Interesting Baby Name Trends in 2009

By Edie Mindell

This year, the hottest trends for baby naming are quite a bit unusual. From biblical names with a twist to foreign names, 2009 sets a whole new pattern for naming babies. Name meanings and history are important to consider when naming a baby, since that name will be something that will be with them for the rest of their lives. Although name definitions are the first things one usually looks at when choosing the perfect name for a baby, following name trends has become very common in todays society. Year 2008 keeps a little bit of the traditional element in popular baby names, but also integrates modern style, a retro factor, and an unusual touch.

As it has been established for the past few years, biblical traditional names are some of the most popular. Jacob, Joshua, Abigail, Daniel, and Gabriel are some names that have been prevalent in recent times. A few uncommon additions to these common biblical names are those such as Caleb, Ethan, Zachary, and Elijah. The name "Elijah" is actually one of the most popular names this year. Many people hold true to biblical names because they are classic, and they usually have a beautiful, deep meaning that professes great things for your babys life.

An interesting trend this year is for Western parents to give their children foreign names. Spanish, Asian, Italian, Irish, and Arab names have become quite popular amongst North Americans and the English. Carlos, a Spanish name meaning "free man," Connor, an Irish name that stands for "much wanted," and Lian, a Chinese name whose meaning is a "lotus flower," are some of the most widespread foreign names that have gone global.

Another cool and trendy practice in 2008 is giving your name a classic, traditional name with a twist in the spelling. For instance, instead of naming your baby girl "Natalie," come up with a different and creative way to spell the name, such as "Natelly." Alterations to common names should be well planned and thought out. Place an emphasis on the part of the name, or a sound in the name that you like the most. This is a fabulous way to make your baby stand out from the rest. Uniquely spelled names are ranked at the top this year.

A continuing pattern that began last year and has continued throughout this year is to give your baby the name of a place. Australia, Athena, London, Ireland, and Paris are common place names that have become popular baby names this year. Some believe that this trend is a result of the popularity of Paris Hilton, a famous heiress and style icon. Naming babies after a location on the map is probably the top trend for 2009.

Lastly, giving children weird and unusual names is a common trend today among celebrities. From "Apple" to "Shiloh," these names are sure to stand out from the crowd. When choosing the right name for your little one, remember consider all aspects of the name, from sound and spelling to meaning and significance. - 30525

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