

Do you speculate if it is too late for you to begin your weight loss? The just right time to begin losing weight is right at this time. Right at this moment is the most excellent time for you to achieve started. Not yesterday, not tomorrow - correct at this point!

If you start losing that weight right at the moment you will be able to achieve to your goal that much sooner than if you were to put it off even longer. Do not worry about thinking, what if I started sooner. Just do what you can to begin correct at the moment.

Lose Fat After Pregnancy

Obviously you can see the number one way to succeed is to just achieve started. This perhaps will seem like a weird tip to accomplish but think about it. Just think about how a lot of times that you think about starting out on a weight loss routine. How countless times does this go through your head - " I want to attain this pregnancy fat off!?"

This is the day that you should begin to labor to lose fat after pregnancy. You can do this. To achieve started on your weight loss journey all you need to be on your way to get back to being a hot Mama is a good plan - just start today!

Have some faith in yourself and quit putting of your life off until tomorrow. You can start making big changes today. There is no way that you can be a failure when you accomplish your plan in action. You are worth the extra time and effort. You can attain the body that you have always wanted. - 30525

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Standalone Or With Stroller, Quinny Dreami Wins

By Victor Bernal

If your baby tries to lay down in your stroller but can't get comfortable enough to fall asleep, then it's high time you looked into picking up a Quinny Dreami. This stylish bassinet is another new product from Quinny, the European baby product manufacturer that is now experiencing success over here in America.

Equally smart and beautiful, the Dreami bassinet is an incredible piece of work that will guarantee your baby a comfortable rest and give you a fashionable accessory to tout around as long as your baby needs his or her rest.

But what is the big deal about Quinny's bassinets? Here are a few of the benefits.

Adaptable, Yet Stylish: Quinny Dreami Bassinet

Much like the rest of Quinny's line of products, the Dreami comes in quite a few brilliant colors, including strawberry, gold, apple and black. No matter what you choose for a color, you can be sure your bassinet will turn into one big piece of snuggly eye candy that will attract attention wherever you go.

There are rubber feet on the bottom of the Dreami that keep your bassinet up from the ground, thus protecting it from offensive dirt and grime should you choose to use it as a standalone bassinet.

One of the best parts about the Dreami is its great potential to adapt. It looks great as a standalone, but it's supposed to be used with your Quinny Buzz 3 Wheel stroller. When you do, you create a rear facing seat that's as comfortable as a portable bed. The Dreami is designed for smaller babies, though the weight cut off line is 15 pounds. Installation is simple using the Quinny Buzz's car seat adaptors. The gas spring technology auto folding feature is not affected one way or another by the use of the Dreami.

The finest element of the Dreami is without a doubt its mattress. It's completely flat, first of all, and it's amazingly thick and soft. Try touching it yourself -- you'll probably wish for one sized for adults. Your Dreami bassinet comes with a nice blanket too, which allows you to make use of it immediately upon opening the box. Baby will be held in place with a three point harness, and an adjustable canopy and carry handle will help keep your young one unbothered by the elements.

Weather accessories are top priority for Quinny, and each of their strollers and other baby items come packed with stuff to keep Mother Nature at bay. The Dreami comes with a mosquito net, a rain cover and a wind protector. Using these add-ons at the proper times will ensure that your baby will be ready for a walk no matter what the weather says.

This gorgeous bassinet is available for purchase on at this very moment for only $158.06. What with its incredible quality and accessories, it's well worth the price.

Final Thoughts: Dreami A Must Have

The stylish exterior is only exceeded by the pure comfort of the mattress and the protection of its weather accessories. The Quinny Dreami bassinet is one of the rare baby items that gets everything right with pop and style. It's adaptable, either as a standalone or with the Quinny Buzz 3 Wheel stroller. The comfort level is incredible for the price, so get this must have bassinet while you can. - 30525

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What Are Effective Preventions For Pregnancy Gingivitis

By Eliana Artiani

Gingivitis is also known as swollen gums. Most pregnant women attack by this infection because the gums of pregnant women are very sensitive and very susceptible to pregnancy gingivitis. This is due to the hormonal changes that happen in every pregnant woman where the blood is increased in the gums and becomes very irritable that can lead to swelling.

During the second trimester of the pregnancy of a woman, gingivitis can be very easy come. This can be because of the plaques that were built up in teeth that can lead the gums to periodontal infection. Another thins, the bacteria can be very infecting that leads the gums to be affected with this gingivitis infection.

Every pregnant woman must be aware that this is a normal situation once you got pregnant, that is why there is no reason to be scared at all but the only thing is that they must be able to manage good dental care at least to prevent the infection. Brushing the teeth at least twice a day can be very advantageous and regular cheek up with the dentist.

