Losing Weight After Pregnancy: Why Is It So Hard?

By Lee Ann Dobbins

Many new mothers find difficulty with losing weight after pregnancy, so you are not alone. It seems as though you'll never get your body back.

The most important thing is to be realistic and patient; it took nine months for your body to get like it is. Your body has experienced amazingly difficult conditions and now your life has completely changed with the arrival of a demanding little human.

Getting back some muscle tone in your abdominals is a great first step; they have been stretched beyond recognition and need some help. Start with those pelvic floor exercises you've been shown. These muscles can be contracted at any time when you are sitting, standing or lying. Try to think about doing five slow contractions several times through your day. Gently work your abdominals: sit in a chair and slowly straighten your knees and raise your feet off the floor and hold for three. Repeat.

You are tired, exhausted and sleep-deprived, but some gentle exercise is going to help you feel better and will increase your energy levels. If you have an exercise machine at home, aim to do just five minutes, twice a day, while baby is sleeping or having a kick on the floor. Start out carefully and gently; you can increase the time and intensity as you gain strength.

There are other simple workouts you can do. Find a step, and do step-ups; start with five on each foot and increase as you feel better; repeat twice a day. Have a doting granny sit with baby while you go for a gentle ten to fifteen minute walk; the fresh air will do you good. Increase the length and intensity as you feel you can.

Losing weight after pregnancy might be hard, but it isn't impossible. Eat 6 smaller meals and snacks a day and lots of fruit and veggies, avoid fatty snack foods, exercise a little each day, work that pelvic floor and your body will soon start to look like your own again. - 30525

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