The Clear blue Easy Fertility Monitor - Must-Know Facts For All Moms

By Allyson Peters

When a woman wants to get pregnant, she should not have to worry about her fertility or other things; it should be a happy time. A fertility monitor is great to have during this time. A good designed one, like the Clearblue Fertility Monitor, takes some of the potential stress out.

The big advantage to the Clearblue Fertility Monitor is that it is easy to use, yet is very advanced and increases your chances of conceiving.

A test stick (you can purchase more separately) is used to monitor hormone levels in your urine. After wetting a stick, you simply place it in the test stick slot and wait for the results. But an important feature of the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor is that you can easily program it to follow the days of your monthly cycle.

This maximizes your chances of getting pregnant. Each test shows a "fertility status" on the screen, based on the test results - low, high, and peak - displayed using 3 bars.

About the "M" Button:

The monitor comes with an exclusive "M" Button which you press at the start of your monthly cycle, and establishes the start of the six-hour window of time in which you can do a test. It's important that this "window" includes a time when it's convenient for you to test your first urine of the day on both weekdays and weekends. You are free to change the time or day that you press the "M" button on your next cycle, in order to get more tests done at different times in your cycle.

The Clearblue Fertility Monitor accurately identifies more fertile days in your cycle than any other fertility monitor. About 10 or 12 days after your cycle starts is usually the most fertile time because your estrogen levels are higher. Male sperm can survive as much as five days, so your chances of conceiving are the best during these pre-ovulation days in your cycle

Technical Reasons Behind the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor's Effectiveness:

During these "pre-ovulation" days - called the Follicular Phase - a follicle that contains an egg starts developing inside an ovary. At this point a rise in Luteinizing hormone signals peak fertility. This lasts for only a couple days and is the time frame that your chances of conceiving are the highest. But the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor helps you pinpoint this time with relative ease. Ovulation occurs at this point - when the follicle containing the egg bursts and releases the ovum. There is only about 24 hours from this point forward that the egg can be fertilized, so this is the point that your monitor will help you pinpoint.

The Luteal Phase is the-- days after ovulation, and a time period when you are far less likely to conceive. (The remains of the follicle form what's called the "corpus luteum.")

Performing A Routine Test

While in your testing 'window' and before your first urine of the day, turn on the Clearblue Fertility Monitor. Some mornings the monitor will indicate that you need to test your hormone levels. After removing a test stick from the wrapper, you wet it in your urine stream (pointing the stick downwards) for about three seconds. While maintaining the downward angle of the stick, remove the cap from the handle end and put it on the wet end..

At this point you should see a red flashing light in the test stick slot, which is the monitor performing an internal check to determine if the slot is ready to receive your test stick. Do not place the test stick into the slot at this time - wait until the red light has gone out. Simply hold the test stick by the cap and place the other end into the the slot, cut corner pointing down. Push it down until it clicks into place, lying flat. If you've inserted it correctly, the display will flash a small image of the test stick symbol for about five minutes as it performs the check of the urine.

So now all you do is wait five minutes until the test is over - indicated by the monitor - which point it will indicate for you to remove and discard the used test stick. The status of your fertility will then be shown on the monitor. - 30525

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