Foods rich in vitamins and minerals are not only good for the health but also can give full prevention with pregnancy gingivitis. Foods that are rich of this minerals are vegetables, fruits, milk, cheese, nuts and many more because they contain iron, vitamins A, B, C, E, calcium and other beneficial vitamins and minerals for the body. If the pregnancy gingivitis occurs the first and very basic thing you can do is drinking warm salt water. It could reduce the pain of the bearer and can also prevent the infection gets really worst.

We all know that it is normal for a pregnant woman to vomit every morning or other time of the day, we should know that it is important to brush teeth every after of vomiting to assure the cleanliness of the teeth and the gums.

Gingivitis can lead to something more delicate, this is called Periodontitis. Very serious infections that can cause a pregnant woman have a preterm emergency labor. With this king of condition, this must be given extra care and attention to avoid any difficult situation with the infection.

In regards to pregnancy gingivitis this will just disappear after delivering the baby. The gums will become normal after pregnancy. Expect that there will be no other signs of this infection. But for some situations that this infection will continue then it would be time to call for a dentist help for gingivitis treatment.

It is truly important to be aware of everything, especially the signs and symptoms during pregnancy to ensure the safety both mother and the fetus. Eat the right kinds of foods during pregnancy to remain healthy. - 30525

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Fit Pregnancy: Myth Versus Fact

By Barbara P Manter

Just a few years ago, telling a woman that she can and should exercise while pregnant would have been met with weird looks and laughter. However, we now know that exercising during pregnancy is not only extremely beneficial to the mother, but to the baby's long-term health, as well.

One of the main myths of pregnancy is that you should not do any abdominal exercises. Although these exercises may not be possible to perform in the later parts of your pregnancy, doing core exercises will make getting back to your previous figure easier. Moreover, since core exercises work deep pelvic muscles, you may have a shorter, safer labor for both you and your baby. Also important is the benefit of core exercises on the back, which takes a lot of stress during pregnancy.

Regardless, before embarking on any exercise regimen while pregnant, you should consult your doctor. As a general rule, however, if you had a set regimen before you got pregnant, you should have no complications from continuing that same regimen after. That being said, be sure to monitor your exhaustion level, and remember that staying fit is a great priority, but trying to lose weight for the first time during pregnancy is whole separate thing. If you need to starting losing weight after you have conceived, eat a clean diet.

The best way to determine what level of exercise you can handle after you are pregnant is to continue the original regimen you were on. Then, let your doctor know what cardiovascular and strength training you are doing, and keep him or her informed throughout your pregnancy. By listening to them and your own body, you will be able to monitor you and let you know if it is time to back off on intensity.

Another factor to keep in mind is body temperature. Remember that your baby is unable to regulate its own body temperature. Therefore, you want to be sure that you have proper warm up and cool down time to help regulate your baby's temperature, as well as your own.

That being said, while you may be able to run up to the day you give birth, you do want to keep any deep muscle or movements to a minimum. When you are pregnant, your body will naturally produce greater amounts of the hormone relaxin. This hormone will increase your range of motion, because it lubricates your joints. While this may seem nice, this will increase your risk of injury if you are not careful.

You will also want to limit any exercises that involve balance. Bike riding may seem fun and easy during your pregnancy, but the act of balancing while carrying a baby is risky for both of you. One bad fall on roller blades can have dire effects on your pregnant belly.

Therefore, while there are still some myths surrounding pregnancy and exercise, the fact is that exercise is beneficial to baby and mother alike. Just remember to use common sense, listen to your body, and keep your doctor informed. - 30525

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Culling Incomparable Infant Crib Sheets For The Sanctuary: Weathering The Hunt

By Dorothea Frankson

Moms and dads with prior children are well aware that the burdens of responsible parenting are routinely present well before a newborn's arrival. A particularly challenging chore is selecting the right items with an eye to baby's safety, because you want the nursery to be a safe haven for your newborn daughter.

Crib bedding has become an enormous business, and the huge array of nursery linens that can be purchased on the Internet frequently causes consumers, especially first-time parents, to feel as if they are caught in a landslide made up of sheets and blankets. Before beginning this research, many mothers and fathers decide that it is preferable to a study of maternal paintings rather than making a hasty purchase.

Baby bedding boys can be found in striking designs, lovely hues, and simple-to-clean materials. Before starting to hunt for the motif that suits best for your daughter, spend some time to list the requirement her bedding should meet. To begin with, bedding must meet the standard size requirements for cribs, due to the fact that properly fitting linens are the safest, which will ease parents' fears.

Choice of bedding material that ensures overall comfort should depend on the climate in which your daughter begins her life. It goes without saying that parents who live in harsh climates will likely purchase cozy flannel bedding, while people in warm, humid areas in the south will most likely want breathable cotton.

Once the parents have come to a decision on the type of bedding to be used, focusing on their daughter's safety and comfort, they will then be free to examine and decide upon the proper motif for the child's room. Given the abundant selection offered by the market, most parents find that sticking to a single theme or pattern can be an agonizing process although it is an enjoyable exercise.

