Trying to Get Pregnant Quickly- 5 Proven Steps to Getting Pregnant Fast

By Claire Churchill

How would you feel if you find yourself still trying to get pregnant 18 months from now? Would you wish you had been proactive and taken a more active step in learning about conception?

Getting pregnant is really a numbers game and in any one month, all things being equal you only have a 25%-30% chance of conceiving. That means you have a 75%-70% chance of NOT conceiving talking about the odds not being in your favour!

To compound the issue, that percentage tails off significantly if you are 30 and above. The sensible thing to do is to take up an active role and tilt increase your chances of conception taking the steps listed below:

1. Lying down for at least 30 min after intercourse to give the sperm a boost in the right direction. Getting up too soon to rush to the bathroom means the sperm have to work harder to swim against gravity to get to their destination.

Want to give those little swimmers and even better chance? The pop a pillow underneath your bottom after intercourse to propel them faster to their destination

2. Making your virginal environment more conducive for those little swimmers. This means you need to stop using any form of lubrication and that would include store bought lubricants like KY Jelly, petroleum jelly and the lot.

Your main aim is to make the otherwise acidic vagina a lot more alkaline because sperm thrives better in an alkaline environment.

You also need to stop douching, using scented tampons, vegetable oils and glycerine if you currently use any if these.

By the way saliva is a no go area as well because it kills sperm.

3. Lastly but also most importantly you need to know when you ovulate so that you can time intercourse to for 5 days and thereafter every 48 hours if you can manage it till you ovulate.

You can also have intercourse a day, at most 2 days after ovulation. That way you can be certain you have covered all areas.

We have touched briefly 3 big tips for getting pregnant quickly and if you put them to use straight away then you would have improved your chances to conceiving by as much as 50%

Unfortunately too many healthy couples leave everything to Mother Nature when trying to have children. The sad reality is that often times, they find themselves waiting for up to 24 month before they conceive. - 30525

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