Extras to Keep Baby Safe In Your Quinny Buzz Baby Strollers

By Ryan Seymour

Without question, the Quinny Buzz Stroller has ascended to rock star status with young mothers worldwide courtesy of wild designs and colors. You can pick up a number of top notch accessories that can turn your good walking experiences into great ones every time.

For More Storing Space: Quinny Buzz Box; $49.99

Need more storage space without causing your Buzz to tip? Simply buy the Buzz Box and put it on the bottom of your Buzz, by the storage area. This will give you much more space to store your vital goods -- like wipes and toys. A rain shield comes with the Box to keep your stuff dry.

Cozy For On The Go Sleep: Quinny Buzz Footmuff; $69.99

This comfy mini-sleeping bag fits right into the bed of the stroller and laces through the harness. The top is thankfully removable, which makes taking the little one out a breeze. It's available in either sulphur or black styles, which is cool enough, but the best part is that you won't need to take out the Footmuff to use the Buzz Stroller's gas spring auto-folding.

Keep Your Stroller Safe: Quinny Buzz Travel Bag; $169.99

Need to hit the road with baby in tow? Keep your Buzz safe in the car by putting it in this high quality travel bag, preventing any kind of scratching or weather damage.

One Handed Easy Carry: Quinny Curbb Hip Soft Carrier; $79.99

Guys, there's no excuse anymore for not taking Junior for a stroll. Delightfully sexless and simple to adjust, the Quinny Curbb Hip Soft Carrier sports a nice little papoose that you can throw over a shoulder and carry your young one anywhere you want to go -- hands free! You can use the ergonomic Curbb for your left or right side, with baby facing front. It's designed for babies under twenty pounds, but it is capable of holding heavier babies.

One For The Road: Quinny Buzz Cup Holder; $19.99

There's nothing worse than heading out the door with baby in his or her stroller on a cold and rainy day, only to find out two or three minutes later that you're thirsty. Never underestimate the power of keeping a hot beverage on hand to boost your mood. Don't dare go dry. Buy a cup holder instead.

Keeping Baby Safe From Mother Nature: Sasha's Sun and Insect Cover For the Quinny Buzz

This mesh cover will block out sun rays and irritating bugs so your baby's cute little arms and legs stay happy and healthy rather than cooked and chewed. Sasha's Sun and Insect Cover attaches to the front and the sides, so you'll never have to worry about Mother Nature's tomfoolery again.

These accessories are all great extras that can improve your Quinny Buzz Stroller experience, so pick a few up and enjoy one of the most rewarding periods of your life with your baby before they get too old to go strolling with Mom and Dad. - 30525

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