Examine your house's decor to narrow the decorative choices for your nursery. People with more old-fashioned styles tend to go towards the elegant vintage fabrics like toile or pink damask crib bedding. Faithful reproductions of this impression grew increasingly popular for those who aspire to mesh past and present with their daughter a bright future. - 30525

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Infertility Information

By Linda Golden

A person's greatest joy and achievement in life is becoming a parent and sharing your life with a child. Regrettably, this may not come true for some people, who find it difficult to conceive. The inability to conceive and produce an offspring is an experience that unfortunately many people go through.

Studies state that women deal with the majority of in fertility cases. More than half of this is caused by the different conditions that women go through. The rest of the cases of infertility are due to the male's sperm disorder and other unexplained causes. Proper menstrual processes are needed for a woman to become pregnant once fertilization occurs. One of the most common causes of sterility is a problem with ovulation. Such problems that can result to infertility include uterine problems, tubal blockage and preceding tubal ligation.

A woman's age deeply affects her state of fertility. As a woman ages her ability to conceive naturally and normally decreases. As a rule, a woman loses approximately a thousand egg cells a month. Certain transmitter diseases, or PCO as well as endometriosis, are conditions that could eventually lead to infertility.

PID also known as Pelvic inflammatory Disease is another cause of female sterility. It is a severe inflammation of the pelvis caused by untreated vaginal or cervical infections such as gonorrhea or Chlamydia. These diseases can cause scarring in the fallopian tubes which subsequently causes a blockage when bacteria make its way through towards the uterus, ovaries and surrounding tissues. However, once PID has been successfully treated, pregnancy can often be achieved through in vitro fertilization

Another leading root of infertility is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). It is a hormonal disorder that causes a disruption in a woman's normal ovulation cycle. they inability to ovulate regularly is the reason why women with PCOS become sterile. Certain medication such as Metformin is capable in treating PCOS by correcting the body's hormone levels through the body's ability to absorb insulin.

In order to conceive successfully a couple needs to check their hormone levels. These hormones are created by the pancreas, ovaries , adrenal and thyroid glands. Infertility can be lead by any incuring diseases that can affect any of these.

Non medical reasons that cause infertility include the couple's lifestyles. There are several factors that can lead to a person to be sterile, these factors include smoking, too much alcohol consumption, the use of illicit medication, weight problems and so on.

Unsuccessful attempts to conceive can cause extreme stress for a couple who is trying really hard to do so. Not to mention that sometimes doctors are unable to pinpoint the problems. this is called unexplained fertility. Another way to take care of this is for the couple to try and not put too much pressure on themselves and try to get a better understanding of the woman's ovulation cycle in order to conceive successfully. The essential idea is to be as stress - free as possible. - 30525

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Have A Healthy Body Before Trying To Get Pregnant

By Natasha Marryat

When you are trying to get pregnant there are many things that you need to consider to make sure your body is in the best shape. This will ensure that even before you conceive you are in the best health and that your baby develops properly.

It is what you put into your body that counts and will make the building blocks for your baby from before conception through to birth. A health start means that you and your child are prepared for a healthy future.

The first is folic acid. This is important as it helps prevent against disabilities such as spinabifida and it will make sure that the nervous system of the foetus, which is one of the first things to develop is given a boost for healthy growth.

Because this is so important many cereal manufacturers and even some bread contain it but you should not rely on this alone and you should eat foods that are rich in folic acid or take supplements that will give you the required amount.

The second is zinc. This is something that should be taken by the father of the baby, as it will help to make sure the sperm is as healthy as possible. It is not only the woman who should take care of herself before a baby is conceived. It is just as important that a man too is in good shape.

Selenium is not as widely known as the other nutrients although it is just as important. It can help you to conceive a lot quicker than you would without it. It can be taken as a supplement but can also be take in your diet if you include foods that contain it like Brazil nuts. Meats also contain it as do fish and eggs.

The properties of omega 3 that many know of are that it can help with concentration and behaviour in children. However it is not only after the child is born that it can be useful. It helps with the brains development and before you even conceive it can make sure that the hormones are regulated so that you are able to conceive easily.

Although foods can give you all you need for a healthy pregnancy, modern times have brought with them busy schedules as well as foods that take little time to prepare yet do not contain all that is essential for mother and baby to be as healthy as is possible. Buying vitamins created for before conception can help both women and men.

Bad habits such as smoking and drinking should be avoided as they can mean that the baby will suffer during your pregnancy as well as after they are born even if it is not noticeable straight away. Always remember that healthy parents make a health baby and of course you want to give your baby the best, healthiest start possible.

Making sure that before, during and after pregnancy you are in the best health will pay off as your baby will pick up good habits from you as well as being less likely to suffer from ailments and disabilities that other children do. Remember that your dynamic duo will become three so you have to make time for you both so that the relationship remains healthy. - 30525

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Carry On Evermore: Gingham Crib Sets In Your Little Boy's Sanctuary

By Dorothea Frankson

Gingham, a popular business of today in America, originated in Indonesia and soon grew throughout the west and expanded in England during the Eighteenth century. Gingham was originally only available in the blue and white checks, but now you can purchase it in just about any color, and it is always in style when people are thinking of decorating their homes.

