Watch out for These Vitamin C Problems

By Spencer Hall

We need vitamin C in our bodies to help the production of a protein essential to the structure of bones, muscles and cartilages. We nowadays know that this vitamin is also involved in the absorption of iron.

According to important research also, consuming big quantities of vitamin C isn't important to bring more advantages than just consuming the right amounts.

When your body isn't well provided of this vitamin, many symptoms appear, including lassitude, swollen gums, weakness, scurvy, and bleeding of the nose. A deficiency can be caused by different factors such as improper diet alcohol abuse and problems with its absorption.

This condition like other problems of this kind has risk factors that facilitate the condition.

It has been observed that babies born of women who have taken great excessive amounts of vitamin C are prone to develop wheezing when they are approximately two years old.

Vitamin C supplements is often avoided to doctors when it comes to women, instead the main goal by nutritionists is provide women with the right amounts of this vitamin through dieting. Multi vitamins in infants can also pose a problem, helping develop asthma and food allergies.

Since this vitamin is linked ot the absorption of iron, a deficiency can lead to anemia problems with a reduced amount of red blood cells in the body. Among other things, this means that less oxygen will be carried to the organs in the body, leading to anemia symptoms.

Anemia caused by a vitamin C deficiency will be recognized by feelings of weakness and pallor. When it gets sever you can suffer from dizziness and even unconsciousness. Watch out!

Scurvy is yet another one of the symptoms cause by a C deficiency, scurvy brings along tiredness, poor wound healing, weakness, constant aches and pain and easy bleeding.

You need to also keep an eye for swollen gums that look purple and spongy and bleeding in the area. Remember that dieting and good nutrition is key to maintain this vitamin controlled. - 30525

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