How To Get Pregnant: Recognize The Signs

By Terry Rusty

So you have spent the majority of your life trying not to get pregnant but now that you want to start your family you have run into difficulties in figuring out how to get pregnant. The miracles of pregnancy has a very brief time period each month where you are able to conceive and start the pregnancy process. Due to the advancement of technology there are a number of products on the marketplace which will help you figure out the best time or you can use your own body which will not cost you a thing.

Every month a woman's body releases hormones from the pituitary gland that stimulates the ovaries which in turn releases the egg. The egg travels down the fallopian tube and this is the optimum time to get pregnant. A woman's body will tell her when this magic has taken place in three separate ways

Keep An Eye On The Date - The best time to try and get pregnant occurs at fourteen days after the start of her last period if she is on a typical twenty eight day cycle. If the menstrual cycle is longer than twenty eight days subtract eighteen days from the length of your cycle and once your next cycle begins add this number and this is peak ovulation time.

Cervical Mucus - When ovulating is occurring the cervical mucus will be slippery to the touch and appear similar in color to a raw egg white. When ovulation is not occurring the cervical mucus will feel rather sticky and be much more cloudy in appearance.

Your Body Temperature - Over a couple of months time period take your temperature each day and look out for patterns. When you have this information you will see that certain times per month that your body temperature is slightly higher than normal which is an indicator that ovulation is taking place.

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