The attractively simple and yet rustic look Gingham has combined with comfort, in addition to easy to care for fabric is perfect for a family who is excited for their newest family member. Those parents-to-be anxiously awaiting the birth of a baby boy will discover an assortment of reasonably-priced, handsomely designed, and uniquely gender-appropriate gingham baby bedding.

Boy baby bedding often uses gingham in color schemes to help a bigger motif seem more cohesive or even to highlight the warm impact of other styles and designs. If you pick out a cheery patchwork set for your little boy, for example, you'll most likely notice that the quilt has a fairly symmetrical distribution of gingham patterns all over. Gingham is a popular choice when it comes to the trim of baby blankets and linens like dust ruffles and bumpers.

If you decide to use gingham in your nursery, it's important to be sure that the linens that you choose adhere to the standard crib dimensions and that the material is safe. When you use poorly fit linens, they can slide off of your crib's mattress and trap your baby, while the toxic chemicals sometimes found in these linens can cause respiratory problems for your young child.

Baby bedding can come in a set so that all the complementary accessories like curtains and diaper bags follow the same theme. Because these patterns eliminate the need to try and match everything separately, they are extremely popular. When you don't want to exhaust your financial resources, crib sets are a great choice for your nursery.

For a long time now, interior decorators have been aware that gingham can give a room an energetic feel while at the same time being able to calm and soothe. Things in the nursery may have gotten quite sophisticated looking, but earthy gingham will always be in fashion with people who understand that what's beautiful is sometimes also what's most simple. - 30525

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Leopard Design? Of Course!: Choosing Cheetah Infant Crib Sheets For Your Little Angel's Alcove

By Dorothea Frankson

The challenge of creating the perfect nursery during the busy months before the birth of your son has been often said even by parents who have already gone through this experience with other children, can feel sometimes like you are trying to hack your way out of an overgrown jungle with a machete. An Important task before your baby's arrival is finding good quality linens with a color or pattern that fits your child's nursery.

Baby bedding is more than just a constituent of a child's decorative nursery because it has a valuable role to play in your child's wholesome and gleeful beginning in life. The most aspect of crib bedding is safety, so keep that element foremost in mind, above thoughts about design or color.

Boy baby bedding can be purchased in coordinated sets that contain all of the linens you will need for the nursery while having the options to buy additional matching accessories such as curtains. If you are looking for crib sets that combine safe materials with functionality and are just simply attractive and adorable, this is a great choice for you.

Standard crib and toddler bed dimensions are generally the safest ones. The sheets in nursery sets usually comply with these dimensions. In addition, trustworthy makers of baby linens incorporate ingredients which do not provoke allergic reactions or contain harmful chemical substances that may cause breathing difficulties in infants. After a bit of bargain-hunting, thrifty consumers can find affordable ensembles like these.

Once you have successfully fought you way out of the jungle and confusion regarding every possible safety issue related to the choosing of bedding for your baby, only then can you begin to think of the finer more enjoyable task of selecting the nursery decor. Jungle or safari themed nurseries are popular because they can be created to match many different types of homes.

Leopard print baby bedding and other animal pelt patterns may be the choices of those expectant moms and dads who believe this rainforest setting might arouse the travel dreams of a budding explorer. You can buy cat-themed bedding in many fabrics, including cotton and micro suede. A jungle themed nursery can allow your child's imagination to go on safari while he remains in the safety of his very own room. - 30525

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Automatic Dog Feeder - 3 Reasons to Make the Purchase

By Thad Evans

If you have a dog, then you probably already know how much of a responsibility it can be to ensure that they are taken care of. The health of your dog is very important so ensuring that they are well fed is crucial. The following are reasons to purchase a metal dog feeders as they will really help to make things that much easier for you.

1. These devices will ensure your dog is always fed

One of the biggest benefits to owning an automatic dog feeder is that these devices are programmed to dispense food at a time that you specify. Even if you have a busy schedule throuhout the day or if no one is at home, then these feeders will be able to automate this task for you.

2. They can prevent animal obesity

Another benefit to the automatic dog feeder is that they dispense just the right amount of food for your pet which can really help to prevent animal obesity. These devices can easily be programmed so that it dispenses the exact amount of food that your pet eats so you will not have to worry about them overeating.

3. You can take short trips

Sometimes having a pet at home can prevent you from taking trips as you would need a way to ensure that there is always food available so an automatic dog feeder is a perfect solution. As you can imagine, these feeders are extremely beneficial to have around the home as the entire process can be automated so you can focus on other things.

