Great Deals on Used Bob Strollers!

By Jenna Thompson

Not too long ago, I found a great price on a Used Bob Stroller, the Revolution. Though I had to save the money because even a used one is not cheap, I determined that going with a Used Bob Stroller was the correct choice, since I have a belief in the brand and these strollers have an excellent reputation.

The front wheels that swivel on the Used Bob Stroller are actually an awesome feature. They turn so fast, its like a zero turn on steroids! It's a wonderful improvement if you have ever used a fixed wheel buggy, which is not any fun. It does have locking wheels though, which you'll appreciate if you use it for running or gravel, when all that movement isn't any good. I have found that my Used Bob Stroller manages to take on the hills near my home well, and my Used Bob Stroller also does a good job of providing my kid with plenty of room. This makes ride time miles better for mom too! When the great sun cover is all the way down, it is sort of a mini loft in there.

My Used Bob Stroller is so easy to fold, it's a snap. I am always able to get it out and in of the car in a snap, which is great when we are ready to get moving. It really can go thru anything, you can maneuver snow, ice, potholes, gravel, you name it! I also love that when I shop with it, I am able to fit through those commercial doors, no problems yet. Yes, it's far from spacious, purchase it works.

Ok, as much as I like this Used Bob Stroller, there are a few things I'm less than happy with. The under seat basket, well, it's troublesome at best. There's plenty of storage in these strollers, but are you able to ever have enough when you're a mom? The basket itself is adequately sized; the problem lies in getting items in there, it is a bit difficult but doable. One other minor issue would be, it's still large, even if folded. Ensure you keep enough space in your vehicle. Truthfully, I am just pleased if there is a clean spot to put it!

Nothing is ideal, but I should say, this sure comes pretty close for me. - 30525

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