Baby Gifts are the Main Attraction at the Baby Shower

By Edie Mindell

When it comes to baby showers, one of the moments most anticipated is the gift giving segment of the event. There are no words that can describe the feeling when you are watching the mommy-to-be reach for the present you gave and begin to open it. The excitement is overwhelming, and your heart fills with joy as you watch her eyes glisten while she unwraps it. The best part of all this is satisfaction knowing that your gift is unique, original, and will be of great use to the mommy-to-be and her precious baby. This article will offer some great gift-giving ideas that are distinct, extremely useful, and will make the expectant mother smile from ear to ear.

One heartwarming idea that is adorable and shows thoughtfulness and care is a personalized piggy bank. These days, parents are placing an emphasis on saving for their babys future and career. A customized piggy bank with a financial seed towards the babys savings fund makes a great gift from a family member. This is not only a cute gift, but also a smart one; it is crucial that parents begin thinking of their childs future from the day they are born. Some people prefer giving a piggy bank with a gift card from a baby department store or childrens clothing store.

Baby gift baskets are also very original, and each basket is going to be a one-of-a-kind gift. Buy a decent sized pretty basket (the material, shape, and color of the basket are up to you), fill it up with items that you think will be the most beneficial to the expectant mother, and decorate it. Popular items to fill your baby gift basket with are baby bottles, bibs, pacifiers, infant toys, baby clothing, and gift cards. Some people throw in a little something extra for the mommy, such as a spa massage gift card or a book. Candy and chocolates can also make your basket sweeter, and will satisfy some of mommys cravings. Whatever you decide to put in your basket, make sure to make it is personalized, and consider items that you know the expectant mother will need or want.

Personalized baby jewelry is a popular gift in Latin America, but not so common in the United States. A tiny golden bracelet with the babys name is endearing and beautiful, and it will make a great keepsake as your baby grows older. Any kind of baby jewelry, whether it be personalized or not, makes a wonderful gift which everyone will think is absolutely adorable.

Today, a new trend for mothers in the United States is to sport a cute, stylish baby diaper bag, which they can easily turn into tote bags or even laptop cases once the baby grows older. From designer baby bags to non-label, trendy baby bags, there are numerous different types of diaper bags that will look great and fit budgets of all sizes. Some popular designer baby bags, or multi-function totes, as they call them, are made by COACH, Kate Spade, and Louis Vuitton. However, today, there are many non-label, cool baby bags that are equally as trendy and a fraction of the cost. - 30525

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