Having to keep track of all your tasks can certainly be overwhelming so even getting help with feeding your dog can be a huge help. While most dog feeders can cost about a hundred dollars, the investment is certainly well worth it as they can be used for many years. Just be sure that you shop around as there are different models available for you to choose from depending on what type of dog you have. - 30525

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What is Infertility for Couples?

By Karol Cardinson

Infertility refers to the inability of a person to contribute to the process of conceiving a child. It may also be a reference to a woman who is unable to carry pregnancy to the last stage. There are various causes that result in infertility and there is medical help available. Women who are fertile experience regular menstrual cycles and have a period of ovulation prior to and after the menstrual cycles. Women who are infertile do not have regular or no menstrual cycles and variations in their ovulation period. A couple is said to be infertile if they are unable to conceive even after a year of successful intercourse without any protection.

Couples that have never been able to get pregnant are considered to have primary infertility and couples that have experienced a successful pregnancy but are no longer able to become pregnant is considered to have secondary infertility. Throughout the world one out of every seven couples have problems with infertility. As women get older the chance of becoming pregnant will decrease. The number of Americans that experience infertility is close to six million. The percentage of women having infertility problems in a couple is about fifty percent. The percentage of men that have infertility problems in a couple is about forty percent. Some of the most common problems with infertility are age, problems ovulating, blockage, uterian problems, tubal ligation, and TB.

Couples are usually asked to get a medical examination done if they are not able to achieve pregnancy even after a year of unprotected intercourse. A doctor specializing in the field of infertility conducts tests for both the partners and then determines the problems and reasons for infertility. Both the partners are also interviewed and questioned about their sexual life and the intercourse procedure. If the doctor is unable to determine an exact cause, more tests are performed. Tests of body temperature, ovulation period, x rays of fallopian tubes and uterus and laparoscopy are usually done for women. For men, the semen count and analysis is given more importance.

85-90% of all infertility cases are treated using the conventional methods which include drug therapy and surgery. Other complicated surgeries such as IVF are done for the remaining couples. It is said that among all the couples that visit a doctor for treatment, 20% of them conceive without any medical help. This might be due to stress and anxiety that a couple experiences regarding the inability to conceive before consulting a doctor. Fifty percent of statistics on infertile couples conceive within two years of the treatment. It is reported that several factors can increase the chances of infertility, such as smoking, drinking, drugs, environmental hazards, medications and surgeries, treatment for cancer, health conditions and problems such as mumps, hormone imbalances and kidney problems.

There are different treatments for both men and women for infertility. There are several options for medicine today, but you should always consult a specialist first before you do anything to try to become pregnant. One of the options is a fertility kit that is available for couples who are dealing with infertility. - 30525

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Think About Blue & Brown Infant Bedding Sets For Your Youngster's Nursery

By Dorothea Frankson

Blue and brown baby bedding is a color combination that has become a popular choice for children's rooms in recent years, making the pink or blue only nursery decor very outdated. Linens with various blue and brown hues combine to make a living area which is decidedly masculine for any little boy.

Picking the decor for your son's nursery depends on whether you want to create a rustic coziness (blue and chocolate plaids) or a contemporary design (geometric patterns in spiffy micro suede fabric).

While considering blue and brown linens for their son, smart moms and dads make sure to buy the best safety rated baby boy bedding set. Savvy shoppers know the importance of selecting bedding that conforms to standard crib and toddler bed sizes because properly sized items are safer for their children.

As a new parent, don't buy any piece of bed linen that doesn't list every bit of the content that goes into the material and into the manufacturing of it. Taking this precaution will ensure your baby's safety from harmful chemicals that could endanger his lungs, and possibly even affect his growth and development.

After you've found the store you want to buy from because you trust its wares, it's time to peruse the many blue- and- brown combination linens to make your final choice. Trying to completely decorate your son's room is made harder due to the expense that accompanies the task.

Consumers who are budget-conscious will realize, if they take the time to research their options, that they are better off buying a set that includes baby bedding. In order to attain a coordinated nursery, there are collections that include decorative touches such as window coverings. These collections usually adhere to the standard dimensions and sold as an ensemble. - 30525

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Natural Ways To Become Pregnant Fast

By Deegan Love

Introduction: Getting pregnancy, as you think, is not as easy as 123. While some women are blessed (though others consider this a curse) to have a very active fertility system, you may not have that. And that's when you need outside help. There are numerous methods that can help you get pregnant, but the best interventions are always the natural ones.

Difficulty: 3

Things You'll Need: healthy food, vitamins, minerals and herbal , A partner

Step 1. The first step to get pregnant is to have a partner. Do you have one already? Well, if you don not have one yet, then go find yourself one first. You can't expect to make a baby by yourself, can you? If you're married, then the partner would most likely be your husband (who else?). But if you aren't, you can have your boyfriend as your partner or even your friend (if in case you just need a donor so that you can have a baby all by yoursef).

Step 2. Then, once you have a parter already, stop using contraceptives. Most women on the pill don't get pregnant right after they stop, since the body still takes time to readjust from all the chemicals and hormones. This isn't to say that you won't become pregnant immediately as well, because some women also do.

