Neutral Crib Bedding is a Wonderful and Rational Preference

By Dorothea Frankson

The wide variety of nursery decorating schemes can overwhelm expectant parents, especially those who are expecting their first child. A wise choice is to make the room gender neutral. This leaves you free to explore many themes for decorating the baby's room.

Gender neutral nursery bedding provides the basis for gender neutral nursery and those who are on tight budget but have strong sense of imagination and want to decorate their baby nursery can find a great number of options in the form of styles, designs and fabrics which are safe for their babies. If you settle on a gender-neutral theme, then your newborn child can be ensconced in an attractive area that matches the rest of your house.

For those who enjoy a more contemporary style, select an simple monochromatic color scheme of white, beige or brown and match the baby bedding. Parents drawn to abstract or impressionist design often employ bold, and even contrasting, color combinations, such as black and white or orange and turquoise.

If you prefer a more traditional nursery style, then you may want to go with an animal or plant theme that coordinates several colors at once. Bedding decorated with bright green dancing caterpillars and waving yellow sunflowers would be lovely in a nursery in the rural heartland, while smiling fish and colorful shells would be appropriately maritime-themed in a baby's room near the seashore. If the parent-to-be select a decor that is suitable for a baby boy or girl they will have the flexibility to go all out with the them they have in mind.

First time parents, who are likely to expand the size of their family in the future, should consider a gender neutral nursery. Gender-neutral decor means that the room can easily be redecorated for a new baby when your oldest is ready to move up to a toddler bed. Crib bedding comes in several different patterns and styles, and can quickly update a gender neutral baby room, offering a special place for your little one without costing a lot.

If you select gender-neutral decoration, then you will create a space that allows your son or daughter to develop and become whatever they want to be. - 30525

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