How To Get Pregnant Fast

By Mark Walters

So, you're tired of waiting around and want to know how to get pregnant fast? Well, it is something that can be sped up if you pay attention to certain factors, most notably knowing at what time of the month your body is at its most fertile. Knowing how your body works can help you on your path to getting pregnant quickly.

If you are looking at how to get pregnant fast you will first want to invest in a kit that helps to determine when you ovulate and when you are at your most fertile. These kits can be purchased online or at drug stores, and are fairly simple to use.

If you feel you can wait a couple of months, you can try and track your own cycles at home, beginning with the first day of your menstrual cycles but, if you are in a real hurry, you can cut down your research time by just investing in a ready made kits.

However, if you know your own cycle already you should start taking your temperature around the 12th day to see if it increases, so you know when you are about to ovulate and then you are able to try and conceive.

There are certain vitamins and supplements you can take that are supposed to increase your fertility and chances of conceiving faster. Just ask an employee at your local health food store to recommend some to you. If you have already tried these, and have still have not conceived, then you can try asking your doctor what methods they may suggest.

Many doctors will prescribe their patients who are looking at how to get pregnant fast with a medication called Clomid. This helps to stimulate the hormones that are responsible for you ovulating.

You should know though, that there is a significantly increased likelihood of having twins or triplets if you use Clomid. If you are okay with the chances of having more than one baby, it may be a good option for you. Just remember to always be sure to get the medication from your doctor, and not to buy it online from places who sell it without a prescription. - 30525

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