Women who use Depo - Povera, which is a contraceptive that is injectable, usually take months before they get pregnant. Again, this doesn't apply to all situations, since some women do get pregnant right away. Stopping the use of barrier methods, however, like male and females condoms may have an immediate effect since the use of these contraceptives do not affect a woman's chemistry in the first place.

Step 3. If you're looking forward to getting pregnant as soon as possible, then you should prepare your body for it as soon as you can. This means that you should start getting rid of all the toxins in your body, and avoid stresses as well. These two are some of the culprits for fertility problems. Your partner should be in on the efforts as well. Incorporate these things into your daily life:

- Eating a balanced diet. This includes foods that are rich in anti oxidants, minerals and vitamins. Organic food should be chosen because typical produce can contain pesticides, which can cause fertility problems.

- Stop Smoking. Nicotine has an adverse effect on the cervical mucous, and can cause fertilization problems as well. This causes double problems since nicotine also lowers sperm count.

- Give up Your Coffee. Well, if you can't stop drinking, then at least cut back on your coffee consumption. Too much coffee (200mg of caffeine or more, which is approximately 2 cups of coffee - don't forget to count in your tea and soda intake as well) can increase your chances of miscarriage.

- Regular exercise keeps you ffit and healthy. It also prepares your body for pregnancy. Exercise helps regulate your sleeping patterns also.

- Sleep More and Sleep Better. People who are deprived of sleep have lower levels of leptin, a hormone that affects ovulation.

Step 4. Vitamins and supplements are also essential when one wants to get pregnant. The right amount of folic acid before and during pregnancy lessens the risk of prenatal conditions such as neural tube defects.

Don't forget to take herbal supplements to balance your hormone levels as well. Calcium, zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6a are essential vitamins and minerals that sustain the balance of the hormones. There are also herbs that are associated with the balance of the hormones, and among these are:

- Chamomile

- Chamomile

- ginkgo biloba

- saw palmetto

- licorice root.

Remember to consult your doctor first before taking in any of these supplements.

Step 5. Of course, you should also record the duration of your menstruation. Mark down when your menstruation started and then observe that every month. If you have a regular menstrual cycle, then there's a big possibility that like most women, your whole cycle lasts for about 28 days, making your ovulation period fall at around the 14 day of the cycle. But of course, this can vary from woman to woman.

Step 6. Have unprotected sex regularly. Do this for a couple of days leading to your ovulation period. Sperm cells can survive for two to three days inside your reproductive tract. Thus, you should have sex with your partner around two to three days before your ovulation period, and the following days after that.

- Mind Your Positions. While this hasn't been scientifically proven, some positions allow the sperm to be closer to the cervix. Missionary position, for example, with a pillow underneath the hips is one position that is regularly used by many. Try staying in bed at least 30 minutes after having sex in order to increase the sperm's chances of reaching the egg.

- Relax. Some couples are too pressured and try hard enough to get pregnant that they eventually end up getting stressed out. Try to relax and keep the whole thing fun, and remember to keep the emotional intimacy there.

Step 7. Do a pregnancy check test once you miss your monthly period.

Step 8. If these things don't work during the first try, repeat the steps.


- Be consistent and persistent with your pregnancy efforts. Remember to live a healthy lifestyle and take supplements on a regular basis.

- Lighten the mood for sex. Remember to keep sex as a sensual thing, and not just as a chore. Lighten up and don't feel too pressured when you and your partner have sex

- Consult your doctor before trying to get pregnant, before taking in vitamins or supplements for your pregnancy endeavors.


- There are pregnancy myths all over, and some can even be dangerous instead of helpful. Inform yourself before following any unsolicited (or even solicited) advice.

- Have yourself as well as your partner tested for any disease or illness before starting on your endeavors. - 30525

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Understanding The Signs Of Infertility

By Linda Golden

Infertility has become a common issue among a lot of women. In most cases, symptoms are often noticeable while there are others who are ignorant of the health problem unless they become aware of it. Infertility varies and has several types with different signs and symptoms among women, and it can also affect her partner.

If a woman fails to get pregnant several times it is advised to make an appointment with a doctor right away. Having unprotected intercourse for a period of up to 2 years and averaging this act about two to three times a week is an acceptable case. In this scenario it is advised to see an OBGYN to seek possible solutions for their fertility problem. After being diagnosed with infertility the couple is then sent to a specialist for medical treatment options.

An irregular menstrual cycle is by far the most common sign of infertility. However, an irregular menstrual cycle does not directly point to infertility as it can also be a sign of various health problems. A woman's overall health status can be a directly related to a sign of infertility. Being too thin can also lead to lack of the needed nutrients which can make the problem even worse. A woman's reproductive system can be directly affected by hormonal problems in the case of obesity. Unhealthy lifestyle practices like alcohol and substance abuse also cause infertility. A woman's ability to conceive can be worsen by these factors. Basically, the overall capability of the body to work normally is greatly affected with the woman's abuse of drugs and other substances. These women are more susceptible to having infertility problems.

