Why You Need to Choose the Right Tomy Baby Monitor for You and Your Baby

By Christina Danzarola

Trying to get your baby to sleep is only half the battle! When they are asleep most mothers still have concerns that can keep them up at night and give them a restless sleep.

Did you know, most of these concerns can be addressed if you buy a tomy baby monitor the No1 UK brand with 70% of mothers making the Baby Monitor Reviews as their first choice. In fact a 30% of mothers see having a baby monitor they trust as 'absolutely critical' to getting a good night's sleep.

The Tomy Baby Monitor has won many awards for style and innovation making it the UK's favourite brand.

Each Tomy Baby Monitor has been intensively researched and tested to provide the very highest standards of safety and a host of innovative features from guaranteed privacy and two-way talk back to remotely controlled night lights, vibration alert and last feed timer, that really do make parenting easier.

When choosing your monitor ask yourself a few questions first about your priorities, where you live and your lifestyle and this, together with the Tomy Baby Monitor table, should help you find your ideal monitor:

* Do you want to ensure that no-one else can listen in to your monitor? Unique to the Tomy Walkabout Baby Monitor, privacy is guaranteed thanks to an inbuilt scrambling device and 65,000 unique combinations in the Walkabout Baby Advance, Classic Advance and Premier Advance and an auto channel hopping selection function and digital audio in the Walkabout Platinum Digital. Guaranteed privacy means that the sounds your baby makes cannot be picked up by any other monitor in the area.

* Will you be spending time out of the house in the garden? If so consider a Tomy Baby Portable Monitor with a longer range for flexible, portable monitoring. Also consider having a monitor with a vibration alert which is great for noisy environments such as when mowing the lawn.

* Will your baby be sleeping in their own room? If so you might consider buying a with a two-way talk back facility which is handy for when your baby only needs a word of reassurance from afar. Also consider a Baby Monitor Reviews with a night light on the baby unit to give a comforting glow in the dark to reassure your child.

* If you are concerned that you might disturb your baby when entering the nursery? If so you might want to consider a monitor with a night light on the baby unit so there is no need to disturb your baby using the main light in the nursery.

* You may also be concerned that you might forget when the next feed is due during the night? In order to reduce this uncertainty about when the next feed is due, the innovative last feed timer on our top of the range Tomy Baby alkabout Platinum Digital Monitor will keep track for you.

* Are you concerned that the temperature of your nursery might not be comfortable? In order to keep the nursery at the ideal temperature you might want to consider a monitor with an in-built temperature display enabling you to continuously monitor the temperature of your baby's room. If you're also concerned about temperature variances overnight in the nursery you might want to consider the Tomy Baby Walkabout Platinum Digital Monitor which records the maximum and Minimum temperature the nursery got to during the night.

* Do you want to be able to judge the intensity of your babies sound when not in the nursery? If so consider a with a sound-sensitive light display which is a display of moving lights which echo the level of your baby's sounds meaning you can stay alert to your baby's needs even with the sound turned down and can also judge when you want to react to your baby's sounds.

* If you have two small children and want to use 2 monitors at the same time? It is possible, however, it is not recommended to have two analogue monitors in close proximity as interference between the two monitors could prevent them from working correctly. You will need to use 2 DECT monitors in close proximity is fine and both will work normally with no interference.

You can see that there is a Tomy Baby Monitor for most applications that is why Tomy is the No 1 brand of baby monits in the UK.

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