Pick The Gender of Your Baby - Gender Selection Program

By Katie Adler

A Gender Selection Program gives you the chance to choose to have a boy or a girl even before you get pregnant. This can be done using different techniques that would help you somehow manipulate the probability of having the gender you would want your child to have. The odds actually would depend on the type of technique you will be using. Here are some things that should get you started.

A type of gender selection program that would probably cost you much would be the preimplantation genetic diagnosis. This method makes use of in vitro fertilization and biopsies the embryos to make sure they are well functioning. Although it is quite expensive, this is one of the most effective ways to select a healthy baby of your choice.

The shettles method is also a popular form or gender selection program that assists male sperm in his course in the reproductive tract. A simple explanation to this method would be to time intercourse before ovulation if you desire to either have a boy or a girl. Several days for a boy and 12 hours for a girl.

Filtering the sperm through an albumin following an intrauterine insemination explains the gender selection program of the Ericsson Albumin Method. It helps sort out the sex of the baby and somehow depends on the brand that you would be using.

Other gender techniques are also available in the gender selection program. Some would include a pregnancy diet that would help manipulate one's pH balance of the body. Similar approaches to the Shettles method are also available and you will find that there are also some products sold in the market like food supplements or Chinese herbal medicines that were already proven to be effective. Some practitioners would also suggest changing your sexual positions in order to assist sperm movement that would decide on the gender of your child during conception. - 30525

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