Aside from women, infertility can also affect men. It can in fact have some physical symptoms in men. The most popular sign of infertility in men is having undescended testicles. Outside factors also play a vital role in the development of infertility for men. If a man wears tight jeans or tight underwear it could cause him the inability to produce adequate sperm. The exposure of the scrotum to heat can cause infertility problems.

Couples in general tend to share the same signs of health problems. A couple's reproductive capability can be affected by factors such as obesity and the abuse of certain substances. These factors can directly affect a man's ability to produce the potent sperm needed for reproduction.

The first step is to absolutely make sure that infertility truly is the couple problem and the best way to take care of this issue is to take all the necessary steps during intercourse while the woman is ovulating. This can be done by using an ovulation kit to determine the woman's body temperature. Not having intercourse at the right time of the month can be a direct cause for infertility. - 30525

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The New Wave Of Baby Change Bags

By Joanne Garrett

One of the biggest maternity fashion trends has been the adoption of cool baby change bags by moms to be and new mums. Gone are the days when moms would throw baby paraphenalia into whatever bag they had close at hand.

These new styles of baby changing bags hold their own in the fashion stakes yet are robust and large enough to be a practical option. When you are choosing a baby change bag you need to bear in mind that this is an investment buy which should not only see you through your baby's early days but still be around for any later additions to the family. But when you've finished using your bag to carry baby items, the best baby changing bag will convert effortlessly into all purpose designer bag.

When you're choosing your change bag there are several key points you need to follow:

Fabric - you are no longer restricted to "wipe-clean vinyl" - the new wave of baby change bags include bold prints and tactile fabric. Leather is the hottest trend at the moment and a leather baby change bag will not only turn heads but age well and endure the rough and tumble of the early days.

Accessories - the newest bags include many accessories to make life easy for the new mum, but which can be removed when the time for fashion bag conversion arrives! Matching travel wipe holders, changing mats and insulated holders for food or liquids are practical accessories you cannot afford to be without.

One brand which has cornered the market in style and practicality is OI OI. OIOI first hit the scene with their unique Hobo baby changing bag which has become a classic style in its own right. Completing the range this season are messenger bags (which make a perfect bag for Dads) and the robust carry-all. OIOI make careful selection of fabrics including wool, patent leather and microfibre. The standout statement piece this season though has to be the gorgeous chestnut leather Hobo.This is a beautiful baby change bag in snakeskin printed leather with chunky metal hardware and an adjustable shoulder strap. Effortlessly stylish it combines the best in practical styling but its cool features mean it is a perfect baby change bag for fashion conscious mommies. - 30525

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Run With The Pack, Nestling: Blue-gray Bedding Set Suits A Baby Girl's Room

By Dorothea Frankson

It used to be that bedding choices for a little girl's nursery were limited to old-fashioned notions of gender appropriate themes and color schemes. Pink or pink-and-white for girls just got so tiresome, and even when decorators moved to pale yellow and green, the whole color scheme just seemed wilted.

Fortunately, that's no longer true, and future moms and dads are now able to be creative and adventurous in their decorating choices. Blue baby bedding is only one of the broad array of choices available to purchasers awaiting the arrival of a newborn daughter, and future moms and dads who want to use lots of blue for their baby's room will find there's a wide assortment of designs to select among.

Boy baby bedding often uses the color blue as part of the larger theme if there are large amounts of it. There are many shades of blue to be found in decor that revolves around the theme of water, but sky and flowers will also echo these tone-on-tone blues. Blue in the nursery can feel very modern when you include geometric patterns in the decor.

The theme you choose is secondary to safety features that you need to become acquainted with in baby bedding before making a purchase. Make sure to shop for linens that fit standard crib and toddler bed dimensions; linens that are too small or too large can pose serious risks to your baby.

Crib set should always be constructed with hypoallergenic materials, and should list it's contents clearly, since certain factories who make baby bedding will sometimes use toxic chemicals that have been known to cause respiratory problems in children and babies. Several reputable sellers describe the bedding's content. Rarely do they sell linens that don't conform to standard dimensions, this allows anxious parents to focus their attention on decorating.

Just think about how nice it will be to finish off your little girl's room in shades of blue. Your daughter's blue nursery could be full of angels in the clouds; or it could be an undersea world filled with mermaids. It's very exciting that blue is now an available option for a little girl's nursery as well rather than just more traditional pinks. - 30525

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Is There Such Thing As Morning Sickness Relief?

By Julie Ingham

It is unknown as to why morning sickness relief happens to begin with. But there are several ideas why. There are rapidly changing chemicals in your body such as estrogen and progesterone that enhance smells and belly acid. Then there is stress and fatigue that will surely come with just being pregnant that is more than capable of keeping you sick.

