Baby Shower Gifts - Consider Baby and Toddler Toys

By Edie Mindell

If you decide to choose a toy as your baby shower gift, it is important to consider things like simplicity, practicality, how educative the toy is, and its ability to develop the infants senses through different colors and textures. Every year, toys for infants and toddlers are rated using many criteria in order to recognize and award the best, most useful, and most beneficial toys for babies.

This article will feature some of the top-rated infant and toddler toys, and the characteristics that make them great. Remember, there are tons of toys out there that are comparable to the ones that won awards (and might even have more features), which are available for a fraction of the cost. Note the attributes that make them top quality baby toys, and aim for gifts that match or beat these award-winning characteristics.

Some popular toys of this era are those that help babies develop their sense of hearing, touch, and sight. Musical toys are some of the most purchased toys these years, and one musical toy that has stirred up commotion and praise is the Learn and Groove Musical Table by LeapFrog. This table for infants and tots from six months to three years is a bilingual learning table that teaches children the alphabet, counting from one to ten, colors, and first words in both English and Spanish.

The Learn and Groove Musical Table is great for developing motor skills with gadgets that teach skills like sliding, spinning, opening, closing, pulling, and pushing. This toy features over fifteen musical activities and over forty songs! LeapFrogs Learn and Groove Musical Table has won many awards such as the iParenting Media Award for Outstanding Products.

Another wonderful toy for building your babys motor skills is the Amazing Baby Developmental Light-Up Pullstring Musical by Kids Preferred. This cool, star-shaped toy has a baby-safe mirror, a peek-a-boo flap, features flashing lights, plays "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," and is suitable for babies from ages birth and up. A dangling heart, butterfly, and sun rattle are great attachments on this musical toy that are wonderful for developing your infants sense of sight and touch. The ten-inch toy is very versatile and will attach to a car set, crib rail, stroller, and a diaper bag. Kids Preferreds Amazing Developmental Light-Up Pullstring Musical is the winner of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Best Toy Award.

LeapFrogs 10th Anniversary Hug and Learn Baby Tad is a tenth edition, award-winning toy that is full of interactive activities for your baby. This baby tad teaches infants the different parts of the body, letters, and numbers; it emphasizes basic movements, motor skills, and language acquisition skills. This 10th Anniversary Hug and Learn Baby Tad will even play classical music for your little one, which is proven to be good for the development of your mind.

The common characteristics amongst these award-winning, stellar toys are the development of movement and language skills, an emphasis on the five senses, and intellectual advancement; today, the best-rated toys are the smartest toys. - 30525

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