Preganancy In Your 40s

By Steve Brodie

There are many misconceptions about having a pregnancy later in life.The phrase The clocks ticking is one bandied about by many a well meaning aunt who still hold to the used by date of a woman being thirty five. You can prove them all wrong, because there is a natural way to have a healthy pregnancy and conceive quickly even if you are in your forties.

There are any number of reasons that a woman who wants to have children may not have done so by the time she is in her forties. For some it is simply a matter of choice, but for many others its conception that is the problem.

Infertility is something that affects many couples worldwide; statistically approximately one in seven couples will be affected. Approximately twenty five percent of infertility is due to a problem on the mans side, fifty percent are due to problems on the womans and twenty five remain unexplained.

It is thought that a woman over thirty five will take roughly three years to conceive, because as the prevailing wisdom goes eggs become lower quality over the age of thirty five. This is of course the reason behind so many couples trying fertility treatments such as IVF, which is certainly not without risk.

The market abounds with fertility drugs and expensive medications which aim to stimulate ovulation and increase hormone levels. Of course there is no one pill to fix infertility because every woman is different and sometimes there are multiple factors contributing to infertility, especially if you are in the unexplained twenty five percent.

Infertility is a way for your body to tell you there is something wrong inside, and this can be a key learning when trying to have a safe pregnancy in your forties. This change in perspective can help you to realise that there are natural and safe ways to conceive quickly and carry a healthy baby to full term.

No matter what you have been told by your doctors, virtually every woman can conceive naturally and without medications if she knows a few simple truths Taking folic acid and other supplements is a great way to prepare your body, however alone it will not help you to conceive, though it will make your body a better environment when you do conceive.

You would imagine that a woman who is trying to conceive would know her menstrual cycle inside out, however it astounds me to find that many woman dont at all. Knowing that most women go through a natural period of infertility during their cycle and knowing when yours is, can save a lot of lost time and energy. Ovualtion (your fertile time) is measurable by an increase in basal body temperature and is a simple way to know your cycle. Knowing your bodys rhythm is vital, yet still there are cases of women who have simply been trying at the wrong times.

Trying Acupuncture is a natural way to stimulate the bodys energy for pregnancy and has helped in studies of infertility, however one thing alone is unlikely to yield fast results. Treating your infertility on a number of different fronts will yield far better results than just looking at one angle. The most important thing to remember though is that being diagnosed by a doctor as infertile doesnt mean a full stop. There are ways to heal your body and do away with infertility and to carry a healthy baby to term naturally, quickly and without drugs or invasive procedures. - 30525

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