The progesterone works by relaxing your bodies muscles. It also affects the uterine muscles and that helps with preterm labor. So there is the chance that the stomach which is a muscle also could be adversely affected.

Another widely accepted idea is a buildup of hCG that is human chorionic gonadtopin. This build up happens until about the twelfth week of pregnancy and at this point this hormone begins to decrease.

But studies show that women who this type of sickness have fewer problems. Regardless of which one or even if neither is right there are a few things that seem to help with it. And you dont have to know why an airplane flies to know it will fly. So if the ideas help it really dont matter why.

There is another natural remedy to try Acupuncture. Studies had shown that pregnant women with hyperemesis, that's a fancy word for sever morning sickness, have seen benefits from acupuncture and or a anti nausea drug called metoclopramid. Yah I know that isn't a natural remedie. But that is for the worst case. But women who had both treatments were seen to reduce nausea and vomiting.

You can keep smells around you that will over power the offensive smells like lemons. Stay away from spicy foods, now if you have cravings its probably for a reason so give into them. Your body seems to know if it is lacking in anything. And you can stay away from liquids when you are trying to eat, less of a chance of getting overloads of acid on your belly. - 30525

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PCOS and Infertility - How One Thing Leads to the Other

By Linda Golden

If you suffer from infertility, you should be tested for PCOs and try to find out if that is what is preventing you from getting pregnant; if it is, there are a few steps you can take to overcome the issue but make sure you get a safe diagnosis by a certified practitioner.

The PCOS ca be diagnosed with a blood test to indentify the presence of male hormones and an ovarian ultrasound is also necessary; don't just rely of the fact that you have irregular menstruation, go for a full exam.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is the condition that has been affecting a number of women with their menstrual cycle and hormone levels, that eventually leads to the distress in the fertility and even physical appearance. From the construction of this medical condition, it is spelled out as many cysts in the ovary of women, hence Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

PCOS and infertility are directly related to your insulin resistance - insulin is responsible for the communication between your reproductive system and your pituitary gland, thus being the one in charge of letting your brain release the necessary hormones into your blood stream. Such hormones are what make your ovulation regular or irregular and that is why PCOS and infertility are two related ailments; if your case is lack of insulin, you will need to get proper replacement of that substance thru an insulin therapy.

Another huge role that insulin plays in PCOS and infertility is its task in producing male hormones in your ovaries. Both the lack and the excess of insulin is bad for your fertility and excesses will cause your ovaries follicles to stop growing properly, thus causing the release of the male hormones (androgens) - you might have a few symptoms like sever acne and excessive hair growth in your face and body if this is our case.

In sum, when your insulin levels are not normal, your reproductive system does not work well, and your brain cannot communicate well with your reductive organs, thus the direct connection between infertility and PCOs.

A solution? Glucophage or metformin have shown good results for many patients and have been responsible for regulating many menstrual cycles and ovulation cycles around the world; the success rate is around 20% in these cases; another successful treatment available for PCOS and infertility is the Clomid as it induces ovulation, by "fighting" the estrogens levels in your blood, thus making it easier for you to ovulate. This treatment has shown very few side effects but it must be followed thru with care because high doses of it can cause problems in your uterus.

It is very important that you get a reliable diagnosis and to inform yourself on this issue, only after a certified diagnosis has been made, can you start on a proper treatment. - 30525

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Basic & Ebony: The Appropriate Pick For A Notably Fitting Baby's Living Space

By Dorothea Frankson

Black baby bedding has become increasing popular when decorating in a meteoric motif. Black can, in the literal sense, be teamed up with any color and depending on the way of using it, can present a noticeable display of moods, right from sober and graceful to enthusiastic and fanciful.

Those who feel inclined towards the concept of black, find at once that this well-known accommodating color plays a pivotal role in various nursery designs that conveniently blend with any home's decoration, ranging from extremely conventional classic designs to the latest bright geometric patterns. The baby's safety should be the most important thing of all when parents are thinking about how they want to design the nursery.

Boys nursery bedding should fit the standard crib well to ensure the safety of your daughter. One thing that must be taken into consideration is the thickness of the babies bedding, as bedding that is too thick can cause suffocation to an infant.

Parents should be meticulous in finding for their little girl's bedding. It has been found that unreliable retailers and manufactures sometimes avoid listing the contents found in linens. While creating a fashionable nursery for your baby, you should never go for a product if you are not sure of the materials used for that item and you should look for items from a dependable seller.

Those planning to decorate their daughter's nursery with the color of black usually choose a very nice crib set. Crib bedding sold in sets for little girls' nurseries fits most cribs and can save parents both time and money.

Black baby bedding can be paired with other colors such as pink or white to create exciting contrasts. One of the most important considerations when choosing bedding for your nursery is choosing baby-safe black bedding and then go with the motif that most interests you. By doing this, your baby girls nursery will be an enchanting, inviting room that everyone will enjoy. - 30525

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