How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Naturally.

By Peter Aldontony

Have you had a baby lately? Feeling great about the new baby but not so happy to find that your stomach looks like an elephants trunk? Covered in stretch marks.

So many women are concerned about getting rid of their new stretch marks. Not all new mothers have stretch marks to show off, but it's estimated that over 75% do.

There's a number of reasons why you can get stretch marks, and birth is one of them. Even young girls can get stretch marks during puberty.

And it is also possible that you increase your risk of getting stretch marks if your mother had them, so it seems to be genetic too.

So how do you remove stretch marks? What options do you have?

There are several options, one is to just do nothing and hope they go away. Some mothers just use a simple moisturizer and hope this will be sufficient.

Others can try cosmetic surgery like laser surgery. This can be expensive and also will often result in a less than perfect result, and comes with it's own risks.

And you can even get specifically designed creams targeted at removing stretch marks, but these too can have risks and may not work.

You could even try micro dermabrasion, though I wouldn't.

And then there's a wide range of less intrusive more natural options that take a little time, require some effort and have a good chance of success, are safer and more natural. These include changes to diet, use of exercise, some simple home remedies, stress reduction and some herbal and natural products. Even exercise helps.

Many women don't realize that there is an alternative more natural, cheaper approach that doesn't involve some of the expense and risk of some other methods.

You may not have avoided stretch marks but you do have options for removing them. There's safe natural and less expensive ways to do so if the risks and cost of some other options scares you.

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